Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 Official Site Update


The official site was updated with the details previously revealed in CoroCoro! Click the spoiler below for highlights of the new screen shots! And be sure to check back often as we translate and add pictures…


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  • Keldeo can only be in it’s Resolute Form when it knows the move Secret Sword. The moment you delete the move it will go back to its original form
  • Black 2 will have Black City and the water dungeon
  • White 2 will have White Forest and the lava dungeon
  • Berries that were not obtainable in BW, such as the salac berry, are confirmed to be in BW2
  • Egg of Kanto starter obtainable, has a special move (Japan only, possibly)
  • Keldeo C-Gear skin for both Black/White and Black 2/White 2. First new C-Gear shot pictured
  • Medal system is a sort of “achievement” system akin to the 360/PS3
  • Medals are obtained by catching certain Pokemon, for example
  • The medal HQ is located in Castelia City
  • There are over 200 medals you can obtain and you can use them to decorate your trainer card
  • Live Caster has minigames this time around – Balloon Catch and Balloon Smash
  • FES Missions and Join Avenue items differ by game version
  • Upon completing fes missions you can receive Pass Power or rare items as a reward
  • There are more Pass Powers than there were in BW, and they’re easier to use
  • You can connect with other players in the Join Avenue via local wireless or WiFi
  • New items that raise Pokémon’s friendship and make eggs hatch faster can be purchased in Join Avenue
  • Kami trio that is caught in Pokémon Dream Radar may switch back and forth between formes, and their ability will change from their AR searcher ability to the Dream World Abilities.  Kami trio Pokemon caught in BW will also form change and change abilities.



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