Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice Trailer


The English trailer for Pokémon that premiered this summer in Japan is finally out! US citizens will be able to catch the entire movie on December 8th on Cartoon Network.

Something about the narration + Keldeo’s voice is just not impressing me though 🙁

<3 pokejungle

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  1. That’s got to be the corniest thing I’ve seen all day. I ate a lot of corn yesterday, so I’ve seen some pretty corny stuff today and that trailer ranks up there.

    1. Also I’ll once again only be watching the subtitled Japanese version. Here’s hoping China doesn’t destroy Japan before then. lol (If you don’t know what that means, read some news)

  2. Vic Mignona gets way too many roles. -_- Seriously, Funi needs to get a clue that Vic’s voice doesn’t change a lot, and all their heroes are sounding a lot alike.

    He has been:
    Yukito from Air
    Ikkaku from Bleach
    Obito and Nagato in Naruto
    Tamaki in Ouran
    Tatsunosuke in Peacemaker
    Dark in DNAngel
    Broly in DBZ
    Edward Elric in FMA
    Yoshimori in Kekkaishi
    Spirit Albarn in Soul Eater
    Takenaga in Wallflower
    Fai in Tsubasa
    Zero in Vampire Knight
    Mao in Disgaea 3
    Junpei in Persona 3

    And that’s just the more major roles! It’s gotten to the point where Funi just shoves him into the biggest/most glamourous role simply because of his track record.

    Longstanding VAs have their place; they don’t break under pressure like some newbies do. After a certain point, though, the voice actor is just everywhere and I get sick of it.

    1. I 1000% agree with you. You have no idea how happy it makes me to not recognize a voice actor’s voice. I especially hate seeing what the VA actually looks like because then I end up visualizing their face when I recognize the voice rather than focusing on the character their voicing. Not recognizing the voice helps make the character come to life for me.

      Also, I wish Keldeo’s voice was done by a female like the Japanese version.
      …Or atleast not Vic’s voice. No offense to him, he’s great, but he and the other top male VAs (Yuri, Johnny, Todd) are EVERYWHERE.

  3. Nonononono… Keldeos’ voice is wrong! (Female would have been better)
    The Narrator… he sucks
    And Kyurem being pronounced Q-Rem, I thought it was Kai-You-Rem

    1. Stopped?
      I never have had any hopes for the dubbed movies. 😛

      Although I have to say that, by being Dutch, I prefer the English dub above the Dutch one. I have to admit though that the Dutch dub still gets the right pronunciation for the names, like Poliwrath (rhymes with cloth).

      1. I use to hope the voices would get better but alas they proved me wrong each time xD

        I think Pokemon is one of the few anime’s I prefer in Japanese…it just sounds so awkward to me in English x3

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