Keldeo’s Resolute Forme Revealed!


CoroCoro’s cover has leaked and brought us the first image of Keldeo’s new Resolute/Resolution Forme!

<3 pokejungle

  1. and its eyelashes are different? i want to see the full pokemon, but i dont think it should be an actual form change since its sooooo similar still just a few changes

  2. Well, I can’t see the rest of its body but I was really expecting a major change… Keldeo doesn’t even look more intimidating 🙁

  3. Man, I was really hoping for alternate forms of the starters’ final stages :/ It would’ve made playing through another fifth generation game somewhat bearable and I’m sure that any alternate forms that the starters could have would be a hell of a lot better than any other new forms that we have gotten.

    1. Hey, were you the one who posted that topic on GameFAQS? Because that’s what you just sounded like

    2. I don’t think that will ever happen. It’s fine to wish for things, but being disappointed in something that was highly improbably is extremely irrational.

      1. I don’t think it’s irrational thinking at all. Especially since Gamefreak loves to spam new forms now (as evidenced by fourth gen and now fifth gen).

  4. From what I can see, it’s better than the original by a bit. They fixed at least two of the problems I had with the original design, the hat and the horn.It’s possibly they also fixed his tail, but we can’t see his butt yet. lol

    I’m a little disappointed that they left his ugly snout in tact though…guess it was asking too much for them to fix his lightbulb shaped pig nose. lol

  5. I was hoping for something more… intimidating… Oh well, let’s just hope its body looks better

  6. I never found Keldeo that interesting ..and after this, I still don’t :s I was hoping for an alternate form to look more like the other 3

  7. Don’t like it. Kind of gay looking.
    I was hoping for a big transformation, like with Shaymin.
    Still cute, but a more bad ass.

    1. Legendaries have no gender, so it would be impossible for this pokemon to be gay. Although that would be an interesting mechanic to prevent breeding for certain pokemon instead of ungendered, I don’t see anything that would make you think that it is or that they would introduce that.

      As for a comment on topic, I don’t see much of a difference, although there’s a chance it will look FAR better once we see the rest of the body.

    2. “Gay looking”? I can’t believe people still use “gay” as a synonym for girly, feminine, stupid, etc. Gay = ” (of a person, esp. a man) homosexual : that friend of yours, is he gay?” That’s how you use it.

      1. it also means happy. I am of that persuasion and not offended by people calling something that looks pretty gay, gay.

  8. I ZOOMED in and Black Kyurem and White Kyurem in the corner of the magazine and Ash and Pikachu underneath Keldeo so that should confirm anime and more game news besides Keldeo’s new forme.

    1. We already knew that… The issue was already confirmed to reveal how Kyurem changes forms and have the first part of the 15th movie manga.

  9. it could be bipedal, we can not see that from this angle.

    P.S. Why did U took down the rumors from yesterday? U usually just say they are rumors !?

  10. I suppose it looks more adolescent now?
    I’m gutted that Keldeo’s enthusiastic expression is still obtrusive. And that pig snout…

    I was really hoping for something a bit more… agressive? I probably should of expected this abomination, Shaymin’s form change didn’t see its aesthetics mature either. I’m trying to convince myself to wait; the full image could still salvage my opinion. As true as it might be, it’s probably too early to call it an abomination.

  11. Urf…I think it was kinda pointless now to give him a new forme, but I hope when we can see the whole thing, it’ll maybe look better.

  12. Something like this totally could’ve waited. Announcing this takes some of the excitement and surprise out of when he transforms in the movie. Anyway, I hope this is just an aesthetic change as his stats were already good and the only thing about it anyone seemed to want to change was how immature it looked (even though it fits with the theme).

  13. uhh why are people mad it’s still a child? Do you not know what it’s based off of. I quite like it’s new form.

  14. I’m getting the feeling that Resolution forme’s full body is going to look exactly like Regular Keldeo’s body.

    1. Keldeo is not a pony, he’s just an infant horse, and ponies are not infant horse. Keldeo is a Pokemon, deal with it.

  15. Has anyone considered the fact that it’s only been 2 years since the events of Black and White? That’s hardly enough time for Keldeo to truly mature, so like someone else already said, I believe it will be more of an adolescent Keldeo rather than an adult-like one.

    1. I don’t really think the forme change is a result of aging per say, but just a regular forme change.

      But, I mean, we’ll get the full leaks any day now, so you could be right. :p

    1. impossible, keldeo is debuting in movie 15. meloetta from best wishes 2 is the one on its own short. plus, were did you get this info. rival cant have keldeo or meloetta will kill him, lol, (geting sick of these tidbits… 🙁

  16. Hope we get a leak soon, but I have heard this rumor regarding supposed Best Wishes 2 information possibly within the issue…

    > Ash’s New Rival is an original (*unless he ends up being in the game like Iris later was revealed to be) character named Kaiba. Kaiba is a young man who enters the Junior World Tournament using Keldeo, and is capable of unlocking its true potential (Resolution Forme) under trying circumstances.

  17. Useless from for a useless Pokemon. If Keldeo were a real Pokemon, i’d stab her in the chest over and over.

  18. Why are people hating on Keldeo? It’s a unicorn for cryin out loud. And be happy it got an alternate form at all people. Plus, you’ve only seen it’s head and you have no idea if it is good or not so pipe down.

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