Project NX <3 Pokémon?

Earlier today Nintendo held a press conference in Japan, while initially the conference was held to announce a partnership that will allow for Nintendo franchises to appear in mobile games such as those on smart phones and tablets, the company also announced their latest hardware project codenamed NX.

Though few details were given, it was announced that a new membership service would tie together Nintendo hardware with PCs and mobile devices. It’s obvious that these announcements will mean big changes for Nintendo, but what does it mean for out beloved Pokémon?

Could we see an even bigger push into the online realms for the series? Pokémon featuring more in mobile games, as the recently release Pokémon Shuffle suggests? Or something completely different? Let us know what you think it could mean for the Pokémon series!

  1. If there is that smash tournament that was mentioned in a previous article please have 2v2. So i can play with my boy nathan.

  2. I’m glad Nintendo is finally doing something productive……What I’m not glad about is all the people complaining and making terrible accusations about this new development. People saying there’s no market in mobile device games obviously don’t own any phones, tablets or the like….which would make them part of the 1% of people on this entire planet that don’t have some sort of smart device. It’s a good step for Nintendo and I think at the very least if the new console tanks like it’s predecessors they’ll have a new source of income to offset the loss of money. Looking forward to the future!!

    1. The phone development caused me to be pissed off beyond human comprehension. Then the NX raised that back to near-normal levels. So honestly I don’t care at this point. But sure, a new Pokemon Rumble would not be a bad thing!

      1. Why would that piss you off? It’ll give Nintendo some extra money and help keep them away from bankruptcy. Unless you want that?

        1. Of course I want Nintendo to succeed, they are the embodiment of my childhood. I just don’t want to let the people who want Nintendo to go “third party” and sell themselves out, win.

  3. I made room for the NX in my Nintendo area. Now I just have to wait until late 2016 or 2017. I can do this.

  4. Sorry for the spam, but a March 19 Nintendo Direct has been confirmed for Korea! Look for Nintendo of America’s announcement tomorrow 😀

    1. It’s about time we get a good look at what is to come for Nintendo.
      Definitely hyped for Splatoon and Mario Maker.

      1. I think I lied. We’re probably not getting a Direct on Thursday. Korea still has some things to catch up on, like the New 3DS and Code Name: STEAM. We are most likely out of the running now. 🙁

  5. it means nothing for pokemon

    Fact is, Pokemon will sadly always remain the same game it was 19 years ago..

    Neither the games or the anime has had any development since their original creation,why change now?

    1. That’s what spinoff games are for; to experience the games in a new way. The main games will always follow a linear pattern. There’s not much they can do to change that without making it into a different game which fans may not like. Most game series don’t really “change” between sequels anyway, they just add new mechanics which is what pokemon does.

  6. I’m guessing the next game(s) would be announced in May, then get a full trailer a month later on E3. I’m ready to hear Kalos’ music again (if the next games do take place in Kalos, that is)

    1. I’ll go back to Kalos but only if it’s drastically different. I’d rather a new region though

        1. Definitely! And then we start out in the neighboring region and maybe are witnessing the great war try to be started up again? And we have to stop it or something. Idk. Neighboring region with focus on Zygarde and I’m sold basically.

          1. Truu, and they could possibly improve on Hoopa’s ring concept by being able to use them to island hop or something, maybe even go back in time and witness the great war in person.. It’s a bit of a stretch tho haha

  7. Does anyone have any advice for Mega Gengar on pokemon shuffle? Can’t beat the bastard.

    1. Aha, I have the same problem. A disruption delay is your best friend if you’re really struggling. Also helps if you use Haunter on your team as it turns your Pokemon into them so easy/lucky matches

      1. Thanks so much for the tip. I beat it with the disruption delay with 4 turns left. There’s no way in hell someone could beat it without one.

  8. Mega Evolution Special Act III airs tomorrow ^-^
    And apparently Pokemon Rumble World is a possible new Pokemon game of one of my favorite spin-off series c:

  9. First time doing WTW and it was very fun
    My best pokemon were
    Competitive Shiny Flygon (nicknamed GoogleGlass)
    6iv shiny love ball spheal
    Shiny competitive phione
    Dream ball shuckle
    I think I will participate next week

  10. I’d actually like to see some mobile Pokemon games but actual games not like Shuffle
    Also can’t wait to watch the Mega Evolution ep (that & origins are ones I actually like to watch)
    Also, next weeks episode…I feel like the writers have done that cause they’ve literally run out of things to do…like why has it done that so quickly? (not gonna spoil it for anyone but if you know what I’m on about, I’m sure you’ll agree)

  11. Pokemon Shuffle had a huge “Candy Crush” type feel.
    I don’t like that, and I really hope it doesn’t spread to the main pokemon games. ♥

    1. It won’t.
      Pokemon shuffle was most likely made to test how they would handle micro transactions when they make games for mobile devices

  12. Noooo I’ve fallen to 21,000 in the ranking for Mega Lucario. How come the US you have to be top 20,000 but in Japan you can be top 50,000? That’s so not fair. They probably have more players but it’s still incredibly dumb.

      1. I was at 8000 but my pokes aren’t that strong to get back there. I’ll have to do some grinding to get my rank lower

      2. Also, I never got my gem for completing the Mega Lucario level…wasn’t I supposed to get one of those?

      1. And where the hell is my Jirachi event?! The game has been out for 5 months. Time for a legendary event. Get on the ball gamefreak and stop pandering to Japan.

    1. Of course. Disappointment as usual.
      But thank you for getting ahold of these images. I’ve been wondering why no one has brought up CoroCoro this past week during its usual leak time.

    1. I’m thinking something like “Nintendo Super X”. The name just gives me vibes of something entirely new, dropping the Wii altogether. But I can’t say I know for sure, my third eye has been very inactive lately.

  13. I recently learned that the Zapdos I caught in Y has a Modest nature. This was without synchronize. The legendaries I caught in ORAS (with Synch) have booty natures. Funny how luck is never on your side whenever you want it to be. T.T

      1. but that would be too easy and the hunt is what makes the journey interesting

  14. For everyone who was worried…

    The Mewtwo DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is “pretty much done” according to Sakurai!

    1. Yay
      That’s good
      It’d be nice if Mewtwo wasn’t the only DLC character….

      1. Maybe a DLC package…
        With Mewtwo and Ice Climbers and Lucas And Wolf and Snake

  15. Nintendo is stupid, instead of building on their existing hardware and doing something sensible they are going to make a Console that “Changes the way we play” they said the same thing about the WiiU and we all know how that turned out..

    Will it kill Nintendo to make a console for normal people and with hardware that is not decade old?

    Think about it, if the DS had the capabilities of PSP than D/P would have had XY style visuals..

    If the 3DS had Vita level power than we would have had HD Pokemon and Smash that doesn’t suck

    1. Oh……..god………I think I love u……It’s like u looked directly into my brain and typed out how I feel about Nintendo. Sometimes I feel like we’re a very rare breed of Nintendo fans, ones that can think critically about the product as a whole. lol

      1. Boo hoo the wiiu has 1080p graphics instead of HD. That is not thinking about the product critically. All you are doing is bitching about the graphics instead of how it actually works. The guy above said that smash 4 sucks because it isn’t HD. Nintendo isn’t stupid because they don’t have high enough graphics. Nintendo is stupid because they can’t market things right and copyright infringe people who try to help them.

    2. I would like that too, but those things cost money. Nintendo didn’t know how well the systems would do until they were sold. The more they invested in a product, the more expensive it would’ve been, and the fewer they sold, the less money they would’ve made. The 3DS, for example, was over priced when it first launched. Almost no one bought it, and that resulted in a loss. Nintendo, unlike Sony, focuses on family, social, usually affordable game systems, not high powered luxury consoles like Sony. If the DS had been as powerful as the PSP, no one would’ve been able to take advantage over it. Higher resolution also comes at a price: battery power. The 3DS is already doing things that the Vita can’t do, namely dual screen gaming and 3D. I would love an HD screen on the New 3DS, but the battery would’ve been even worse. Besides, Nintendo targets younger people, and as previously said, families. Kids could give less of a shit about tech specs as long as they get their Mario and Pokemon.

      1. Yeah but if the WiiU had hardware similar to The other consoles I’m pretty sure Nintendo would have GAINED money

    3. for this year i was expecting dungeon game ,pkm conquest or more news about Pokkén Tournament ………..and all we got is pokemon shuffle …that’s stupid .

        1. Yeah it’s a little too early to b disappointed with what we have yet lol My biggest problem with Shuffle, which is y I won’t get it, is that it seems to b basically Pokemon Battle Trozei which was released last year….only a few differences……’s a money suck on a game that was released already….I don’t like it lol

          1. Pokemon Shuffle was probably released to test out microtransactions for their future mobile games

    4. Nintendo is not stupid. They are innovative. There is more to games than just graphics.

  16. Fianally I found a temporary fix for disqus. i have to use incognito mode -.-

    Anyways, I mainly hope that the NX isn’t too gimmicky. It should be easy for 3rd party devs to port their games over there.

    1. You’re having Disqus troubles too?
      Its been like this for weeks for me, the damn thing never loading all the way, they keep telling me to clear my cache but it just doesn’t work
      I had to start using my Phone or going directly to Disqus’s homepage to comment here, but its nice to know the Incognito thing works nicely

  17. I just thought of a Meditite set.. It might be booty but I haven’t tried it yet so eh

    252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 6 Attk
    -Bulk Up
    -Drain Punch
    -Magic Coat
    -Bullet Punch or whatever you wanna run

    It probably won’t work as well as I think but oh well haha

  18. I just realized it’s actually active again. I guess the NX hype helped with that. How is everyone doing? I can’t comment on chat for some reason.

  19. If I was Nintendo I’d just whip out my big oddly shaped dick and jump up and down on a toaster

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