2/10 Pokémon Smash – FINISHED


Pokémon Smash is airing in Japan and there’s a chance we could get some new Pokémon X & Y details, no promises though! However, the official Pokémon Smash section on the TV Tokyo site states that some sort of event should be revealed in this episode. We’ll be watching the episode and updating live, so follow us along below. Don’t forget to chat and discuss live in the comments!

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  • Smash! has started
  • Old anime episode is currently showing…
  • …anime episode has finished!
  • Hosts and guests are currently playing a game with a paper airplane in a gym
  • Back to the Eevee Friends section
  • Leafeon appeared!
  • Back to the airplane game challenge!
  • Back to the Eevee section.
  • Clip shown with a question mark hiding something in a kid’s hands.
  • Kid was holding a yo-yo.
  • X & Y trailer replying and World Hobby Fair footage shown.
  • Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 studio battle.
  • Next Weeks’ episode preview shows logos for Pokémon X & Y version, BW: Episode N and the Genesect movie. Confirming some new information will air next week, possibly rehashing something shown in Corocoro.

Episode has finished and no new information was shown. Corocoro will hopefully show up soon though, so the wait for news should hopefully be over soon!


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Thanks to ZephyrSonic for the livestream.