Plasma’s New Look LEAKED (UPD3)

Above is a screenshot from the Japanese Pokémon Company’s official YouTube account.  The video is private and not currently viewable, but the shots that YouTube takes from the video for thumbnails are still publicly available to those who know how to get them from private vids.

What do you think?! This is, of course, a shot from the anime but we could see a similar style in the new games as well. We’ve already seen them in their old outfits in Black 2 / White 2 so one has to wonder if there’s more to the plot or possibly a splinter faction within the team. After all,  CoroCoro refers to the ones in white as “former members”.

UPD: Added in the shot of Rival, male Protagonist, and Cheren. 🙂

UPD2: Full trailer will air on Thursday at 5PM Japan time on YouTube.  We’ll be there with our translators and the embedded video!

UPD3: This post is getting a lot of attention, so I’d like to point out that it is the belief of my staff and I that this will be a special episode and not a regular part of the Best Wishes season.

<3 pokejungle

  1. Or they could be that new group of people we thought were police officers in the BW2 screenshot of you and Kaito (Fro guy) in Nimbasa City.

      1. Lol I didn’t even notice it till now.

        Maybe those new ppl in the screenshot are plasma grunts sporting the new outfit.

        1. Admins, maybe? God, I don’t care, they look awesome.

          Possibly apprentices of the Shadow Triad. (I would like to see that.)

          😛 anyway, maybe the knightlike ones belong or are loyal to Ghetsis and the new ones are loyal tooooooo…

          I dunno. N? Although I guess they wouldn’t look evil, so yeah. <Maybe undercover Rockets (to tie in with the unaired Rocket Vs Plasma episodes.)

          1. The Sage, two sisters and guy with the Pokémon from the scans were referred to as former Plasma members. So rather than there being two factions it seems more to be that those still loyal to the cause have reformed the group.

  2. A worthy successor to the Team Rocket uniform. They look amazing

    The girl is especially all kinds of bad a**

  3. Whoa, this design os significantly better than their previous one. For some unknown reason I really like the X on their hats. Possibly a hint to a faction, as pj said?

  4. In a new leak Cheren, Bw2 Main Character and rival are shown among team plasma on a boat..The rival has a samurott!!

    1. Cheren has a Stoutland, so probably his second pokemon is a lillipup or a herdier..

      1. Not sure what leak you’re talking about; I haven’t seen anything like that? These new outfits look awesome. I suspect that the group that’s still wearing the old Team Plasma outfits are in the minority; my guess is that they’re holed up in some sort of warehouse or temporary base, judging from that screenshot. These new guys look like they’re running the show now.

  5. I had a feeling the antagonists were going to be team plasma. But why does this game have both the old and new team plasma. My guess is that they have different goals. But I do like these designs.

  6. Oh wow this is exciting…. and pokebeach has something even more exciting on their front page…. along with tis screenshot there is also one with bianca in her new outfit ANDDDD a lucario standing on what appears to be…ice,ice,ice and lost of ICE!!…. me is guessing that the ice may be drafted from BW2 into the anime as well…. it is possible…the image of bianca has her looking out at something in a shicking, worrying pose….could she be looking at teh ice taking over parts of unova??/we shall see…

  7. Their new look is awesome!!… seems like they are capable of creating a Genesect with that uniform, unlike the ridiculous previous one.

    But I’m thinking this is way too good to be Best Wishes 2… It could be something else..

  8. This looks more like a 1-hour special or something, because the art looks way too mature for your average pokemon episode.

  9. exactly as I though !! this is a sp episode for the new game..the difference in quality between this and the original show was clear…
    but hey !! why does Arcanine so small ?????

      1. even if he is a fully grown adult,which is obviously not, he must be about 15-16, Arcanine will still be taller than him ! its a HUGE pokemon!!

        1. What about Samurott? i would not think they would be that short against people…even Stoutland would be taller,

          1. Samurott isn’t even 5ft tall so it kind of makes sense. That being said, Arcanine is over 6ft so that doesn’t :p

  10. yeah i was about to wonder whats up with the artwork for these, even though it’d be cool if they changed it to the movie art for this season, it looks more like a special episode like someone mentioned. and if this is a special episode, this kinda locks cheren and the other game characters into this series and not the main one….unless past cheren comes into the picture.

    1. I think there’ll be a break of time between Best wishes 1 and 2..Belle is also seen on the boat in another leak in her new form (two years older). How are they going to explain that?

  11. Seriously… I was gonna be the guy protagonist in one of the game and have an Arcanine on mah team… they read my mind! =O

  12. There are wild theories going around that these images are actually from the games, a la animated cut scenes.

    1. I was just thinking that same idea! I highly doubt their going to make a mini movie out of the bw2 characters and we can basically elimanate this being the main series because mainly the graphics, and the movie almost always revolves around ash and his friends and this is revolving around the protagonist of BW2… But i was talking to my brother about this and he thought it could be something like pokemon chronicles which was like a side series… Hmmm this can goo about any way though, i just want to know what it is! And if you guys haven’t checked yet pokebeach has a couple of screen shots of the anime.

  13. A special episode with awesome art that introduces Kaito (Fro Boy), Black, Cheren, Team Plasma, Cynthia, Dawn, and Meloetta….

    Just take my money gnow!

  14. Hey all the trailer was un-privated for a short while, and it was AWESOME! It looks like it either is just a trailer, or a whole new series, since it shows various points in the story. It’s also based on the games, and shows the Shadow Triad, along with Elesa in a new design. Looks like those people in the picture are admins of some sort, and that there is a town frozen over!

    1. the town was frozen from the ice beam because it wasn’t frozen before it……..but! when you look in the beginning, you can see frozen mountains in the distance. and looking at biancas and elsas attire, they are dressed for the cold.

  15. Saw the full trailer. I swear to Arceus i had an orgasmic attack. It was amazing. I wish they replaced the Anime with this. The anime is Crap. Ash needs to Die. But he trailer was fantastic!!!! I think the guys at the end are the Shadow Triad. And they seem to have taken over team plasma. And like its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elesa looks fantastic. SHE HAS A COOL NEW DESIGN :DDDD

      1. yeah, but looking at the trailer again, i think that it was already frozen, because i don’t think one ice beam could do that much that far, and plus it looked like something blasted the ice on the ground where the spikes are.

  16. I think this Trailer is just to promote the game, just like Megaman Zero, it had some animated trailer like this!
    But i do hope they’ll make a special episode about this one >.<

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