Pokémon XY&Z Anime Trailer

An official trailer for the upcoming anime season Pokémon XY&Z has been uploaded to YouTube. It will premiere in Japan on October 29th and feature Zygarde’s newly revealed Formes as well as Ash-Greninja.

Mega Evolution: Act IV will also air the same day and feature Zygarde.

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    1. I hope it’s a different move, like when Keldeo learns secret sword he changes form?
      i’ve always wanted a strong physical Water move, because the strongest one is Crabhammer (100) let’s hope it’s a new one.

    2. Greninja can’t use aquajet.
      Waterfall seems unlikely since it uses it to transform.
      Probably a special move that only greninja can learn

  1. according to the pokedex entry Talonflame reach speeds of up to 310 mph ,Rapidash :150 mph….what would this dog’s speed do against these …it’s not fast at all .

  2. So this is my big speculation for the Z Game
    Somewhere between the early middle or Middle of the game the Player aka You will discover a Core either its totally worn out and unresponsive or you just keep it on your person, you Bring it to Sycamore who is dumbfounded by the strange creature but by some strange means you keep it with you anyway, you discover that its seeking out its cells (after it leads you to them) and you go about collecting 10% of them and it transforms into the 10% Forme
    You keep it on your party and you can find additional Cells to allow it to grow (or not i don’t like the idea of everyone getting a Legend this early in the game) but around the time Flare Shows up and you infiltrate the base you discover a huge cache of Cells locked away and experimented on, the Core you possess kinda freaks out and overacts and you somehow manage to free the cells and they integrate back into Zygarde 50% BUT Zygarde burrows out of the base and starts tearing up the Kalos region looking for the Cells until it can become Complete Form and rampages thought the region

  3. The trailer looks amazing and I can’t wait.

    Ash Greninja looks amazing,but I’m confused, I’m sure it’s not going to be an anime exclusive, but how will we use it ingame?
    I love the design though.
    The one thing that I’m really dissapointed at is that their is no sign of Zard Y,With Alan and Megavolution playing such a big role,Ash getting zard y seems like commen sense,and everyone would love to see zard x vs y..but by the looks of it,their giving him something pretty stupid…i mean if greninja reaches a new stage because of his bond,which is pretty much nonexistent in the anime,what about pikachu or charizard or infernape?
    What about Serena’s braixen or clemonts Luxray?

    I hope they clarify what it is soon.
    And I’m still hoping for zard Y.

    As for a game annoucement,I think their saving up for a special 20th anniversary direct..

  4. I’m really expecting something big and unexpected if they’re waiting this long to reveal the next game

  5. Well, Nintendo Directs have been confirmed to continue, which is nice.

    Though I’m curious to know if they just recently came to this decision, since the amount of news we’ve obtained in the last few months easily could have been featured in a direct.

    1. I’m now thinking that Pokemon Z might be revealed in the next Nintendo Direct. The timing just seems right.

      1. Whenever that may be. I feel like they’re going to wait until near their next major release for another direct, so maybe next week with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, or December with Xenoblade Chronicles X?

  6. Neat. This trailer really showed a lot. Anyways, @shinylickitung:disqus brought up a good point. I posted an NX rumor about a month ago. So far; everything is falling into place. Nintendo has found a New CEO before October. The rumor stated that if they don’t find a New CEO before October, that they would have a bunch of other people appear for Directs. Overall, that NX rumor has stayed solid. If you want to read it; check the lonk here: http://mynintendonews.com/2015/09/04/more-nintendo-nx-rumours-emerge/

  7. if you look closely. Greninja is normal before he uses the water attack. His eyes are red tho. When he uses the attack he is ash-greninja.

  8. Question! Have they ever before released anime versions of Pokemon Formes or anything similar before confirming the corresponding game? For example, were Kyurem’s fusion formes shown in the anime before BW2 were unveiled? Did the Giratina movie release before we got news of Platinum? I ask because it is really, really weird to me that if we *are* getting Z Version (fingers crossed) they haven’t just come out and told us already but are instead shoving Zygarde’s new formes into the anime. Unless there’s precedent for this it seems like the’re doing it the wrong way around.

    1. For a minute i thought perhaps Mega Mewtwo Y had been announced as a new forme (originally before being announced as a mega) but ni XY were announced a few weeks before. So new formes, yes this is a first but considering entirely new pokemon have debuted in the anime over 2 years before their debut games were announced this isn’t an entirely new concept and pre DPPt was a standard for the anime becoming less so with the rise of high speed internet and social media leaks etc

      However considering that Zygarde is presumably (although not confirmed actually) going to be a focus in the next movie it is likely a new game will be announced soon to go with it thus following the more recent short timescales between new pokemon being used in the anime/movies etc and their debut games being announced.

  9. Anyone here? I feel like talking about something that’s kind of important. (It’s about my OR party)

  10. Notice how Mega Zard X looks a lot like Alain, combine that with the fact that both of the Mega X evolutions have no explanation as to why they exist. Now look at Ash Greninja. MEGA GRENINJA X CONFURRMED

  11. So I’ve been thinking in the time I’ve been lurking on here. Thinking about the cryptic message we got at worlds, and the new forms and such. Maybe, in the time Floette had already left AZ to test him to become a better person, Floette found and befriended a Zygarde core ( I’m just thinking this way because they seem to be relatively the same size). And maybe this friendship was so powerful, and after seeing the destruction from the war, the Core decided to protect it’s new friend AND the Ecosystem along with it.
    Idk about you guys, but I could totally see this being a thing, and maybe it could mean a prequel to XY? (Not 3000 years, but maybe a year or two prior) where an evil team tried destroying the ecosystem, and almost took Floette with it, Eventually it could end with Zygarde complete showing up and ruining their plans.
    Anyway, What do you guys think? Too crazy, or maybe a possibility?
    Oh, and uh… Hi

  12. If they’re waiting all this time to reveal a new game, Pokemon Z is not going to do it for me anymore.
    We need something big for the next game, bigger than Visiting a previous region.

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