Deoxys WiFi Event

Players of the English games will soon be able to download a special Deoxys to their Black, White or Black 2, White 2 games. The Deoxys will arrive to your game at Level 100 and will be available from the 8th of May until the 31st of May. No further details have been given but as usual check back for updates.

More updates soon!

  1. Is it a deoxys or a mewtwo??? I heard it was a mewtwo coming out in Japan for distribution.

    1. Mewtwo is distributed in June/July for the movie in Japan. Deoxys is getting distributed for the new TCG set Plazma Freeze which has two AceSpec cards and a new Deoxys card.

      Also being distributed as a “Fan Favorite”

    1. This is for the TCG to go with the Japanese release which was a year ago. Doesn’t have anything to do with X and Y.

  2. Cool I’ve always missed the Deoxys events and they don’t come often to Canada! This is great! I hope they do Mew as well , because I need to complete my Dex!

  3. I for one am really happy they’re doing this. I’ve never once had a Deoxys and now I finally have the chance. XD

      1. I’ve either been too lazy to buy one or something. I’ve thought about it, but just never had enough desire to go and get it. Guess I’d rather have a real one instead of a pidgey playing dress up. lol

        1. You didn’t get one in 2010/2011? They had one for all Gen 4 games then. They had one for Diamond and Pearl in 2008 as well.

          1. I don’t know. I guess it never occurred to me at the the time…………………Either way it doesn’t really matter now that they’re giving away another

          2. XD

            I know I’m missing a few. Mostly because they were location based downloads. Just forgot who I’m missing.

            So you aren’t completely alone.

    1. Good for you! 🙂 I’m half happy about it, half depressed. Happy because I get 4 Deoxys, wee.

      Depressed because I traded a Liberty Garden Victini for a Deoxys literally a week ago. All the swear words in the world. ALL OF THEM!

        1. Really…don’t expect any big changes. We’re getting X and Y at the same time…though truly if they are all same day releases Australia gets it first, then Japan, then UK then US so we aren’t all starting at the same time and there is a good 12 hour gap between first release and last release meaning US will get game spoilers before the game release as per the usual. Someone will speed through and walkthrough it before US release.

          Then events don’t have to be at the same time. I see a ton of Japan only events happening only to allow us the events in the US months after relevancy. Especially the Mewtwo event as the movie won’t be hitting the US for a few months after airing in Japan. So we may get the Mewtwo even well after X and Y’s release.

          Then they may go back to Japan release then international for X and Y’s third game/Sequels.

          Nothing is going to change really.

          1. Its usually japan that gets it first since it is there game, then ether the UK/US then everywhere else i doubt they’re going to release X and Y before japan in another country despite the time differences

  4. What if, just what if, Deoxys gets a new form. I mean, they did give out a Mewtwo before, and I know it sounds a little crazy, but it COULD happen.

      1. Nah, but you know. Like maybe Virus Forne or just a new forme all together, which would be pretty cool.

  5. Son of a %#$!% my white 2 game won’t let me access the save data. Everytime I go on it, it comes up with save data cannot be accessed just before the title screen so I can’t even start a new game.

  6. If Deoxys doesn’t get a new form revealed in X & Y then I bet it will in the 3D Hoenn remakes/sequels

    1. Not highly likely to happen. We don’t even know if they are planning to do anymore remakes at this point. This Deoxys is just promo for the card game too so its not even relevant to any video game.

      1. well, generation 3 came out with a gen 1 remake, and 4 with a gen 2, and 5 was a bust, but maybe we”ll get lucky for gen 6.

        1. Gens 1 and 3 are supposedly at the same time making the travel between and transition for remakes easier as well. Gen 5 didn’t get one since it was years after Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh’s stories.

          Its not a likely thing though with all the Kanto publicity going on, looks more like Gen 1 reremakes are on their way rather than Gen 3 remakes.

          1. 3 months ago a new Mewtwo forme wasn’t ‘likely’ to happen. I was told repeatedly by cyncics that it’s worldwide exclusive reveal on Pokemon Smash wasn’t ‘likely’ to happen. And 2 Years ago Black and White 2 rather than Grey Version wasn’t ‘likely’ to happen.

          2. There was no proof that Grey was likely to happen either. And look it didn’t. If we get remakes then we’d most likely get Gen 1 since they are on a huge Kanto kick right now and it would make more sense to remake Gen 1 again than Gen 3 since Gen 1 has had better sales, kicked the Pokemon series off, and has a lot of fan favorites as opposed to a game that doesn’t stand to make as much money.

            There isn’t really any reason for remakes at this point with repeated backwards compatibility and even if there were, the bonuses stand for Gen 1 remakes again just as much as Gen 3.

            The only reason for a remake is to move them to the new 3D look which honestly all five generations are going to need now anyways. So by that logic all five need a remake thanks to Gen 6.

            We’d still have to wait two or three years before remakes are even worth speculating as a possibility of appearing.

            Also if its world wide…then its not exclusive. And it wasn’t revealed on smash. It was revealed by Nintendo. All the news is posted on the same day so all the news thus far is world wide which means none of the news has been exclusive for X and Y.

          3. Right, remake a game that’s already had a remake that takes place in a region that’s been visited more times than any other. Makes sense. Smh. Ruby and Sapphire are next on the remake list.

            “Gen 1 has had better sales”

            Well duh. It’s the first. But you can’t forget Ruby and Sapphire were the best selling GBA games of all time, in an era when Pokemon popularity was at its lowest.

          4. There is no list to remake though. That “list” only exists for fans simply because it was done but twice for two sets of games that were completely written out of the loop with the switch to the Advance systems. An Error that was corrected with the newer set of games.

            We may never see another remake for the next four or five generations to come.

          5. Highly highly doubt that. Even Masuda has acknowledged the possibility of an RS remake. If it makes money, it’ll happen. GBA is outdated. Many kids today don’t have one and backwards compatibility with it stopped with DSi.

          6. He never acknowledged the possibility of RSE remakes. There isn’t an interview that states that they were ever going to attempt to recreate the games. The only mentioning was a twitter comment where he “Thanked” a fan for liking a game that he had personal connections to.

            Like it was said above me, it was highly doubted that anything but Grey would appear after Black and White as the usual order showed. Grey never appeared,

            Based on all possible relative events, a RS remake should have and was supposed to appear in Generation 5. It didn’t.

            They stand to make more money making new thing. They brought the other two back into the fold for the sake of including the two lost stories back into the circle that they were expelled from.

            With the nintendo shop they can even simply release the GBA games onto the shop for download rather than waste resources updating the games further so that they can focus on newer games.

            With the way the 3DS is compatible with other games they can easily code the games to do Adhoc trades and transfer the games to Gen 4 games using dongle coding to make it look as if the game is programmed into the second slot.

            As far as what they have released they don’t seem to care what people used to have or not. To them the systems were available and are compatible with the current games.

          7. All I know is that Masuda replied to a fan and people translated it to saying “Thank you! I will consider your request.”

            Didn’t GF say there would be no Pokemon Grey, and people still didn’t believe them and chose to believe there would be a Pokemon Grey?

            All possible relative events? What about the possibility that the remake comes on the 2nd next upgraded system? R/B were on Game Boy, they got remade 2 systems later on Game Boy Advance. G/S were on Game Boy Color, they got remade 2 systems later on DS. R/S were on Game Boy Advance, wouldn’t it be plausible that 2 systems later it gets made on 3DS. (I may sound confusing with the 2 systems, hope you see what I mean. Trying to say 2 systems later, meaning that 2nd new system is the remake).

            And maybe R/S was supposed to appear on DS with Gen 5. Weren’t all the key items from Gen 3 in the coding of the Gen 5 games? Maybe they were planning on it, but had to make the jump to 3DS because the DS is a dying system.

            I believe R/S will get remade, it’s only a matter of time.

          8. Key items…no…The Diveball came back with the other game’s capture mechanics though. The Key items for Hoenn were brought back in HG/SS. They were used to awaken the three super ancient Pokemon.

            As for second upgrade, that depends on how you view second upgrade. officially the 3DS is still part of the DS lineage though its considered its own system. Mechanic and build wise, the DSi was a brand new system on its own what with built in memory files and access to an internet shop for apps.

            This was a major debilitating factor to the 3DS as the similarities between the 3DS and DSi were pretty high with the only exception being that the 3DS could play in 3D. Other than that all the 3DS has over the DSi was enhanced parts. Until recently thanks to all the wifi upgrades.

            So the DS series really messes with the “Next in series” arguement part. There were game to be released for he DSi on its own as well that could not work on the original DS. This would have earned the DSi its own rights as a DS game. A lot of people believe that thanks to the DSi enhanced functions of B/W/B2/W2 that Gen 5 is a series of unofficial DSi games.

            As for what was “all in Gen 5” excluding Starters, Weather trio, Jiranchi, and Deoxys (latter are event exclusive anyway) all Hoenn Pokemon were available in Gen 5 games alone. The starters and Legends just have to be transferred from 4 to 5 though this is barely even a reason to remake a game. Purpose would be for retelling the story with updated graphics (since connection is no longer a priority)

            As for Gamefreak saying no Grey, they never said that.

            Mana Ibe, one member of Gamefreak, said that Black and White were the last of its installments which turned out to be true. Junichi Matsuda was asked in a later interview that Gamefreak didn’t intend to make a third series game as they have always done thanks to Mana Ibe’s mistranslated meaning. Matsuda quickly debunked her statement, saying that them not working on another Gen 5 game was news to him.

            So while Mana Ibe said no, Matsuda said that she was wrong that they didn’t not intend to make another Gen 5 game. It only turned out that there were other things planned instead of the much anticipated “Grey Version”.

            Course with X and Y not being based on color or stone or metal like all the ones before. They’ve broken so many traditions that were already unofficial to Gamefreak’s standards. Matsuda had said sometime around Gen 5 that there were no specific patterns in which they planned their games. Once they finished with one they moved onto the next after a brief pat on the back.

            As for when they remake it. Oh I agree that it will be remade. Later down the line when the remake is more relevant, but I also believe that they will remake Kanto either before or at the same time due to relevancy that connects them.

            Its just that Gen 5 had so many “hints” that have now been conveniently pushed back a generation at the general whim of the advocates that believe the remakes are a religious right.

          9. You sure? I wish I could remember where I read this stuff lol, I’d post it, but I know I have read that the key items from Gen 3 were hidden in the coding of Gen 5 games. (As to if that’s true or not, I don’t know, but I’ve read it…somewhere lol).

            I’ve always just considered the DSi an enhanced DS. Meanwhile I’ve considered the 3DS the next new gen handheld console. So I guess it is left up to individual view. I see it as fitting that 2nd new system theory, but others who consider the DSi a new gen system will not see the remake as fitting into that theory.

            I also think that is true regarding Gen 5 being a series of unofficial DSi games. But I still think DSi is just an enhanced DS.

            And whoops, my mistake. Didn’t know the full story. No one ever came out and said there wouldn’t be a Pokemon “Grey,” that was fans reacting to what Ibe said.

            I just can’t see a Kanto remake coming before Hoenn. Kanto has been visited so many times, we know the story. Until proven otherwise, I’m gonna continue to believe an RS remake will come after X and Y.

            And hey, RS are the games I grew up with, so can ya blame me for believing that haha? 😉

          10. I never thought it made sense to remake RS on Gen 5. DS was getting old and 3DS had been out a while. After BW2, I was expecting the next year to be the move to 3DS. I didn’t think they’d start it with an RS remake like many people were hoping that big announcement was going to be, because it just didn’t make sense. New Gen means a new game, and that turned true with X and Y. But I firmly believe RS will get a remake after XY.

          11. 3DS actually was turning into a second Gameboy Advance for a year or so until Nintendo forced the full switch over. Now the sales are picking up. Many of the ones wanting the RS remakes also still thought they’d be for the DS too.

          12. I think it would make sense if there was a RS remake after z, if they even make a z

          13. I hate the dislike feature, never use it. If you don’t agree with something, simply don’t give it a ^. But if you’re gonna dislike something, at least explain why you’re disliking it and add to the discussion. Encounter this too many times on other Disqus-run threads. People just dislike for the sake of disliking or other reasons.

          14. ‘Worldwide Exclusive’ simply means something being revealed for the first time – no-one in the world has officially shown it before. Mewtwo’s new forme was revealed on Smash by Masuda before the websites updated minutes later. Meaning yes, it was a worldwide exclusive, and they advertised it as such. The fact that the forme had already leaked doesn’t count, because the picture going around wasn’t an official reveal.

            And I’m not going to go into another long Gen 3 remakes debate – my only point was that at this point anything can happen, and I’m annoyed with the rude ‘it’s obviously never going to happen so stop talking about it’ attitude I keep encountering, which no-one can state as a fact unless they’re a) psychic or b) working for GF or Nintendo. The people who give us Pokemon have in the last year and a half proven themselves capable of coming completely out of left field, and it’s getting real old that some fans remain arrogant enough to think they can tell others how the franchise is going to progress. Cynicism is fine when presented as opinion, but when presented as ‘I have spoken so shut up about it’ fact, it’s rude and unnecessary.

            I’m not aiming this rant at you personally, by the way (you were cynical but polite 🙂 )but since the topic came up I just wanted to get it off my chest. Me and many others were told we were stupid for believing that the frozen map of BW2 hinted that there might be actual ice affecting the region in game somehow, rather than just a spoiler cover. We turned out to be correct. Me and many others were told we were naive for believing that Smash would reveal any game news. We turned out to be correct when the Mewtwo forme happened, and the whole Eevee and friends segment was in fact leading up to a new eeveelution.

            All I’m asking is that certain fans open their minds just a teeny bit to the possibility that they might be wrong sometimes. Differing opinions are a wonderful thing, if only we could all respect each other’s a little more. I’ve received so much abuse and belittling since BW2, simply for saying ‘maybe this could happen…’ about things, that it’s really given me a bleaker view of the fandom as a whole.

  7. Sweet! One of the only two Pokemon I need to complete the National Dex. Come on Manaphy event. lol Not that likely, but I can only hope. Do any of you guys have a Manaphy to spare?

  8. Thundurus/Tornadus/Landorus are based off Mythology. The Four Guardians of the Four Compass Directions. The tiger (west, fall), the Phoenix (south, summer), and the dragon (east, spring). The 3 genies all have a sacred form that takes the form of the guardian beasts, thundurus form (dragon), tornadus form (phoenix), Landorus form (tiger). Gamefreak are big on this mythology stuff. There is a fourth beast/guardian that I didnt’ mention yet which is the turtle (north,winter). I believe for 6th gen, they will introduce a 4th Genie (black colored) that takes on the form of a turtle. Similar to how Gen 3 introduced 3 regirocks and then Gen 4 they introduced a 4th regi.

    1. Actually they are based on the “Kami” myth of Japan which means the 3 bases of the world, land (Landorus), heavens (Tornadus) and the transition between them, lightning (Thundurus). 🙂

    2. Landorus is a Jaguar in his therian form. And the tiger is supposed to be white while the bird is supposed to be vermilion which is a reddish color.

      If they wanted to do the 4 sacred beasts they would have done 4 then seeing as they usually introduce the master in a later generation which would be the center Yellow Dragon of the King.

  9. Mewtwo is the Genetic Pokémon. Deoxs is the DNA pokemon. They both will get new forms in X and Y.

    1. Nothing backs this up….Genesect doesn’t even have a real form change. His are just aesthetic changes like Arceus so the coding is different from Pokemon like say Meloetta I believe. He wasn’t listed on that list that said Keldeo and Kyurem as potentials with new forms even though that list said Kyurem only got 1 new form which it didn’t…

  10. Was there s pokemon smash episode yesterday on the 27? or is pokejungle experiencing problems?

    1. There was an episode, it’s a weekly show. I just took a break from covering it like I normally do. Nothing was shown so you didn’t miss out. I’ll be back this week though!

  11. There are many reasons why Pokémon Emerald will be remade as a sequel/remake/whole new game after X and Y. The same way D/P/P gave in-game hints to Johto remakes is the same way in B2W2 they give hints to Hoenn revisit.

    Hint #1 –

    In D/P/P, the pokeball in the middle of the floor in the pokecenter is gold/silver which hinted to HGSS. the pokeball in the middle of the floor in HGSS is Green (Emerald hint?)

    Hint #2 –

    In the desert resort in Unova, there is a man that said he braved the storm by purchasing a set of “Go-Goggles” from a “distant region”. The distant region he speaks of is Hoenn. Go-goggles was a key-item you needed in R/S/E to get past the sandstorm in one of the routes.

    Hint #3 –

    In the driftveil market, there is a woman that says they get all of their goods imported from a “distant region” that also has a city with a large market. This would be “Slateport City” from Hoenn which also has the slateport market which says “we ship our goods to regions all over the world”.

    Hint #4 –

    During the winter in B2W2, you can access a house in Icurus city where there is a sound designer, and an elderly couple. The sound designer plays an updated song from a route in Emerald while your in the house. If you talk the elderly couple, the man says “I had dreams of making the world all land, but don’t tell my wife”, and his wife says “I had dreams of making the world all sea, but don’t tell my husband”. These two, are obviously ex-Team Aqua/Magma members. Cool huh?

    Hint #5 –

    All the R/S/E Gym Leaders in the World Tournament have updated sprites. Also, 3rd gen pokemon were the only ones who received new sprites during the transition to 5th gen. Latios/Latias were made encounterable again, the Regi’s are all locked up in chambers with puzzles just like 3rd gen, and there is a Magma/Seaside Cave that makes you wonder – “where groudon/kyogre going to be placed there?” Rayquaza has also been seen on a lot of Global Link Tournament posters lately.

    Hint #6 –

    Shoal Salt, and Shoal Shell can be found in B2W2 but have no usage at all, whatsoever. These items had use in 3rd gen. Also, the underground bases in D/P/P, Hidden Hollows and the Dream Homes in Global Link with the dolls etc sort of brought back a nostalgic feeling to “Secret Bases” in 3rd Gen didn’t it? Also, a lot of event 5th gen pokemon were placed with shiny locks, are they saving them to be encounterable shiny in either X/Y region or Hoenn remake region?

    Hint #7 –

    2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Emerald game, since it came out 2004 in America. And since it seems like Nintendo are releasing pokemon games all at the same time now, we may see a 3D enhanced Hoenn region sometime next year after X and Y cools down. It may be called Pokémon Z and be an updated version of X and Y storyline, but lets u travel to Hoenn after u beat X and Y elite four or something. Then you can go and find the green serpent rayquaza, the legend who forms his body into the shape of a Z.

    1. also to mention, the trainer name ” N ” sounds awfully similar to “Hoenn”. When you beat the B1W1 storyline, it says “N” flys off to a distant region (hoenn possibly?) Will we be seeing him again? The trainer who has emerald green hair, similar name to “Hoenn”, and uncanning resemblance to “Wally” from Emerald.

    2. Also 1 more hint that I forgot, if you beat champion Steven in the World Tournament, he says “Can you mine Emerald in driftveil?”. Remember my slateport market hint above which hinted to Hoenn region? And also what exactly did Steven mean? Well if you go to the bottom of the Driftveil gym, there a chunks of big green Emerald stones everywhere. BIG HINT.

    3. Dive HM also made a return in B2W2 but had no usage whatsoever. Undella Bay Ruins seemed like it was a beta, to test out the graphics underwater etc. I believe Hoenn region will be remade in 3D to show off the underwater in 3D and the tree’s in Fortree City in 3D etc. This is going to be awesome. Humiliau City also looks like Pacifidlog Town and Lentimas Town looked like Fallarbor Town. Guys, we’re going to be so spoiled this year and next. X and Y new games, and then Z a remake/sequel.

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