What do you want from PokéJungle.net?

Here, at PokéJungle.net, I think it’s safe to say all of us are utterly tired with the lack of Pokémon news. There are slow trickles every so often, but nothing huge, or overly interesting. A few of the staff team having been working hard on Retry Level (which we’re actually rethinking, but you should check out!), but there’s actually very little going on.

I thought I’d take to time to ask our dedicated visitors and readers what they’d like to see from PokéJungle. We’ve shared some ideas for site additions before, and ever kickstarted some up, like our tournament – more on that in a second! But we’d like to hear what you’d like from the site; features, something completely new, or more of the same? Perhaps there’s something you’d like to see from a specific staff member? Let us know!

We can’t promise that we can implement every idea or begin work on them, but everything you guys forward to us gives us an idea of what we can do to make the site better, and your chosen Pokémon site.

The majority of you likely remember we announced, and opened sign-ups for our PokéJungle tournament last year. Since then we’ve been pretty hush on it. We’ve decided to hold off on hosting the tournament until summer, so that competitors have the most free time as possible, and over summer is the best chance for that. We’ll have more on our tournament later in the year!

So, yeah! What have you got to say? I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask you to try keep the comments for discussion of this topic, it really does help us knowing what you guys want from the site. If you’d like to discuss the fan game several of our readers are working on, our site chat or forums are an excellent place to do so. As always  Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.