Oct CoroCoro LEAKING; New Zygarde Form

IMG_0957October’s issue of Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro has leaked and brought with it new details about Zygarde. The form fans are familiar with from Pokémon X&Y is when it is at half power and called “50% Form”. It has a “cell” form as its base, the amoeba-like one, and a newly revealed dog-like form at one tenth of its power and is called “10% Form”. Finally the last form is its “Perfect Form” which retains its original Dragon/Ground typing. It incorporates the red and blue of Yveltal and Xerneas and is even more powerful than them.

** We’re awaiting specific information on just how the forms are attained

Ash is also going to have a Greninja that shares physical traits with him. We don’t know if this was achieved through the power of friendship or some satanic ritual. This weird, new Greninja is set to appear in the new Pokémon XY & Z anime, which will air close to Mega Evolution Act IV.

Pokémon Z confirmed? Or is it Pokémon XY & Z? Or X & Z and Y & Z? Or none. Who knows!

<3 PJ

  1. It’s ugly. Looks like a fusion of Xerneas and Yveltal and shit is that a fucking mega Greninja? Why not Mega Delphox? It’s cooler. I want shirtless Byron pics.

  2. 4 fucking forms OMG
    IGN Pokémon Z Review (2016) 7/10 – TOO MUCH FORMS…..

    LOL kkkkkkkkk Crying of hapiness with this announcement

  3. YOOOOO THIS IS CRAZY. WAYY out of the blue like omg. Boy, I really was hoping that first blob thing was a new mon, but I guess it is Zygarde. AND YOO IS THAT MEGA GRENINJA?

  4. And this is what I love man. Just when I’m expecting one thing, something COMPLETELY different comes and slaps me in the face. Curious to see what the story behind these 4 are.

  5. What if these pages have a hint to a game announcement? IT COULD BECAUSE NOBODY KNOWS WHAT’S HAPPENING!

    1. Serebii said the same thing… If it is a Mega it isn’t very different than Greninja… Which is okay.

      1. It’s probably going to be a Mega, but Ash exclusively finds the Mega for it or some shit like that.

  6. Well corocoro finally leaks. Idk what to really think so I came here to ask you guys lol. What do you all think?

    1. I c a Noivern!!!! Does Ash seriously get a Mega(?) Greninja AND a Noivern?!?!?!?! He’ll prolly still lose the league……….lol

          1. I hope it’s not, because it doesn’t look that different and the magazine mentions that it looks sort of like Ash’s clothes.

      1. No it’s the series name but they named the current series X and Y because of the games no we got 5 forms of Zygarde. Z is the next part of the series I think Z is 100% confirmed right here

        1. I was joking that the game was called the whole thing…….Oh whatever I’m PUMPED!!!!! lol

  7. People calm down, that’s not Mega Greninja, it’s just dressed different, but for the bombshell: did anyone notice how Ash only has 5 Pokemon on his team ? and the fact that there’s a Mega Sceptile behind him !!!!! i think Ash’s first Mega is Mega Sceptile.

      1. Yes i really hope he does, his Sceptile defeated a fricking Darkrai in Sinnoh, also if it’s not his Sceptile then why is it there ?

    1. He’s right; Greninja’s stomach is just colored blue and his middle horn is red. Same proportions and everything.

      1. But Alan already has a Mega Charizard X, and all other Pokemon are either Zygard or owned by the people on the poster.

    1. Curious though. With the way that forms looking( with the red and blue), I’m wondering if its really gonna be 2 games, or just one.

        1. Why have one game with the 10% Beast Boy Zygarde and the other with the Perfect Zygarde? You know what I mean?

  8. Eh I’m gonna be honest and hopefully I don’t get trashed for my opinion. First with it being the 20th anniversary next year I was hoping for brand new. With the booger Pokemon being part of zygarde it disproves my whole gen 7 theory that a new Pokemon from gen 7 being in Z seems weird but whatever… I also wanna say that I think I would give Defensive like 100 up votes cuz yeah it looks like Beast Boy lol. I feel like Z was basically obvious since 1) we don’t have volcanion and it would be weird to get one when on next gen 2) zygarde was never explained at all. I feel like Z will be like ORAS for me. Beat the main story then just drop it. There may be a few new megas but whatever. I don’t use legends compeitively so I won’t be using Zygarde much (I also barely use the legends in the story. So overall I’m happy for news cuz I need a new Pokemon and well I’m just hoping that the story with zygarde is exciting, we get new areas in Kalos, and hopefully new mechanics and such.

    1. It seems like we’re going to be leaving Kalos with a bang, though. I seriously cannot wait for the game now.

  9. Wait I wanna say one more thing. With news finally lets just say get ready for the revival of PJ comments section!

    1. I’m not sure about the whole legend, but Zygarde is still a protector and keeper of balance in this form.

  10. I hope everyone gets used to the new Zygarde form overtime. Mainly the big one. A lot of people are making Transformers, Dragonball Z, and Digimon references. I actually kinda like it. xD And the dog form is cute but a lot of people are bashing it as a Houndoom 2.0 and blobby as a Dunsparce.

    1. lol literally I didn’t see any of the digimon or transformer comments but I’ll be honest I was thinking the exact same. PokeArmor Energize! Zygarde armor pokevolve tooooo…… Zygardoge. Or Zygarde Warp Pokevolve toooooo……. Perfect Zygarde!

    2. I loved it when I first saw it. The dog must have been chosen to go along with the “protector dog” theme of the Pokemon series (Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion and Entei, Suicune, Raikou). The giant form probably has meaning as well.

  11. So with this we see, a VERY similar ash design on a greninja, New Zygarde forms <3!!!, and a VEEERRRY POSSIBLE Pokemon Z Announcement, I guess you will have to find out next time on DRAGONMON Z!!!

  12. One more thing to add that made Z obvious. Those two moves that are supposedly Zygardes. Thousand Arrows and Thousand something

  13. Kinda bummed that the blob wasn’t a new pokemon, but man, this was wayyy out of the blue. Curious to see how this all works. Zygardoge+Zygartron comin thru.

  14. Just wanna say I’m hoping for: mega drapion mega flygon mega milotic mega togekiss…and for less used Pokemon mega rodents mega Fearow mega butterfree mega corsola mega parasect and mega cinccino. Yay or nay? What megas do you guys wanna see?

      1. I really just wanna see a Kangaskhan situation. A Pokemon that (please excuse my use of tiers I don’t like them very much but to use as an example) went from a NU Pokemon to uber

  15. I love Perfect Zygard it’s just awesome and simple at the same time, it’s not over designed like some new Pokemon (looking at you Barbaracle)

        1. Hahaha he really is over designed, i mean he could have been done without those ugly hand/face things

    1. People are drawing comparisons to the Transformers, but the truth is it looks better than the Transformers. At least to me.

    1. Almost certain, I’d say, if it’s not this month. Especially if Corocoro promises a “shocking announcement” for next issue or something similar (That’s what they did for either the BW2 reveal or the ORAS reveal).

        1. This looks like it’s only one page, which confuses me, as Corocoro usually dedicates more than one of it’s 400-500 pages to pokemon. I suspect that there might be another page that says that, yes. I could very well be wrong tho.

          It’s also worth noting that there isn’t any PSMD news yet…

          1. That’s quite possible, we all have our opinions on it, but I don’t think there’s ever been a time where only part of the maagazine has leaked. By the looks of it, this is all we’re getting, unfortunately.

  16. I think these leaks bring more questions than answers. Why are there so many Zygarde forms? What is the reasoning/significance of their designs (especially the dog one)? What is the purpose or “significance” of the Perfect Form and how does that all tie into the Kalos lore?

    Anything else I’m missing? I don’t want it to sounds like I’m complaining because I’m excited but, this just became very complex, perhaps more than it needed to be.

      1. you never know, maybe it’s a cool new thing where you get to make your Pokemon look different in the next game just like Trainer Customization.

          1. It could be just an alternate form greninja that we might get in an event or something. Sorta like that spiky eared pichu from HGSS.

          2. Noooooooo that Pichu stole my heart. I spent 3 hours manually typing in an action replay code so I could get the Pikachu-Colored Pichu before it was released in the U.S., I got Spiky and beat the game with it, and then Gen 5 happened…

    1. I’d say don’t even worry about it. We got these forms and like I said its pretty much 100% Pokemon Z. All this will be discovered in the game. If we have to get into story I’d say that there is something in between life and death and Zygarde is that

    2. How do the new leaked moves thousand arrows and thousand waves fit in? are they form based? I dont see any design indication as to why any of these formes should learn those moves…

  17. Zygarde the system Pokemon.. Yveltal Xerneas and Zygarde. Life is usually associated with happiness so Xerneas. Death is associated with sadness and anger and so you have Yveltal. They both have different opinions on life and death then there’s Zygarde…the system Pokemon….seems like the Alvis of Pokemon…if you get the reference good if not well sorry don’t wanna spoil anything

  18. I wanna just say that I am not trying to sound ungrateful to GF. I love Pokemon and I can admit that like everyone else that I had hopes. But yeah I think this idea with Zygarde is interesting. I don’t want to come off and upset angry or ungrateful is all

    1. Masuda or somebody else said they would go back to basic designs for Gen 7. Perhaps they’re just having a little fun with it before making a rebirth of Gen 1.

          1. Lol maybe I’ll like this. We had a discussion about megas like last week and I can definitely say simple is better.

  19. Woah! The silph co logo! I love it! So much better than the slowpoke IMO. I can’t get the slowpoke song out of my head

  20. I think the green blob called “Zygarde’s Core” will be what will allow Zygarde to change into the other two forms. And that it needs to learn Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves to change formes. I imagine Thousand Waves for the dog Pokemon since it’s a trapping move and I can see the dog being aggressive. And Thousand Arrows for the robot because it can shoot things down with those pointy shoulders. But again, I’m just guessing and could be completely wrong.

    1. I’m thinking they’ll show a short teaser or maybe even a long new trailer featuring these things. I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a “shocking announcement” announcement for Pokemon Z within the same trailer.

      1. Yeah I mean the fact that Masuda mentioned this in a tweet means they at least acknowledge that it’s happening. So where do they go from here I guess? They could release some kind of trailer announcing Z or they could just say there’s an announcement coming soon and we should keep our eyes open.

        1. It’s no coincidence that he showed up at the Go event, showed that slide with an empty space and left a tweet shortly after hinting at the 15th. I think Masuda was preparing hardcore fans for the future, much like NX was for Nintendo.

    1. I think Thousand Arrows corresponds to Yveltal (as arrows zip through the air) and Thousand Waves corresponds to Xerneas (as waves crash onto the earth or something like that). Perhaps teaching both moves to 50% Zygarde will allow it to absorb both powers and become a KAIJU!

  21. We’re going to get a 10%, 50% and 100% Zygarde amiibo 3-Pack sometime near the end of next year. My third eye has spoken.

    1. What about a 5-pack of all five tho? I’d like that. I could see them doing Zygarde and Perfect Zygarde as a 2-pack, but why include 10% Zygarde if Cell and Core Zygarde aren’t included? If what I saw on Pokebeach is correct, and Cell Zygarde merges with Core Zygarde to become 10% Zygarde, then a 3-pack of the lower three makes more sense.

    1. Agreed! I love them all so much! if only the rest of the fandom would think that. Getting a lot of Digimon, Dragonball Z, Transformers references for Perfect Zygarde, “Houndoom 2.0” or “this exists, okay.” for the dog and green blob being Dunsparce cousin. The poor canine isn’t getting a lot of attention. Does someone want a treat? xD

      1. The dog is what made me so excited. I would be hyped if there was just perfect Zygarde, but the dog is easily one of my favorite pokemon designs now. My favorite animal is a wolf so this makes me so excited

  22. Consider the following:

    If the “regular” “50% Form” Zygarde has a BST of 600…

    Does that mean Perfect Zygarde has a BST of 1200?

    1. Oh god, that would be amazing. But it’s like it has reverse wonder guard where you can only hit with super effective moves. That would be a neat idea.

  23. That dog-like form is weird… Looks too much like Houndoom. But whatever.

    Now we wait for the official reveal in a few days!

          1. Yeah, they only mention Perfect Zygarde’s type. Personally, I think that Zygarde Cell and Zygarde Core won’t have the ground type, they’ll only be dragon types.

    1. I love it! Dogs and wolves are my favorite animals and I love the black and green color scheme! It definitely has a spot on my team based on the design alone!

  24. So in the anime leaking, it shows off “Ash Greninja.”

    After translating, it is said that Ash somehow is able to fuse with Greninja, and they even use a quote from a lady in Pokémon X and Y that says “I wish I was able to fuse with a Pokémon…”

      1. Lol and wow mega evolution and fusion…it really is digimon but it definitely makes sense. Idk for everyone else but it was hard for me to se that The greninja has Ash hair

        1. It’s like under his head it’s weird.
          And it has a red streak on his head which I guess represents Ash’s hat?

      1. There was a scan revealed along with this documenting the reveal of the new anime season “Pokémon XY and Z” that isn’t posted here.

        1. Oh okay. Wait, is this the scan that zooms in one the ME 4 poster? If not, do you mind posting the scan? I believe you, I’m just curious to see it. 🙂

  25. But now the question remains.

    How will we be able to get Zygarde to attain this new forms? A held item? Some sort of move? Maybe it will just do it normally? Who knows.

    Only time will tell.

    1. I thought serebii.net said that it was dependent on its Hp?

      Side note: my biofilms hypothesis was semi-plausible.

  26. Ok, I’m just goona get my Steven universe fusion jokes out of the way now

    He fused? With his pokemon greninja?


    All I wanna do, is see you turn into, a giant frog man!

    Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak pokemon stronger!

    Ok I think I’m done for now

    Edit: This is Greninjash back together

    1. All I wanna do is see you turn into an Ash Greninja an Ash Greninja all I wanna be is the one that gets to see an Ash greninja

  27. Idk about you guys but I never use legends competitively and in dppt I didn’t use a legend in my adventure team, I didn’t use the legend in unova unless you count my use of victini , I used Yveltal and a little Xerneas (never beat X) and I used groudon. Idk what they will do with Zygarde but unless we get it before the eighth gym and at a level like 40-50 I’m not gonna use it. Plus different forms? In the scan it says that Perfect form is stronger than Xerneas and Yveltal and the dog is only 10%. To me that seems like the only thing the dog will be good for is speed. I’m just hoping that there is new stuff like new gym leaders or whatever new megas and hopefully some of weaker Pokemon making them viable.

  28. I just realised that we missed something in the ME 4 trailer from last month. At the end, it shows one Zygarde core, and four Zygarde Cells. I don’t think I saw anyone in the fandom who thought they were two separate forms, we (myself included) all thought they were just five of the same form, four of which had fainted, and Chespin was trying to save the last one.

    That’s probably what the bit at the end was, Zygarde Core merging with four Zygarde Cells to form 10% Zygarde….

  29. I thought at first it was sorta like aipom stealing his hat but the greninja freakin has Ashs hair. What else could that be if not fusion

    1. In that sense, no, it actually isn’t. The creation trio is similar. Giratina-O has no legs, Palkia has 2, Dialga has 4, and Giratina-A has 6.

  30. First of all, the names… 10/50% aren’t very catchy, hopefully there’ll be actual good names that are a bit more…catchy?
    I do love the designs of the dog one and the guardian based one (I think the smile is very creepy and somehow fits and also how it has colours of both Xerneas & Yveltal)
    I wanna know how the dog fits in with the mythology and everyone (if ya know, please do share)
    Greninjash? Ashinja? What is happening and why has it become Digimon? I mean the design is aweome…but still

    1. hey ..i like to see someone care about mythology if remember the wolf in norse myth ? but that not the only answer ..according to Darwin’s theory all creatures evolved from Quadruped as a stage of evolution .

  31. I don’t see the difference between zygarde core and zygarde cell
    10% form and perfect form look great.
    But how will we change the form in game?

    And I think The Ash Greninja is going to be like Enternal Flower Floette.
    And the next game is obviously Z, since the new anime is called “XY and Z”

    1. Zygarde Cell’s stomach hexagon isn’t as brightly coloured, and looks like what Zygarde Core would look like if Zygarde Perfect Forme stepped on it.

  32. I’m not the only one who’s noticed the anime pics at the very top of the scan am I? From left to right, there are pics of 50% Zygarde in a cave, Malva, Xerosic, and a pic with Alain and someone. I’m assuming that given the presence of Alain and Malva, it’s related to ME 4.

  33. Okay one thing i’ve noticed is that the flat cell and the levitating cell are differentiated as Core forme and Cell forme… according to me it’s probably a translation error and they are just one forme, Or that the Core forme isnt really a forme, but as serebii says is the “brain” of each forme and implants itslef as the controller of each forme that acts only as a vessel or something. Another interesting thing i noticed that nobody else seems to have pointed out yet (and i hope i’m not wrong about this) is that a perfect zygarde in the anime poster has a different chest (wider with more red and blue and illuminated) than the other artwork.. im not suggesting that it is YET another forme, but maybe that ties into the plot somehow.. my theory, from every evidence i’ve given is that the Cell, 10%, 50% and Perfect formes are either actually anicent/modern automatons of human creation or natural passive structures that get inhabited by the Zygarde core and come to life. If they are manmade, we can assume they were constructed to exploit the Core’s power (which is a naturally occuring organism with immense dormant power). If they are natural, we can assume them to be lifeless vessels awaiting activation from the Core. I hope the story pans out this way, since i see many exciting possibilites. using this framework they can also add more formes if they wish, creating a separate Zygarde-specific mechanic like the Rotom set of formes and the Kyurem mechanic combined.

  34. Okay so this leak is very revealing… while it doesn’t outright announce a game it does imply something: They are not done with Gen 6 and the next game will be a continuation of XY. The speculation is of course whether this will most likely be Pokemon Z as the new title of the anime suggests or something else.

    As for Ash’s Greninja… i think it makes perfect sense as Greninja is a ninja and ninja’s use disguises to cover up their identity and therefore i think this is just another ability of Greninja’s that will most likely be added in the next game. We have had player customization and you know Ditto has been around since the beginning…. Cosplay Pikachu kinda played with Pokemon Customization a bit and so this could be the next phase of that.

    Next… Noibat is evolving.. YAY! Also…. anyone notice that MEGA SCEPTILE?! I do hope that is Ash’s as it is beside his Pokemon in the poster.

    I’m happy a few things have been confirmed such as the forms and that the next game will surely be a continuation of Gen 6 but this also opens up a lot more questions to speculate about…

    1. Hm… In the XY games, someone mentions a legend of a Froakie becoming a human, which is a reference to legend of Jiraiya, a ninja that could transform into a giant toad. Maybe this will be implemented in the game as Greninja’s special power: Transforming into a specific person.

  35. Hmmmmm so if I’m reading this correctly that the Zygarde we’ve come to know is only 50% of its true power, I guess that’s why we have its less then stellar stats
    But was not expecting the Dog form, which does that mean it’s totally weak or just but a mere fraction to its power
    So much info to analyze but I’ll do it later

  36. Here I thought the blob thing’s design was out of place.. That thing doesn’t even look like a Pokemon. But it’s cool tho, I kinda like it. Aaaaaand what the hell is up with that Greninja? ._.

  37. Typical gf for me xD
    Give us a design thats not pleasant (imo) and will take a while to get used to xD
    But this is very interesting, I don’t think it will be hp wise to change the form, but I don’t know what else it could be

  38. Lol. Wtf is that thing.
    I literally can’t form an opinion of it.
    I like it but at the same time I don’t.

  39. Is it just me or is the clearest leaked CoroCoro scan we’ve ever gotten?

    Like there aren’t any glares or anything. xD

  40. Not to sound ungrateful, but I’m really not liking this direction. It’s unnecessarily complex, and I don’t love the Zygarde designs. Also, if that really is a fusion between Ash and Greninja… No words :/ Hoping that the localised information in a few days will help sway my opinion. Hyped for the upcoming Team Flare arc though, with Noibat evolving, and the potential of Sceptile (<3) returning and Mega Evolving.

    1. Pretty much this. It seems kind of excessive. But that might just be because it’s something we’ve never seen before.
      Remember in Gen 5 when it was the first time we had Pokemon Fusions….I’m sure people felt like this back then as well. It’s may just be something new we have to get used to

      1. True, I guess we’ll see. All I know is I’m looking forward to gen seven’s theme of simplicity.

    1. sorry my lady but i have opposite opinion …..of course i love the original Zygarde ….. but these form r awesome .

  41. This is….unexpected. I like the Zygarde perfect form, but he looks like Galactus to me xD The dog form is random as hell though. Dog turns into a snake? Weird.

        1. yeah i see the pkmn could have many concept …. but Odin is giant god with horny helmet cuz of that i thought i thought it represented by unbounded Hoopa beside Hoppa concept is not just Genie ….it’s god although god and devil in the same time look at his hair to see god part it’s like lotus of crown chakra it has the same color though .

          1. I wouldn’t exactly call it a God or a Devil, more of a representation of a evil malicious trickster of Hindu origin

  42. Might as well analyse the physical characteristics
    Perfect Zygarde: possessing a large humanoid body with reptiallian features such as scaly hexagonal features, relatively short 2-3 clawed arms with 3-4 massive wing like appendages running down the way of the arm with red and blue markings (2 blue and one red but there might be 2 reds as well)
    a long (presumably) Flat tail, with digetless feet adorned with hexagon features and knee guards
    it’s torso is very pumpkin shaped with a multicolored line/crack with a green set of markings on the chest and “spine”
    The poster shows that this “mouth can stretch open and reveal 4 engergy colors of Purple, Light Blue, Orange and Red
    a emotionless humanoid head coated with crown like spines with pupiless white slots for eyes with 2 hexagon like markings on the forehead and crown, around its neck are fin like extrusions one being black and green possibly connecting the appendages
    we do not entirely know what the back of it looks like but closer looks show possible green like markings

  43. In the background of the Anime leak is the Anistar City Sundial. There’s an upcoming episode (Episode 91) called “A Kalos crisis! Battle of the Giant Sundial!”, which is set to air Oct. 15. We’ll definitely be getting some more news soon! 😀

  44. I just realized something. Look at the cover of the xy&z movie. There’s Anistar city’s sundial right below Perfect Zygarde’s mouth!

    I bet Anistar city will have a bigger role than we think

  45. 10%: Now totally didn’t expect this but i like it
    To start out it’s canine body nearly pitch black with only a green discolored front leg, collar and muzzle and eyebrows and two green spots in the chest area
    It’s lean body draws inspiration from the Doberman or even German Pinscher, this lean streamline physique allows it greater speed but i assume offers little defensive options more of a Flight then a fight response may be the reason why it reverts to this form at 10% health as a means of escape
    Each of its limbs depicts a backward facing “fin” appendage most likely a aesthetic for its speedy nature (also note the lack of a tail which also relates to Doberman Breed)
    though very hard so see along its green collar like marking at the neck there appears to be a gold and red marking on the center resembling a dog tag, and only said collar is a long whipping “scarf” like appendage hanging
    And also retaining the white pupiless eyes

  46. I’m very worried that they sent revealing anything in America. I know this is right now a kind of anime announcement, but one of my favorite things about X and Y was the global release date. Anyone else?

    1. I’m pretty confident they will reveal it globally. The English dub of the anime really isn’t all that far behind the Japanese releases compared to go it use to b. So even if the context doesn’t fully male sense in the anime yet, it should b fine.

  47. Someone on 4chan translated CoroCoro almost entirely (or so it seems), and there is a very interesting portion. “This new Pokémon will appear in this new show before it appears anywhere else! And other new Pokémon will appear as well!
    Gekkouga gains a new form too!
    Satoshi Gekkouga
    Gekkouga has a new form too! It resembles Satoshi’s clothes… what could it mean!? Stay tuned for breaking news!” Other new Pokemon will appear as well? WHAT? Also, the fact that it says “before anywhere else” makes me think that the Pokemon Z release date isn’t too far out. At least, the first half of 2016 seems most likely. What do you guys think about these new developments?

      1. I think we’ll get a anoucment on the 21st of November. But: if I they announce it very soon then there could be a slight possibility of having 2 main games in the same year! That would be the perfect 20th anniversary, to have pokken tournament, xy&z(or what ever its called), Pokemon go, and then gen7!

        It think I’m going a bit confusing crazy, but it would be awesome if they did a year of luigi type thing.

      2. I think so too. They already hinted at an incoming reveal twice now, from Masuda and from CoroCoro, so they can’t just let that sit around for months. I’m really excited about it saying that “other new Pokemon will appear”. I suppose that could be referring to new Mega Evolutions or forms, but what if we actually get new Pokemon?

  48. I knew it I knew it I knew it!
    Ash didn’t get a grass type for So Long cause sceptile will come back as him mega! ?
    My guess ash fuses with greninja only once in some freakish random manner in an excuse to get his looking different than all the others we have seen

      1. Oh ok yeah I read that first but I’m still lost as to how he can go between 4 forms in game eventually.. hmm

          1. The small cute Zygarde form makes up the larger forms. There are multiple of them. When ten percent of them bond, the dog form is made, 50% of them makes the Normal Zygarde that we know, and all of them together makes the transformer looking Zygarde.

  49. Mega Zevolution- Trainers now fusion with their pokemon. Serena will fuse with Delphox and Clemont will fuse with a Dedenne. Be prepared for bullshit. I really don’t like the hint that Greninja might fuse with Ash. But maybe it will show HOW Megas were made and it will show the bond between Greninja and Ash and Greninja will gain Ash’s traits at Anistar’s giant pink rock as a Mega. However Sceptile being his mega is plausible too.

    1. No, don’t say that. I don’t want to think about it. I’m gonna cry in the corner and pray for spanish eyes.

  50. Woo! I’m hype! Zygarde’s new forms are awesome. So, we were kind of right when we said the smaller Zygarde was his base form. So, they do fuse up to make him. The dog forme (Zygarde 10%) looks awesome. He might be the one I use the most. Still, that Perfect Zygarde (… Perfect Cell…) looks awesome. He reminds me of a Transformer. Also, the red and blue could be the temperature. Since, he protects the environment!

    The anime looks like it going to be amazing! I’m still not so keen on Ash’s Greninja new design. I’m guessing his Mega will be Sceptile. It looks like it’s coming back. Yet, it could be Sawyer’s Sceptile (I highly doubt this!). I’m still glad he’s getting a Noivern tho.

    Overall, I can’t wait for the announcement of the next game! 😀

  51. I’m tempted the binge watch the XY anime because it looks like it’s getting to be pretty interesting. I just can’t get past the fact the Pokemon speak with their names. It pisses me off

    1. Then I’d recommend the subtitled version. They keep the original background music, and the Japanese voices for Pokémon and people aren’t nearly as annoying. It’s 100x better.

  52. It’s interesting that Zygarde’s Perfect Form is only 4.5 meters tall. That’s about half of Onix’s height. It’s not a Kaiju after all!

  53. I was planning on messing around with the editor in Super Mario Maker, but I ended up making a pretty decent level. I’d love for you to check it out and give it a rating if you like it! It’s hopefully my first of many!

    ID: ECEE-0000-0022-DE29

    1. I agree. If it is, I’ll actually just consider waiting for Kanto/Sinnoh remakes instead at that point.

  54. I’ll probably get Z or whatever no matter the turn just because Pokemon, but I still don’t like the turn…

    1. I’m honestly a bit surprised at these negative reactions. Greninja could just be a gimmick for the anime, and the Zygarde forms (whether you like them or not, I personally do) will probably be a Zygarde gimmick that ties into the story. The game itself will mostly likely be indistinguishable from X and Y in most cases.

        1. If it does make its way over to Z, I’m thinking it will be minuscule, such as limiting it to your starter Pokemon.

      1. It’s definitely an anime thing. Fusions would be kinda big deal, they wouldn’t introduce it like this, it’d have it’s own page(s) or Corocoro issue (like intro to mega evos)

      2. Yeah I honestly don’t understand what everyone is having a bitch fit about. First people complain they’re tired of gamefreak doing the same thing over and over and now that it looks like they’re doing something new, people get upset. Ugh

  55. Does anyone else feel… Mixed about Zygarde having formes instead of Mega Evolution or Primal Reversion?

    1. I like forms more than mega evolution/primal reversion and im so transforming/mutating my zygard/blob into the dog style 😉

      It’s the greninja that get me mixed fellings…. I think it’s a mega evolution(cause the bladish thing on its arm)… But its sooooo look like an ashs cosplay….
      Does anyone knows how ashs froakie is? Is he like totodile? I can totally see totodile mega ashvolving

  56. i love whole of this… ok i am not sure about Greninja …..Zygarde some how reminds me of Cell from DBZ i notice original Zygarde head is on perfect form chest and he prepare to absorb 17 and 18 i mean Xreneas and Yveltal …Ash finally evolve all his pkmn to final stage …and i understand y he didn’t catch any grass type they planing to give him mega Sceptaile from the beginning .

  57. Does anyone think we’ll be able to use the cell(blob) form in battle? When the games come out of course(whatever the games are)

    1. if that’s not happen all these design will become nothing and they will forgotten by the time …like Carbink form .

  58. So you guys think we’ll get a reveal of these things on Monday, because it will already be the 15th in Japan?

    1. I’m willing to bet that we’ll get a solid form of something come Monday. They may or may not announce the game itself, but I’m pretty positive we’ll get at the very least something saying an announcement is coming really soon. I hope they just cone right out with it and say what the new game is tho lol

      1. I’m really confused about why they haven’t announced the game yet. As I pointed out earlier, they make numerous references to an in-game appearance of these forms, yet we don’t have a game yet! I think a worldwide reveal on Monday could happen.

        1. Well it takes a while for them to reveal a pokemon then announce a game
          So the wait could be long or short
          All just depends

  59. Just thinking… If 2016 would be the reveal/launch of Gen 7, then what if Z is just going to be an Anime plot?

    1. I really hope not. There’s a quote from this page that, if the translation is correct, confirms a game appearance. This segment reads, “This new Pokémon will appear in this new show before it appears anywhere else! And other new Pokémon will appear as well!” I took this from 4chan, but I don’t think that person has a reason to lie about anything.

  60. Man. Just reading through the comments, I think people think that fusions are going to be something in Pokemon. I completely doubt it. The fusion thing is just going to be for Zygarde! Obviously, I cannot explain whats up with Ash’s Greninja… but I think it might have to do with cosplaying. Who knows? I doubt it’s going to do with trainers fusing with Pokemon. We already had that with Pokemon ReBurst. (Can we have a Pokemon ReBurst Game plz.)

        1. i saw this before ….i think gen1 manga contain a stuff like this ….. but the big question is y pkmn company risks by concept like this .

          1. Gen 1 Manga didn’t have anything like this. Apparently Reburst is the only thing with HumanXPokemon fusions.

          2. ucould be right i think i am confuse with the fusion between Mewtow and Jigly…. i can’t remember .but i will see .

  61. Thinking about it… I understand people’s concern. Currently, I’m thinking about two things. Does Zygarde’s New Forme depend on his amount of HP or how many Zygarde Cells are fused into him. I’m guessing that it’s based on how many cells are in him (hence the percentages), but I wish the CoroCoro elaborated more on this.

    Lastly, it’s about Ash’s Greninja. My thought is: Does Ash’s Greninja come from fusion or cosplay? After reading @shinylickitung:disqus’s comment about it; I seriously hope that’s not the case. After checking numerous sites, all of them say that Ash’s Greninja is just going to share visual traits with him. Nothing about fusion between Greninja and Ash. If this does involve fusion then it’s something taken straight out of Pokemon ReBurst and Digimon Frontier. I’m going with the cosplay option. It just makes the most sense to me. Still, there are possibilities for anything.

    I’m just going to keep an open-mind about things right now. I can’t be mad at information, I know virtually know nothing about. I guess we have to wait for more clarifications from upcoming news and CoroCoros. :/

    1. Concerning Zygarde, it could be both. The Zygarde Cells may have their own individual HP which the summation of translates to Zygarde’s total HP. As Zygarde’s HP goes down, the individual HP of the Cells may also go down, fainting them, and thus making them defuse.

    2. Hopefully this means that Pokemon will be dressable in the games. Not completely, maybe they just have to copy their trainee, but look at Cosplay Pikachu, different outfits. I really hope it’s not fusion because that wouldn’t benefit anything in the games…

    3. I honestly don’t think it’s cosplay mainly because the greninjas form is slightly different where you can see “ash hair” also they gave it a name Ash Greninja which to me would seem impossible to bring to Z because Ash has nothing to do with the game series. hopefully this is just an anime thing but who knows

      1. Actually, it wouldn’t be hard to give Greninja some hair. Look at Ph. D and Rock Star Pikachu. They all have features regular Pikachu do not have (such as hair). Also, it seems like it’s for the anime, hence the name Ash’s Greninja (as you said).

        1. Yeah but those literally are costumes. The part of greninja with the hair is like a physical change in his face

          1. And also again why would they incorporate Ash in the game now? Why make a costume for a Pokemon being Ash? Just take a regular greninja and the ash Greninja and compare them. The physical form of greninja is slightly different

  62. I just had an idea: it’s not vet likely but it would be cool. Afarr kind of gave me the idea.

    What if early in of the game you get a zygarde core, and along the way you battle and catch many zygarde cells and 10%s until you get a 50% zygarde. team flare would use yveltal and xerneas for the ultamite weapon, so you would have to catch the 50% in that chasm. It then would absorb yveltal and xerneas’a power to become perfect zygarde, which you would use to take out team flare.

    1. I think that’s pretty reasonable. Otherwise, why would anyone want to “devolve” into Zygarde Core(s) if they can become Zygarde Perfect Form instead?

      1. I just thought it was unlikely because it breaks away from the “oh there’s the main villain! Go catch this legendary so you can defeat him” theme in most games since Emerald.

  63. I don’t really understand why people think the % forms depend on its hp. That seems unlikely are you guys saying that in battle you have perfect Zygarde then as your hp goes down you switch? To me I think the only idea that makes sense is the idea of catching multiple. Or simply you get to choose which one you want to use. can someone clarify the idea of hp cuz it just doesn’t make sense to me

    1. Well if your at full heath your the strongest
      as your energy drops your power drops
      and finally when Zygarde is at the brink of death it changes into a form that can help it run away

      1. But how will they explain why this didn’t happen in the original X and Y? Why was Zygarde always one form previously?

          1. So would they need to be in your team for this to work or do you just have to have them in your PC? How would this work in online battles?
            I could understand if it was an item that regulated it…but this seems a bit strange.

          2. Also is it then possible for you to use a single form without it changing mid game. As in giving you an option or not. Because surely regular Zygarde 50% form would still be able to be used without it changing?

          3. hold on slugger
            We don’t know if these things are actual usable Pokemon
            they’re probably be items

          4. Yeh that’s what I’m getting at. I know it’s just speculation at the moment. The only way I see the percentage thing working is if it’s an item that regulates it. Also I’m still wondering If that’s the case do we also get the option of sticking with a single form if we want to.

          5. That could be an option as well. But what about Zygarde that haven’t fused with anything. Will they always remain in the 50% form? Or is it possible to stick into one of the other forms.

            I’m just speculating. I have so many questions that GF need to answer…

  64. I simply can’t wait to see some high-resolution imagery of these forms, especially Perfect Form. Monday/Tuesday can’t come soon enough.

      1. Sunday is known as the “Break Day”. Mostly technology and gaming news typically skips Sundays. If their going to localize this information; it would be mostly published on Monday or Tuesday.

  65. If it merges with multiple Zygarde Cell, it becomes the brain of further Zygarde Complete Forms.

  66. Am I the only one who thinks Ash’s Greninja looks kind of cool? Whatever it turns out to b I’m just excited Ash is gonna get a Greninja lol

    1. if he fuse with Ash DNA that could be the worst idea in pkmn world ……but more likely this Greninja not obtainable in the game just like Crabink’s form .

  67. I am kinda hoping my theory isn’t true but i can’t help but wonder if “Ash’s Greninja” is actually Mega Greninja and that upon Mega Evolving it gets an ability which makes it mimic the design of it’s trainer at the time. It would certainly play into the trainer customization theme in XY. Plus it is not outwith the realms of possibility that the Kalos starters will get mega evolutions in “Z”. Also notice that the artwork for it aswell as the image in the poster shows it with blade like weapons which seem permenant rather than just an attack so it could indeed be a mega (this is similar to Mega Charizard X’s flames from its mouth being a part of its official artwork).

    Personally any other pokemon and i would love this but a Mega Greninja should and must have Protean as its ability… i mean seriously! Take Protean away and Greninja loses its key niche…unless of course this ability had other benefits such as different clothing combinations providing certain boosts or changes in type? Anyway that sort of speculation could run away with itself but i don’t think this is a ridiculous theory. I just don’t know if i like it.

    1. i think the soultion of Ash’s Greninja’s mystery is the Protean ability …..maybe Greninja can mimic ash .

  68. The Who Satoshi Greninja is a puzzler
    Well given Froakie’s backstory no other trainer could get Froakie to listen to it, maybe it has a great deal of respect for him and a great deal of admiration
    its either that or some kind of marketing gimmick that’s just kinda like the Spikey Ear Pikachu or the Rotoms changing type

    1. The corocoro states that it looks like ash’s clothes, I seriously don’t get where people got the ridiculous fusion idea from.
      It’s either going to be like eternal flower floette or cosplay pikachu,gen 6 could bring “Trainer Exclusive” pokemon, we already have AZ’s floette,so a similar Ash’s greninja isn’t really a Stretch.

      1. And let’s not forgot numerous times anime has a pokemon that looks different, and is only in anime (Pink Butterfree)
        This is probably another one of those instances

  69. The next issue of pokemon fan will be realeasing on September 19th and it will countain anime info,so we’ll probably get the answer to what Ash Greninja really is then

    1. There are some good artists on there. I’m personally drawn to the red, blue and green colors of the Perfect Form. It just looks…perfect!

      1. for me the pkmn designer should be more famous than hollywood actors ……y most of these artist r unknown ?

    2. people in 4chan hate it ..they think it’s not fit to the concept …these kids they didn’t know they should have to understand the concept first .

  70. I’m wondering, will it even be possible to reveal these forms while tied to the anime here in the States? I’m definitely not well versed on the Pokemon anime like I used to be, but I’m pretty certain that we’re not going to get the translated version of XY&Z until at least next year. Without spoiling the anime for the English audience, wouldn’t they have to reverse it for us, revealing “Z” and showing gameplay footage so they have an excuse to reveal them here? Or am I completely wrong about how this works?

    1. The anime is only 2 months-ish behind Japan in the US, which isn’t a huge amount of time. I don’t see any reason for them to not announce anything now, or in the next two months. It’s no different to Corocoro revealing stuff now before it releases in month or so.

      1. Huh, alright then. I’m still trying to think of when they’re planning on revealing this game. At this point, it seems like they’re shooting for a random date two months or so in the future.

    2. The english dub is only 7 episodes behind, so there’s no reason for them to not announce anything now

  71. I keep looking at it… And huge zygarde looks like a kids drawing to me… Like the thing with a hands for a head…
    Not a fan personally

          1. In the anime, a Mismagius fused with a Rayquaza it created, and in Pokemon Adventure we got an unholy fusion of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. There’s also Pokemon ReBurst… but we don’t talk about that around here.

          2. Well the Rayquaza is purely fake
            and Thu-Fi-Zer…..i don’t know if that’s Canon….
            and Reburst is a fusion with humans not other Pokemon

        1. no i am a guy ……but u should know how to release the strong in female nature it’s very different from male one .

    1. Zygarde is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and 100% reason to remember the name!

      1. did u notice the head of the perfect form is A pop-up from the previous form 3rd eye …..did u remember my theory ?….wat u mean by this pic below by the way ?

    1. So where is the Loki of the pokemon world? Perhaps more legendaries to come? Thor and Loki based? 😉

      1. True true, Hoping to see something based off him, I really want a Krampus legend if germany happens

          1. well make it pokemonish, make it so that if a pokemon trainer mistreats the pokemon, Krampusmon comes to that trainer and gives him/her the feelings of what the pokemon feels when it’s mistreated

    2. what about horse dude? ….for me the one who is really missing is the squirrel it’s Plays a big role of tree of life .

        1. i didn’t know this before how many norse then ?……u seems know more than me norse myth ….r u from any norse country ?

          1. Norse german was more with the demon then the horse, hence why i support germany as a second region in gen 6

      1. Meh. Where else does the Cells go? Also, in the anime promo there were multiple of them. So, I’m assuming that they fuse together to make the all powerful 100% Zygarde.

      2. Part of the translation says that 10% Zygarde, 50% Zygarde and Perfect Zygarde are made up of a Zygarde Core and different amounts of Zygarde Cells. I was thinking it could go something like this:

        Zygarde Core merges with four Zygarde Cells (as seen in the ME act 4 trailer from last month) to become 10% Zygarde. Then 10% Zygarde merges with another sixteen (so 20 total) Zygarde Cells to become 50% Zygarde, then it unleashes it’s secret power by absorbing another 20 Zygarde Cells to become Perfect Zygarde.

        If that’s the case, then the comparison with DBZ is quite accurate.

    1. Don’t you mean Key Stones? She definitely had at least five when she summoned Rayquaza (Hers, Wally’s, Archie/Maxie’s, Brendan/May’s and iirc Matt/Courtney’s).

    1. i think it’s Unicellular do the Reproduction fission and all these clones a combined together to make Complete Form .

    2. Zygarde is more or less like a biofilm – a collection of various individual bacterial cells to form a larger colony that acts as if it were one organism. The more durable cells are towards the outer layer protecting the inner cells as they begin to gain resistance to change in environment (pH, temp, etc.) and/or antibiotics.

      The bigger the biofilm, the more resistant – stronger – the biofilm becomes. As the outer layers eventually slough off, they’re quickly replaced with the newly resistant, ever reproducing inner layer.

      Note: only Zygarde cell and core looked more like amoebas/flat worms

  72. It’s already the 13th in Japan…I’m so ready for Game Freak to troll us again and save the game announcement for some other month!

      1. Smash came out on October 4th, 2014 on the 3DS and November 21st, 2014 on the Wii U.

        Unless you’re taking about the Japanese releases, which I’m not sure when they were.

    1. if GF would like to do a trailer for these forms in the battle …they should release the new game first …..damit i want to see these forms 3d model battling .

    2. Yup. I’m assuming that they will announce the new information this week. The typically follow up with the CoroCoro news. I say we just wait for Monday or Tuesday. Still, TrollFreak is TrollFreak. They learned well from Master Sakurai.

      1. Wait, you think we WILL get a game announcement this week, or you think they’ll just update us with the CoroCoro news for the West?

        1. They’ll definitely update us with Corocoro news for the west. I’m hoping that a game announcement is soon to follow a la Keldeo and BW2, especially if they do a trailer for the new forms, I just hope that we don’t get a message like “What game do these trailers come from? Wait until next month to find out” with it.

          As Afarr said, TrollFreak is TrollFreak. They could very well do that.

          1. You know what, at this point, I’d gladly take the “wait until next month” message. We waited a long month for this awesome anime information, now hopefully we can follow that up with game hype soon!

    3. I could totally c them update and say “Hey ext month there will b a huge announcement!!! Stray tuned!!” I hope I’m wrong tho lol

    1. To be completely honest, that looks more like a fox than a dog, if that’s what you’re implying, and it’s missing 10% Zygarde’s “leash”. If it is a hint to the new forms, maybe Zygarde has another forme that looks like an assassin, like the right statue?

      1. It surely has the ears of a Doberman, and the 10% Form is widely considered to be a Doberman, so I’d say it’s probably an intentional reference. The design of that statue is very simplistic, so adding that leash would probably be too obvious. I’m not sure though, it’s all just speculation at this point.

        1. But, but, the 10% Form has ears behind, not on top. *pretends that’s a good argument*

          Seriously though, I stand corrected. 🙂

          1. I’m probably wrong though, I just like to get my thoughts out there. That’s one thing about me, I have very strong opinions. 😛 I’m sure we’ll learn the answer at some point anyway.

  73. Well it looks like Zygarde is indeed based on Norse mythology ( as most already knew that) but I noticed that that he’s missing two key members… The squirrel Ratatoskr and the two ravens, so are there more forms that GF isn’t showing us?

    1. The squirrel playing important role in tree of life myth …i think this one maybe related to Volcanion …..and for me Yveltal is crow and eagle complex .

  74. Took me forever, but I finally finished and perfected my first Super Mario Maker course. I love it.

  75. Wow, was not expecting this at all! Pokemon’s starting to base themselves off of DBZ slightly, but as a fan of the DBZ anime, that’s fine with me. As some have probably mentioned, the 10% design will have to grow on me, but I feel fine with the 100% design already. It’s big, interesting and menacing, but the fact that it sports some of Xerneas/Yveltal’s colors has me thinking that we have Pokemon X2 and Pokemon Y2 in store next. Think back to Black Kyurem and White Kyurem in BW2. But the stylized ‘Z’ in the new anime series is one that we’ve never seen used before, which probably confirms something to do with Z in the title of the next game. I don’t know if I’m a fan of Pokemon fusion. Or “trainer fusion,” for that matter, but I’m sure that Greninja is just a Spiky-Eared Pichu type of thing all over again.

    1. I fell in love with the Perfect Form design as soon as I saw it. The 10% form…not so much…but they all relate to Norse mythology so I’ll let it slide. As for Greninja, I think it’s either a simple anime gimmick or some new in-game mechanic where you can dress your Pokemon. When do you think they’ll announce the new game(s), though? Monday or Tuesday when CoroCoro is officially acknowledged, or sometime within the next few weeks?

      1. This is a tough one, as I’ve been wrong on multiple counts as have the majority of us hoping for a new game to be revealed soon. A timeline image that was leaked a few days ago is our first confirmation that there will be a game in 2016. That being said, it’s usually an 8-10 month wait, so we could see our first confirmation within the next few weeks or early on in 2016. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that we’ll get something on Tuesday and probably get an official announcement in the Winter, assuming Nintendo Direct continues to go on and we get an acknowledgement of what’s to come in 2016.

    2. I like all the forms so far. It’s something new! We already got the name of Pokemon Z debunked… so, I’m sure there going to combine it with something. Maybe, it might be two releases (YZ and XZ) or it may be one release (Pokemon XYZ, Pokemon AZ, Pokemon AZOTH)? Who knows? Also, I’m guessing that Greninja is similar to Spiky-Eared Pichu or Cosplay too. It seems radical to bring a new concept like that, right after Mega Evolution.

  76. now i am pretty sure TheCobraRebel was very right these for r based on loki’s children this myth talking about 3 children and they r Hel half-dead looking woman, Midgard Serpent, and the Fenrir Wolf ….u think mystery will solve by this way i didn’t think so …ok i am sure about Hel (half alive and half dead) is represent by Zygarde perfect form ..u can see the red wing mean death and blue one mean life acorrding to Xerneas and Yeveltal ….wat make my words logical .. Hel became queen of the Underworld in Niflheim until now sounds good but wat about other brother i wasn’t right from the beginning to know what i mean take a look at this story ….It was Odin who threw Hel, down to Niflheim and made Hel the ruler of the world of the dead. Anyone who dies of illness or old age is sent to Hel. The entrance into Hel, is guarded by a dog named Garm “Hell Hound” He is bound in the Gnipahulen “Gnipacave” and will howl, as soon as new people would arrive. Nidhug (a dragon) will then notice that new blood is on the way. Nidhug will then suck the blood out of all the people who arrive, so they became completely pale. When all the blood has left them, was it easier for Hel, to get them into her army of the dead. The army will then attack, the humans in Midgard, when it is Ragnarok “the end of the world”. Ragnarok will come the day, Hel is finished building her ship Naglfar. The ship is built with the nails from the dead……. hell yeah they r Nidhug and Gram. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/69/f5/83/69f583a794af23f49f18c83dca117c82.jpg

    1. Something that you wished for but then immediately regretted? Pretty much. (It’ll grow on me though :3)

    1. How to activate Perfect Zygarde:
      -Activate the Ultimate Weapon
      -Trace a star around the Ultimate Weapon
      -Have it suck the life-force out of a bunch of pokemon

  77. You know, I REALLY really feel like they’re more forms that have yet to be shown yet. Just find it weird that it would have a 10% form that goes straight to 50% and nothing in between from 50% to 100%. Also, we know that there quite possibly will be 2 games (as revealed by Project Pkmn), so I wonder if the whole form thing will have any distinguishable factors between these 2 games (assuming there are 2 games).

    1. i didn’t know wat i should tell u ….i gonna admit i was thinking like u until i figure the myth out ..so i think no more forms , for 2nd part … if u assuming it will be 2 game it should be a 2nd perfect form for Zygarde it’s no logical to give the 2nd game 70% form…by the way GF is a business company so if we study B2 and W2 rating we can figure it out .

  78. From a comment on Reddit:

    “I would agree with you that the original consensus that 50% was based on Nidhogg. But now seeing that 10% and 100% seem to have connections to Fenrir and Hel respectively, serpent Zygarde has to be based on Jormungand based on the fact Nidhogg has nothing to do with Loki outside of being a part of Norse myth and the fact that Fenrir, Jormungand, and Hel are literally the children of Loki. With this in mind, the fact that Zygarde is literally the Pokemon embodiment of Ragnarok makes it the most metal pokemon ever.”

    1. actually 10% form based on a dog named Garm “Hell Hound” …..if u want to know more i was analysing this thing below .

        1. I’m extremely happy for and jealous of you two. I don’t know if me and my boyfriend will ever get engaged. It just makes me happy to see others have engagements and weddings and such…

  79. So I’ve been thinking…..according to the poster for the next anime season Ash has the following Pokemon: Pikachu,Greninja, Hawlucha, Talonflame, quite possibly a Noivern as he now has a Noibat, and that leaves one more Pokemon. They show Mega Sceptile on there so maybe he calls upon his Sceptile and uses it to fight with Alain? That brings me to my next point…..He has all these awesome Pokemon at his command yet he’s still probably going to lose the league?!?!?!?! I mean come on…..Sure he has had some decent teams b4, but u could argue that he lost bc there just happened to b someone that had a better team, but what the hell is this? He presumably has a powerful dragon type, a powerful starter, and quite possibly a powerful Mega on his team……and he’ll lose the League to someone with most likely a dud team…..*sigh*…..

      1. Yeah, but for all we kno it could b what’s her face’s Noivern. Tho I suppose they would show Noibat if it wasn’t going to evolve lol

    1. Ash usually brings back a Pokémon in each region of the anime, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that is his Sceptile.

    2. I don’t think sceptile will be Ash’s sixth member.
      Ash’s main rival,sawyer currently has a grovyle and he told Ash he wants to make his grovyle mega evolve,so if anyone is going to get Mega Sceptile,it’s going to be sawyer.
      And wouldn’t it make more sense for Ash to get Megazard Y,Zard X vs Zard Y…

      And as for the league,Ash lost in Kanto because his Charizard wouldn’t listen,and in Sinnoh he lost to a random guy with a darkrai and latios,i wouldn’t be surprised if bullshit like that happens again

  80. Took me awhile, but I finally unlocked the Skinny Mushroom in Super Mario Maker!

    Now to make some creepy levels that revolve around it!

    1. I’ve been trying to unlock the amiibo costumes, but it’s taken me about an hour for each round and I just have to take a break now. I’ll get it done at some point, if I play one or two rounds per day.

      1. The Skinny Mushroom was a lot more tedious to unlock, since it’s an actual item.

        You had to collect all of the Sample Courses (all 40+ of them) by completing the 10-Mario Challenge like 10 times, which would unlock the Nintendo World Championships stages, which you then had to beat.

  81. Masuda’s tweet from the other day that referenced a 9/15 reveal of anime information also mentioned for people to also watch TV Tokyo. I looked this up, and this is the channel that generally airs anime over in Japan, including Pokemon. Get ready for a new trailer, folks! Depending on when this airs, that trailer can come out as soon as tomorrow afternoon for us in the West. The real question is whether we’ll get a real teaser for Pokemon Z’s announcement, instead of that ultra-vague “See it here before anywhere else” comment from CoroCoro. I’ve still been thinking about the comment that said “The anime will also feature more new Pokemon”, or something along those lines. Platinum had a new Giratina form, and that’s about it. ORAS had new Groudon and Kyogre forms as well as new Mega Evolutions. I suppose they could be referring to Mega Evolutions here too, but something about the lack of “Mega-Shinka” makes me think otherwise. Tomorrow or Tuesday could either completely ignore a new main series game once again, or have some sort of allusion to the future. It’s really hard to say what’s going to happen.

    1. I’d like it to be the Z reveal trailer, but I think it’ll be anime stuff. But then, there’s supposed to be a big anime announcement in October (not sure when), so I dunno. Keep your expectations low, it’s safer that way.

  82. every body rise the hand up(like Goku did ) an say ” i believe in new game i believe in the the announcement i believe in the leak i believe in the leak…..” .

  83. I think that this is Greninjas mega form, which if it is, I find totally awesome, and I think that, that means the the Kalous reagen starters are actually going to have their mega evolutions for the new game.

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