Pokémon Rumble World Now Out

Pokémon Rumble World, a Free-to-Play addition to the Rumble series (also known as ‘Scramble’ in some regions) is now available everywhere on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The title allows players to battle as toy Pokémon in short stages while adding new figures to their collections. This entry introduces a new mechanic, PokéDiamonds, which are used to buy new stages in which to find Pokémon and progress. You can check out more details on the game’s official mini-site.

For those of you who download the game you can use two special passwords to unlock a Pancham and Smeargle after you’ve attained Adventurer Rank 4:

  • Pancham — 18294319 (Europe: 24197410)
  • Smeargle — 18014401 (Europe: 35325215)

What do you think? So far the stage roulette seems to be rather frustrating because of its unpredictability.

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  1. I’m having a hard time liking this game……Rumble Blast was good bc it had very few restrictions. This however…….while I technically haven’t run into the buy part yet I feel an overbearing force that almost makes the game more stressful rather than relaxing like how it should…….

    1. While I haven’t played it yet, I do recall during the Nintendo Direct that they said the microtransactions don’t take away from the gameplay, but instead make it quicker. So I don’t think it will make it more stressful, just make it a little bit slower if you choose not to use the microtransactions.

      1. Idk maybe it’s just me. I’m generally fine with micro transactions, but there’s just something about it being on my 3ds that makes it feel a little dirty. On my phone if I run into stuff like that it doesn’t bother me bc most games on phones and tablets can b put down without feeling to much attachment. With Rumble world it just feels like I’m being, at least a little, bullied into putting it down if I don’t want to spend money on it. It’s my 3ds and I should b able to play the games on it without being restricted as such around every corner. People may not like dlc for whatever reason they have, but that’s dumb. The real evil is micro transactions that stop u lol

        1. Right, it is a little bit strange for Pokemon to suddenly go into this trend of releasing “free-to-start” titles. I certainly hope this won’t carry over into the main series games, and I’m definitely with you on the hatred of DLC that stops you or takes away from the overall experience.

          1. I honestly can’t c in game purchases moving to the main series. While Nintendo releases the games, Game Freak makes them so unless they all of a sudden decide to get money grabby I don c it happening.lol I would however like to c dlc b something they do. People get all angry about it bc they think they’re entitled to anything that gets released as dlc, but thing is they aren’t…..Most dlc is worked on as something that wasn’t in the original package. I’m more than willing to spend additional money on the hard work of gaming companies if they want to add some new content to a game they didn’t have time to originally. My point on in game purchases can b made with any game tho. If it’s a game in which not only has had predecessors that didn’t have in game purchases as well as having said purchases not interfering with the actual gameplay I have a problem with it. Just so happens that Nintendo is becoming the biggest criminal of this right now.

          2. I don’t like Call of Duty so it’s fine if u wanna make fun of it hahaha

      2. I mean sure, they say that, and next thing you know it’s “one day and a half until you filthy F2Pers can move this boulder out of your pathway”

  2. Instead of wasting their time on resources on games that no one wants, why don’t they release Spin-offs that people actually want.

    What ever happened to Mystery dungeon,Rangers,Colesseum,Pokepark, Conquest or that detective game?

    It’s sad that we haven’t had one REAL spin-off since Gates to Infinity in 2011

    1. Rumble is low effort, huge margins with the F2P model. MD might return under the F2P model on Android/iOS.

  3. I could this game….ORRRR I could contuine playing Xenoblade chhronicles. (You know, the best game ever!) Anyways everyone should vote for Dickson from Xenoblade fort smash.i mean just look at this sly cool bastard!(refresh)

    1. I’m playing Xenoblade myself on my PC! I have it on disc though, so no piracy.

      And I don’t want to spoil you, but you’ll find out why Dickson in Smash is not a good idea :P.

  4. i just notice Arceus can learn Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon as a Special Moves …….that’s make no sense , except if GF want to give Mega Arceus an ability that’s make him not recharge .

    1. Arceus had the moves Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon in an event that was given out in Japan recently. It’s just GF’s way of making Pokemon more special.

      1. And Also their way of saying Japan gets cool things and other countries don’t

  5. Hoopa Unbound has been officially revealed, Japan is getting multiple legendary events, Hoopa might be coming to the anime, and the English name for the movie is “Hoopa and the Clash of Legends!”

    -pretty much this month’s corocoro

  6. Hoopa Unbound has been officially revealed
    I still don’t get why GF puts them in the code rather then releasing them as updates.

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