‘Pokkén Tournament’ Trademark Uncovered

The trademarks ‘Pokkén Tournament’ and ‘Pokkén Fighters’ have been filed by the Pokémon Company. They are most likely related to the probable Wii U game that was teased at the PGS a few days ago. Indeed, the scene looks like something that could have come straight out of a fighting game.

Furthermore, our good friend AAPF has also uncovered the Japanese trademark ポッ拳 which uses the exact same core title.


The name suggest that Namco Bandai may be in charge of production, combining ‘Pokémon’ with one of their flagship titles ‘Tekken’ (鉄拳). There is no evidence for this though, and the name could just be (somewhat of) a coincidence. The bizzare title would literally translate as ‘PokéFist’.


Credit for uncovering the Western trademark goes to Siliconera.

What do you think Junglers? This could potentially be a fun fighting game, but I’d imagine some people would be disappointed as they were hoping for a Pokémon Stadium 3 of sorts?