Downloads Galore & PGL Tournament


The Japanese PGL are now running a promotion (until January 10 2013) for the three elemental monkeys, each with their Hidden Abilities and a special move:

[list style=”orb” color=”green”]

  • Pansage (Overgrow) + Leaf Storm, will be available by entering a password from the Pokémon Daisuki Club.
  • Pansear (Blaze) + Heat Wave, can be obtained using a password from Famistu.
  • Panpour (Torrent) + Hydro Pump is available from a password given out by Pokémon Fan magazine.
  • [/list]

    Three more Legendary Pokédolls are now available from the PGL using the password HDW3AD. Rayquaza, Kyogre and Groudon are available for download until December 6th.

    Finally, the Japanese PGL is to host a new WiFi tournament named the Eevee Cup. The tournament only allows Eevee and it’s evolutions to be entered. Battles will run from December 7th-9th with the registration period from November 30th until December 6th. A special Eevee C-Gear is available for all to download and in addition to this all competitors in the tournament will have special DW downloads made available to them.