Oct CoroCoro LEAKING; New Zygarde Form

IMG_0957October’s issue of Japanese comic magazine CoroCoro has leaked and brought with it new details about Zygarde. The form fans are familiar with from Pokémon X&Y is when it is at half power and called “50% Form”. It has a “cell” form as its base, the amoeba-like one, and a newly revealed dog-like form at one tenth of its power and is called “10% Form”. Finally the last form is its “Perfect Form” which retains its original Dragon/Ground typing. It incorporates the red and blue of Yveltal and Xerneas and is even more powerful than them.

** We’re awaiting specific information on just how the forms are attained

Ash is also going to have a Greninja that shares physical traits with him. We don’t know if this was achieved through the power of friendship or some satanic ritual. This weird, new Greninja is set to appear in the new Pokémon XY & Z anime, which will air close to Mega Evolution Act IV.

Pokémon Z confirmed? Or is it Pokémon XY & Z? Or X & Z and Y & Z? Or none. Who knows!

<3 PJ