3/10 Pokémon Smash! FINISHED!

It’s that time of the week again. Smash time! Smash has now finished. We expected some news on the upcoming Extremespeed Genesect movie, but as I said it turned out just to be a repeat of the two latest trailers. As usual our updates are below!


  • Smash has started airing
  • The anime episode this week is: Challenging a Towering Figure!
  • Anime episode has finished.
  • Moving on to a fun section based on Genesect and the movie.
  • Back to the Eevee Friends section. AGAIN!
  • Showcase for BW: Episode N again, Charizard and Dragonite really seem to have it out for one another.
  • Smash showing the new movie poster and trailer. Pointing out Mewtwo and Sableye…
  • Also reaired the Eevee short (did I say that the news would be exactly this?)
  • Again a feature on Sylveon – Shokotan will be voicing Sylveon.
  • And we’re done!

Thanks to ProVictini for the stream!

  1. I highly doubt we’ll learn anything new this Smash. But CoroCoro leaks within the next few days, so next week’s episode will probably be going over what we learned. We’ll be finding out Sylveon’s type in this CoroCoro, but it’s obvious it’s a flying type.

    1. Yeah, I’m expecting the movie news to be nothing major. Perhaps a re-airing of the most recent trailer we got. Corocoro is definitely where it’s at in a couple of days time.

    2. It’s clearly not a flying type? It looks nothing like a flying type, and its not even capable of flying!? Just because the ribbons on it’s body look like wings ( which they don’t.. :I ) doesn’t mean they are, and besides even if they were wings they can’t possibly carry such a big animal.

      1. Doduo and Dodrio are examples of Flying types with no wings. Just because it doesn’t seem physically capable of flight, that doesn’t mean it’s not a Flying type.

          1. Gyarados, Manyke and Mantine, Hoppip, Skiploom and Jumpluff. Flying types that don’t look like birds and don’t have wings.

          2. Hoppip, Skiploom, and Jumpluff don’t look like they can fly and have been said to not be able to fly, but rather are easily carried by the wind. Mantyke and Mantine cannot fly, but create the illusion that they can by jumping out of the water at high speeds. Gyarados is the only of them that has been shown to have the ability of flight in a Movie, but its highly speculated that it also lacks true ability to fly. None really look as if they can fly but that is opinionated.

          3. While I feel that Sylveon is a flying type because of being based on a kite, I just can’t imagine how it flies. Pokemon like Hoppip float on the wind, and their bodies are round, light and compact, and they have something to catch the wind. Sylveon doesn’t have that. Ribbons aren’t enough to glide on. What I think would be interesting is if the ribbons inflated. Remember Terriermon from Digimon? http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/mastertamer/image/terriermon.jpg It used its ears to ‘fly’. I think it’d be great if Sylveon could do something along those lines so that flying type at least makes sense.

          4. Although it looks like Sylveon can’t fly, it looks like it can glide low near the ground for a short amount of time because it is the lightest eeveelution and yet it looks like it can’t fly high like bird pokemon can

      2. Its design idea most likely came from a kite…Long streamers that blow elegantly in the wind and bows…a flying type Pokemon doesn’t need wings. Maybe Sylveon glides on the wind, similar to a kite. Additionally, there have been so many hints pointing at it being flying type. A couple weeks ago on Pokemon Smash, there was a kite stuck in a tree and everyone thought Sylveon was going to appear and fly up to get it due to the flying type speculation. In the movie trailer more recently, at the end is a little of the Pikachu Short with the Eevee’s. The logo has a cloud in the background and in the Pikachu Short, everyone appears to be looking up at Sylveon as it comes down.

        “and besides even if they were wings they can’t possibly carry such a big animal”
        – Isn’t Sylveon the lightest of the Eeveelutions?

      3. Get ye to Google; it takes like 0.23 of a second to research Sylveon’s etymology to figure out why so many believe she’s a flying type. Also, in Japanese the Hm Fly is actually Sky Jump. You’ll notice moves like Aerial Ace and Acrobatics refer to light, graceful, airy movements rather than the more traditional flying type idea of flapping of wings and becoming airborne; Sylveon, being the lightest Eeveelution and with her fluttering ribbons, easily looks like she fits this profile.

      4. uhhh you must have never played a pokemon game before there is ton of pokemon that don’t look like their type. all the tiny bird pokemon(not talking about species) Pidgey, Sparrow, Starly, ect…. can learn fly and I bet none of them can carry a person or a big animal….. mew can learn fly also, size has nothing to do with pokemon. If you want to talk anime Shaymin alt forme can fly too and it has no wings your argument on why it can not be a flying type is so wrong.

      1. I’d be shocked lol, but you really never know with GameFreak. I’ve just felt it was obvious from the beginning what type Sylveon was.

        1. i think in the short scene in the trailer, it could really be a ghost pokemon. But when i imagine what a ghost eeveelution should look like… i don’t see sylveon ^^

    3. Still think its Dragon. But who knows. As long as it isn’t Normal or “Light”.

    1. If I can find a stream I will do. There’s currently nothing available from our usual streamers.

  2. Sooo… even Pokemon Smash is pointing out the Sableye… something’s going to happen.

  3. And we all ended up getting pissed -________-” hoping for good CoroCoro news in a few days time 🙂

  4. Who cares about Sylveon’s type? There’s going to be far better Pokemon than an Eevee evolution.

  5. so what’s with messaging system, it never give me a password and it is asking for password for me to comment.

  6. Where is Sableye I didnt see in the movie poster or in the trailer so where is this Sableye coming from

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