3/10 Pokémon Smash! FINISHED!

It’s that time of the week again. Smash time! Smash has now finished. We expected some news on the upcoming Extremespeed Genesect movie, but as I said it turned out just to be a repeat of the two latest trailers. As usual our updates are below!


  • Smash has started airing
  • The anime episode this week is: Challenging a Towering Figure!
  • Anime episode has finished.
  • Moving on to a fun section based on Genesect and the movie.
  • Back to the Eevee Friends section. AGAIN!
  • Showcase for BW: Episode N again, Charizard and Dragonite really seem to have it out for one another.
  • Smash showing the new movie poster and trailer. Pointing out Mewtwo and Sableye…
  • Also reaired the Eevee short (did I say that the news would be exactly this?)
  • Again a feature on Sylveon – Shokotan will be voicing Sylveon.
  • And we’re done!

Thanks to ProVictini for the stream!