2/10 Pokémon Smash – FINISHED


Pokémon Smash is airing in Japan and there’s a chance we could get some new Pokémon X & Y details, no promises though! However, the official Pokémon Smash section on the TV Tokyo site states that some sort of event should be revealed in this episode. We’ll be watching the episode and updating live, so follow us along below. Don’t forget to chat and discuss live in the comments!

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  • Smash! has started
  • Old anime episode is currently showing…
  • …anime episode has finished!
  • Hosts and guests are currently playing a game with a paper airplane in a gym
  • Back to the Eevee Friends section
  • Leafeon appeared!
  • Back to the airplane game challenge!
  • Back to the Eevee section.
  • Clip shown with a question mark hiding something in a kid’s hands.
  • Kid was holding a yo-yo.
  • X & Y trailer replying and World Hobby Fair footage shown.
  • Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 studio battle.
  • Next Weeks’ episode preview shows logos for Pokémon X & Y version, BW: Episode N and the Genesect movie. Confirming some new information will air next week, possibly rehashing something shown in Corocoro.

Episode has finished and no new information was shown. Corocoro will hopefully show up soon though, so the wait for news should hopefully be over soon!


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Thanks to ZephyrSonic for the livestream.


    1. Honestly, any new pokemon would be cool if they were revealed. Gen V had some pretty interesting leaks

    2. Can’t really say I expect anything. I’m expecting Pokemon.com to release all the new information, so I don’t see any other network releasing anything relevant.

      1. Pokemon.com doesn’t release all the information. I would use better news websites like Pokebeach.com

        1. Pokemon.com has been the main source for X and Y information internationally. When CoroCoro added the names and metrics for Xerneas and Yveltal, Pokemon.com was updated then and there. Not to mention Pokemon.com is owned by TPC who owns Pokemon as a whole. So its the primary source for Pokemon News. If anything it’ll appear there before Serebii, Pokebeach, Bulbapedia, and here.

          Chances CoroCoro leaks can appear, but since TPC is controlling the information, their website has best chance to give out info before other medias.

        2. PokéBeach.com…

          How rude. I’ve been demanded to banish you to the pits of hell.

          As Paul said a couple of years back Grass beats Water. So… yeah 😉 Of course you just made a bad typo, right?

        3. If anything Pokemon.com will have the information the same as Corocoro since this is a international release not a Japan release first

          1. I doubt it will have news that its important. Just the basic so it doesn’t spoil the games secrets. Beartic!

    3. New Pokemon, perhaps the protagonist artwork, or maybe even the region map? But that doesn’t seem very likely.

  1. Are we going to see new eeveelutions or will we get nothing again? The moment of truth is just minutes away.

    1. No America probably won’t see that… It was only released cuz a new Nintendo World opened up in Japan! Beartic!

  2. Im really positive we will get something in this episode. In the latest episodes we have seen nothing X&Y related but this weeks summary says there will be an X & Y event!, so i hope it is something good

  3. Why my comments always wait for modification and they appear nearly one day after I posted them. This is frustrating!

      1. Indeed it is fake. And for more reasons just than that too. I thought we had a post going up about it, not sure what happened to it.

  4. The bit about the Yo-yo was from an older Smash episode. They’ve been doing talent shows on Smash the last few weeks and being that its Japan, its just to show children being active. It doesn’t have anything specific to do with Pokemon. Just shows community involvement.

    As for the Eevee thing, its for the Movie short as far as I can see. So the Eevee’s don’t seem to have much to do with anything new as far as I can see.

    @Zephyr thank you so much for streaming all of the episodes. Just wanted to comment here cause you couldn’t see my comments during your stream, but the Eevee thing doesn’t have to mean anything. Its promotional advertising. Since Eevee and all of its evolution have their own short video so they are just promoting it. Doesn’t necessarily mean any new Eeveeloution. Gamefreak and TPC are pro’s at trolling. So them posting “How many Evolutions of Eevee are there?” probably doesn’t mean anything at all.

    Its still really fun to listen to your comments and ideas on it though. At this point anything is still possible. Meowth is supposed to cause some kinda ruckus during the short video so maybe we’ll get the preview for that too along with next week’s preview to the new Genesect movie.

    1. Good luck with that, we typically don’t even see the second stages before release. Black/White was the exception to that when they revealed the second stages just a month before release.. and that was probably because the anime concept artwork for them leaked.

      1. Bear… I told myself that I won’t look at the new Pokemon before I play the game, but at this rate I will see then all before I choose a Starter..

  5. Sure have been quiet on this games news smh even Black and white had gameplay videos on Smash by now this been the most quiet its been in awhile hopefully CoroCoro gives us new info and not just info on the starters weight and height and species. I’ll be extremely upset if thats all we get from corocoro.

  6. Next week’s Smash will showing the old Kimono Sisters Episode during the first half, and then they will be talking about the Genesect Movie in the second half. Don’t tell me that’s not a coincidence.

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