Charizard & Weavile Revealed as New Pokkén Fighters

There’s a special livestream airing for Pokkén Tournament right now and new fighters have just been revealed: Charizard & Weavile! The former also gets access to its mega evolution and is able to become Mega Charizard X during battle as it’s burst attack. Weavile is a speed-based fighter. Jirachi and Whimsicott will also be in the game as support Pokémon

The game will hit Japanese arcades on July 16th.

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  1. To be honest I’ve never been a Weavile fan, but it does look pretty good in the trailer

    1. you know if we ever get a DP Remake we’re most likely to get a Mega Weavile (Cyrus)

      1. His main is Honchkrow. So it’d be mega Honchkrow, which would be 100x cooler.

        1. In both d/p AND platinum weavile is his strongest Pokemon which is the trainers main Pokemon like Camerupt for Maxie so weavile is his main

          Unless you can show me and earthen better proof

          1. Well in Platinum, his Murkrow in the beginning is stronger than Sneasel. Then in their next battle, Murkrow has already evolved into Honchkrow and is higher leveled while sneasel remains weaker and unevolved. It’s only till the last battle where sneasel evolves and gets a 1 level jump on Honchkrow. I’ve just always associated him with Honchkrow seeing as it’s the “Head Honcho” pokemon and he is the head honcho of team Galactic. Plus I just like Honchkrow better as a pokemon. The design is much more organic than Weavile’s. I guess Weavile could be considered his main due to the leveling and chronology of it in battle, but then again Giovanni’s main could be considered Nidoking, even though it is often depicted as lower leveled than Rhydon, who is sometimes not even on his roster.

          2. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE honchkrow and either would be cool for Cyrus just saying that his main is weavile

  2. I’ve never wanted to main a character so much (I mean I’ve never used Weavile but that trailer kinda reminded a lil of Deadpool with it’s nonchalant attitude).
    I have a feeling Greninja will be in it as well as Zoroark, won’t be surprised if Jigglypuff & Mewtwo get a mention as well for the full Smash Bros nod

  3. Mega zard X favoritism??
    Lol anyway I think this looks so fun
    Wiiu lacking pokemon games

  4. I really can’t wait to play this(if there’s a Wii U release). I was surprised to c Weavile as one of the new additions, but that was a good thing. lol I was much less surprised to c Charizard as an addition. Either way I hope this makes a state side release so I can play lol

  5. > Charizard. Never saw that coming.

    Weavile is such an amazing Pokemon, I’m glad to see it in this game, such a natural fit.

    Also, don’t be surprised if perhaps this game doesn’t come out on Wii U and instead it’s being held for a debut game whenever the NX releases…

  6. Kinda annoys me how blatantly Game Freak favour Charizard and Charizard X lol. On the other hand, Weavile is a welcome addditon I didn’t see coming.

    1. Well technically they have muscles Pokken designed them extremely realistic, i mean we hardly ever think about actual physiology and anatomy of Pokemon
      and its not muscular its just his chest cavity

      1. look at his chest it’s upward expand ……..i know it’s for realistic but i didn’t notice charizard’s chest before .

  7. Ugh overhyped speedy Pokemon
    I wish they add a big bulky Power type (Cough Rhyperior cough)

    1. Ikr no Swampert or Mega Swampert. ;-; Would be perfect for this game.

      1. We already have a Starter
        lets seee
        Pikachu speedy
        Machamp (gets a pass, wasted opportunity for Mega Machamp)
        Gengar Speedy and overhyped
        Suicune my least favorite
        Gardevoir eternally classed as a fairy which enrages me without limit
        Lucario ehhhhhhh i like it but ehh that thing is everywhere
        Weavile though swayed by its display of slashing but still lightweight

        My demands
        Maybe Simisage

          1. we don’t need to load the damn thing with Starters
            Charizard is plenty starter

  8. Poor Weavile, almost every pokemon in this game has a type advantage to him. Not sure how types work here but he’s really outclassed.

  9. Why did they even make charizard Y?
    Charizard X is literally everywhere, origins smash,Mega evo specials and now pokken.

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