Game Informer Interviews Junichi Masuda

The full article is here for your perusal. The information seems very similar to what we covered in the translated series of articles in which Masuda, who is the producer for both Pokémon Black and White; and also Black 2 and White 2, was interviewed by Famitsu.

One of the more interesting things was that fans have not been clamoring for an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) and that the press inquires about it more than his Twitter followers.  Although I personally see how a neutered Pokémon MMO would be a disappointment to most fans, I think we all wish for a persistent online universe in which we could literally become the best trainer in the world.

He was also questioned about the 2D nature of the Pokémon series and whether or not 3D would be a good direction to go.  Masuda’s tepid response does not leave me hopeful that Generation VI will have a substantial engine change for the 3DS, but I’ll keep hoping for a pleasant surprise 🙂

Interesting (but short) read in the news lull!

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