Focus On: BW2 CoroCoro Leaks

Hello guys, PokéJungle translator Kriffix here with some breakdowns of the CoroCoro leaks. Hit up the spoiler for the full article. Let’s begin!


Map differences. (Ozy will post an image soon to make it easier to understand, for now though I have just uploaded the maps separately down below).

1-The construction going through the desert connecting Castellia City to Nimbasa City is complete. There seems to be buildings with a very large one towards Nimbasa.

2-The Large white mountain to the right of the Extralink now has an area carved into its peak.

3-The moat around the Entralink has dissapeared and the Entree is either gone or very small. The bridges connecting to it in the center are now also gone.

4-Challengers cave is missing

5-The Cold storage seems to have been replaced with a large building, and the area to its left and upper left seems to resemble large holes.

6-The Unity tower is now visible on the map

7-The Lighthouse to the right of Driftveil city is now gone. It was useless and did nothing originally but perhaps now it is possible to surf the area it blocked?

Questions we must ask ourselves

1-The New Gym Leaders.
Two have been revealed and the existence of more is hinted in its wording. Do they replace the existing Gym leaders or do they reside in a new area of Unova (e.g off to the left of the map etc) or are they dotted in the newly built physically visible areas.  Up until now each time a gym leader has replaced another they have retained the gym’s original type, perhaps suggesting that these are all new gyms and badges.

With the lack of a professor we cannot help but wonder who will give the protagonist their starter Pokémon. Akuroma, the mysterious wandering researcher may well fill in this gap!
His name does not appear to be from any tree or plant as has been seen with previous professors, suggesting he is indeed perhaps just a researcher. If his name had this in common it would suggest almost 100% that he would give us our starters. His name may come from  “アクロマッティク”meaning ‘colourless’, containing neither black or white.

3-Hiougi City
In terms of cannon has it technically always been there in spirit or only just built over the last two years? Since the Protagonist and Rival are acquaintances from infancy it suggests it has been there a long time. Either that or they knew each other from  somewhere else before coincidentally both moving.

4-Significance of the Blue and Red building
CoroCoro states that;
“にぎやかな雰囲気の建物。青と赤のオブジェは何を意味している”?”A building with lively atmosphere. What is the significance of the Blue and Red object?” Is it a reference to Black Kyurem and White Kyurem’s second types (and cover secondary colours) or is it something more? Those determined that Hoenn will be in this game must be having a field day!

5-Where are the characters from two years ago now?
Has Cheren really become a Gym Leader? Have all the old Gym leaders REALLY disappeared to make room for the news ones? Will the protagonists of BW1 be a secret epic trainer at the end of the game? (ala red in Gold/Silver?) Perhaps a league Champion?

Though it is most likely, there has been no confirmation nor mention of the old Unova Starters returning. The picture of them in the corner of the scans is about a free pre-order gift and can be ignored.
Will we be experiencing a kind of Pokémon Yellow alternate starter/s?


So, what do you guys think?
Anything I missed that you want to add, just post  a comment and I’ll slap it up!



  1. I do not think all Gym Leaders from BW disappear. I think some leaders like Skyla and Burgh continue running their Gym, while others like Clay had retire or something like that.

  2. some guys already mentioned it, but I ask the question again:
    could it be possible that the ice on the map has the same function as the clouds in former region’s map’s had?
    Because I, too, doubt that this will be the map you will see in the game.

      1. I think the frozen over part of Unova will be accessible once you beat the league maybe? Hence possibly the need for some new gym leaders.
        Its also possible that the people in the towns/cities have been frozen and can not escape lol (Professor, Gym leaders etc)

    1. Hmm, interesting thought. Though I’m afraid the scan states explicitly that the area shown has been ‘frozen over’.
      But I wouldn’t worry too much, it should all be accessible later on!

      1. People have clarified that states the map is frozen over, as in the image of the map not the region itself. They did this to obscure the rest of the new Unova until next month’s issue.

        1. Who are “people”? There is no suggestion of revealing more at a later date here, it just says that the map has been frozen over and “What has happened to it!?”

          1. A ton of people on several forums. Similar to how the clouds blocked away the rest of the map in the magazines for Hgss. It’s a gimmick used so the entire region isn’t revealed at once. It says the map has been frozen, not the region. They’re using ice as the cover up because of Kyurem’s typing.

  3. my prediction was right i knew that was the new protagonist and rival and i knew it was goin be a ala platinum due to kyurem being more active throughout the entire region if theres goin be alternative starters im guessing hoenn starters or brand new starters all together. Im pretty sure that Akuroma is just researching kyurem as his name means colorless and that the new professor or juniper will be revealed soon either saturday or sometime in the coming weeks along with the starters there should be new formes of other pokemon (i hope)

  4. I want new gym leaders but at the same time I want to keep the old ones. and whats up with the craters in Driftveil city?

  5. That’s quick on the fanart, lol.

    You may want to mention that it looks like Haxorus and Lucario are Black 2 exclusive, while Zoroark and Metagross seem to be only in White 2.

    1. About that, why did they choose only these Pokemon to put alongside Kyurem? They could be rivals of some sort. Zoroark vs Lucario and Haxorus vs Metagross.

  6. theres still alot they need to mention like how theres a seem to be a settlement where route 4 use to be and how that researcher is also researching pokemon latent abilities

    1. That’s already up there 🙂 (first point)
      Also we’ve reported about what Akuroma has claimed to have done, which nowhere else had yet to report! (and possibly still haven’t)

      1. lol my bad Kriffix i missed it in my excitement oh snap he created a pokemon maybe he responsible for kyurem new formes? or a new pokemon all together ! lol

          1. Corocoro said he was a pokemon researcher and even stated his field im sure they would have mentioned if he was a sinister person like team galactic cheren from platinum was said right off the back he was up to no good

          2. Well, first, cheren was in black and white.

            Second, he could be someone like N, they use a plot twist to reveal he was the bad guy but he changed his minds. It would spoil the fun to say outright he’s bad

          3. Pretty sure that person means Charon. The old man new to Platinum from Team Galactic who had to do with the Rotom forms.

        1. Haha, no problem.
          I’ve taken it down down the Pokémon creation bit down now though.
          It can just about be interpreted this way, but in all likelihood is referring to a machine instead. Japanese relative clauses are tricky even for natives :p

          1. lol yeah he probably had something to do with kyurem new formes with that machine he made

      2. Maybe he might be the one responsible for creating Black/White Kyurem and could be the Evil Team leader?? Many more questions can be brought up from that statement.

  7. the colour of the bit in the pokedex where the text is seems to have changed colour from green to red.

        1. Green had a more digimon feel to it. I remember thinking that back when BW was released.

  8. From the looks of the ice I believe it has only been used to hide parts of the map, and will not be present in-game

  9. i hope that on the weekend pokemon smash dont just reveal what we just found out. i wanna find out more. i must have MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  10. Anyone else think that “Professor” looks suspicious?

    {Me no trust u.} ( ಠ_ಠ) – – – (ب_ب ) *whistles*

  11. ASDFGHJKL I’m just loving the designs. Everything right now seems pretty nice, and I like how they’re showing the areas “evolving” and advancing.

    Though I’m not sure if I skimmed over something by accident, but are there going to be Pokemon from different regions returning in this one? Or was the picture just for show. Sorry if it was already stated. >m<

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! A real sequel! It’s amazing!

    Anyway, I’m happy to see old pokemon here (and interested on why they are here, maybe globalization or migration)

    The new gym leaders are pretty cool, I’m guessing a few (less than 4) of the gym leaders will stay or we just won’t get to some of the old ones “in time” for it to count. Also, I think the first gym is going to be different because that one guy (POC FTW) has water types and really wouldn’t really make sense. (Also I’m still guessing that the Shadow Triad is Cilan,Chill, and Cress).

    I’m hoping Cheren becomes the champion, we get to keep the old starters from BW, get access to some really good old pokes (Eevee, Riolu) early on, the new mountain is Gray Mountain (like White Forest and Black City), and plenty of references to Hoenn.

    Maybe we will get so see more of Cobalion, Terakion, and Virizion for the story, and possible Genesect, and the Kami trio as more important.

    Also, I really hope Zoroark, Haxorus, and any other Unova pokemon that was not before, is exclusive.

  13. I noticed that the electric web in front of the Chargestone Cave is gone… And it looks like the Desert Resort or whatever it is called in the upper left hand corner of the desert looks more…sand-covered, but that could just be the quality of the scan. To me it feels like there just isn’t enough space to have all 8 gyms and an elite four…

  14. Wow, im loving the stuff thats been revealed- its very intriguing and exciting, it really amkes you think about the order you do things cause the way the map is set out really reminds me of gen 2 kanto where you had to do things in a different order tahn gen 1 because of natural and unnatural blocks and stuff ala the ice glacier (if it really is in game and not just a promotional revealer tool) but my guess is..

    -Starting town
    -small town to the immediate north
    -poison gym city slightly again to the north (partially hidden by clouds in the map)
    -water gym city (the city on the coast looking towards castelia city and unity tower- further backed up by the screenshots below the water gym leader- they show him in a coastal town)

    After this i can think of two potential routes- heading to castelia or to driftveil..but i think it will be castelia so ill go that way

    -castelia city-gym 3 (accessed via the coastal town via the underwater route
    -Nimbassa city- gym 4 (accessed through the new desert route)
    -Driftveil City- gym 5 (accessed via draw bridge)- seems to have changed alot but the gym is still there but stuff seems to be happeneing here.
    -Mistralton city- gym 6 (accessed through chargestone cave)
    -Anville Town- (accessed though subway or new route from mistralton??)

    now it gets the most guessy…

    -Opelucid city- gym 7 (not sure how you get here though XD- but it aint frozen for a reason lus i think the kyurem story will play out from here since its a dragon gym and also the home of kyurem is close to it)

    I think this is when the ice will slowly defrost starting from the farthenmost points away from kyurem- im guessing teh area you travel first in bw thus over the skyarrow bridge we go..

    -Nacrene City- i think the gym may be closed for some reason (possibly because of the freezing causing havoc at the museum meaning the gym had to be closed while the artifacts and things are being saved) meaning you have to travel forward to the last gym..
    – striaton City- Gym 8- I think if cheren was to be a gym leader it would be here ( the triplets have vacated during the 2 year gap and now reside in eastern unova thus cheren is ur 8th gym leader)

    After getting the badge you learn that the ice is almost nearly all defrosted therefore you can travel to the league and challenge it…

    I think one of the triplets will be elite 4, along with maybe 1 other new member and 2 old ones… as for the champion i dont know- Bianca maybe? she was rumoured to become champion (another twist may be bianca was 8th gym leader and cheren will be champion??? u never know?)

    After the league the ice is all gone and unova is back to normal allowing you access to eastern unova where you may beet the triplets- cress just has to be in undella town lol, plus you can go to icirrus city which i think will be gymless due to the underground ice caves collapsing after the freeze or possibly as a latent aftermath of the dragonspiral tower fiasco in bw.
    Fron icirrus you can enter twist mountain which i think will be where you can battle the MC of BW similar to the red battle in gen 2.

    Anyway thats my main guess…i didnt coer some areas (such as the gap in the eastern mountain as i really dont have a clue- its very random?? but i think it may have something to do with the entralink?? but thats my ideas anyway :0 cant wait til june to see how it really plays out- hopefully pokemon smash might shed some more light on sunday.

    1. Oh, i want to change a bit actually, from closer look i think that you may handle kyurem after gym 6, if you look really close at that gap in the eastern mountain you can make out a plane so maybe you fly there after gym 6 and there is an opening in the cave so that is maybe where kyurem resides and you battle/catch it and the the ice begins melting…other than that my version stays maily the same XD

  15. they’ve changed the battle aesthetics A BIT, if you look closely at the scan of mareep battling eevee you can see grass on their battle platforms.

  16. Black and White are not colours, they are shades, therefore the researchers name fits in BW2 well by being “colourless”

    I believe they will change a lot (its a given that the first sequel will have many differences) but i dont think they will change all the gym leaders. What region would have all its powerful leaders replaced so easily in 2 years? Maybe some will still be fightable after you unfreeze the rest of the region in those areas? (im assuming after you catch the legendary kyurem that the areas will thaw out. And then you can get more badges like in GSC. I find that they should use more gym leaders than 8 anyways (gets a little boring after i beat the 8)

  17. What…

    I honestly think people are getting really confused over that stupid ice covering half of the map

    its pretty *obviously* apparent its not a part of the map at all, especially if you look at the bridge.
    If it *WERE* a part of the map it would follow the contours of the landscape and not sit there like a shitty copy paste job.

    Sorry for the language it just honestly baffles me how people could be duped by that ( even though its mostly corocoro’s fault for picking such an ambiguous way to cover the other half of the region)

    1. Further evidence:

      The ice on the mountains is done differently than the ice covering half of the region

      if it WERE a part of the map it’d be the same style as the icy glacial looking mountains, it wouldnt look transparent and watery. thats not in the style of the rest of the map.

      ( just to further squash that theory)

      1. I’m with you on that one, its could easily be misconstrude as part of the map but I completely agree, it doesn’t match the style of the map.

        The biggest give away though is that there are no contours to it at all. This would make sense if it was a birds eye view map but because its 3/4 view it is obvious (to me anyway) that its just being used as a device to hide the rest of the map until later (ala clouds in past generation maps).

      2. Well, that could be because it’s differet from the mountainn ice, and bigger.
        Considering the emphasis on the frozenness, and the fact that the version mascot is/are Kyurem, the ICE dragon, the fact that some areas are frozen is obviously an important plot point, and I doubt they’ll be accessible till post-game.

  18. My theory for Black and White Kyurem based on the info from the magazine.

    3/4 of Unova has been frozen….including Zekrom and Reshiram. After the main protagonist has defeated Team Plasma and restored order in Unova, he and his friends went on their seperate ways to fulfil their dreams. Cheren became a Gym Leader, Bianca became Prof. Juniper’s assistant, and Hilbert/Hilda went on to find new areas in Unova where they can improve their skills as trainer’s. While they were gone, members of Team Plasma started to come back together knowing that N and Hilbert/Hilda have disappeared, so they go into searching for the 3rd legendary dragon of the trio. Once they finally found Kyurem, they tried to control him which didn’t turn out so good and ended up using “Freeze World”/”Glaciate” to freeze over almost all of Unova. Unfortunately, N and Hilbert/Hilda were caught in the freeze over and got frozen…including Zekrom and Reshiram. When both trainers begin to thaw out, their Zekrom and Reshiram have both taken a frightening change in appearence and have been “fused” with Kyurem. Now that they are “fused” with Kyurem, they still hold the anger Kyurem had when he was attacked by Team Plasma and they go on a rampage across Unova. N and Hilbert/Hilda aren’t strong enough to control them since they’ve been frozen for so long and need your help in order to tame these 2 PKMN before they begin to freeze the rest of Unova until it’s only a giant glacier. But it wont be easy, Team Plasma are also after these new hybrid PKMN and want their new power for their own in order to continue Ghetis’s plan in liberating Pokemon.

    Another theory is that Kyurem has been attacked by Team Plasma and used “Freeze World/”Glaciate” to freeze over Unova. From using up all that energy to freeze so much land, Kyurem’s body ends up getting split into 3 different dragons. Years ago, Kyurem was formed from the combined energy of Reshiram and Zekrom (from the movie) and now that the energy has been split, the energy Reshiram gave transforms into a hybrid of Reshiram and Kyurem, same for Zekrom. The Pokemon go on a rampage and Team Plasma go across Unova trying to capture them for liberation uses.

    1. See my theory is that during the two years since zekrom an reshiram were captured there was nothing from stopping kyurem from fully taking over as in kyurem folklore when the main dragon that was zekrom an reshiram split kyurem was bannished for sinister deeds I guess that’s why It was sent to outer space where in BW it crashed back to earth where it’s been gathering strength in the great chasm now after the events of BW in BW2 kyurem now has expanded its cold to the rest of unova now that it has it’s strength back it reveals its true powers an reveals that it has the powers of both zekrom an reshiram but that could be where that new professor comes in he might be the cause of kyurem or know how to stop it

    2. …. Why would they honestly cover 3/4th of unova?

      it makes no sense!

      im not sure why its hard for people to tell that the ice is just decoration so corocoro can hide the rest of the map for next months issue.

      im honestly baffled by this, its NOT hard to get!

      1. I’m baffled at the fact that you haven’t read anything about whut the magazine says about the ice. When they added the clouds to previous region leaks, they didn’t say anything about the clouds being there, but with the ice, they have. The ice also goes along greatly with the fact that Kyurem is a main point of these sequels. Also, the ice is most likely blocking Nuvema Town which could be the reason why the new starting town/city is in southwest Unova with these new towns.

        Also, the clouds in past regions haven’t show small tidbits of the areas they’re covering. You can actually see some of the towns/cities lying softly in the ice if you look closely. The map in-game is obviously not gonna look like this CoroCoro map but I’m pretty positive it will be really damn close.

        1. lets use out creative noggins for a moment, put those thinking caps on kids

          the ice is a different style then the icy hills of the region

          you can *see* the underlying towns because the effect they sued to cover it up was transparentish, if it were really aprt of the map they wouldnt be transparent and would rather be more of an opaque looking ice

          just look at the BRIDGE WOULD YOU?????? ice would NOT look like that , its at a different perspective and it covers it awkwardly

          coro probably mad that comment for effect about the ice.

          the trainers are wearing bathign suits and light lookign clothe,s implying the region seems to be WARMER and not frozen

          if a glacial freeze of that scale did happen the surrounding area would be covered in snow

          the region would consist of about 5 or 6 towns if this were true

          *WHY* would corocoro release a *similar* map? this is for obstruction.

          im not sure WHY corocoro would make that weird comment it made, but judging by just LOOKING at it and using common sense, we can easily tell the ice doesnt belong. if it DID, things would look a lot different and it wouldnt look like some shitty overlayer.

          im not even really sure how to clarify it any further. honestly i blame the magazine for choosing such stupid wording and such a design like that.

          the one thing i CAN say is that the mountian on the right island seems to have a new city on top of it. thats as far as ice goes though.

          learn perspective people. also learn artistic creativity.

  19. Well the Striation Trio has to be out. At least from being gym leaders. That new water guy invalidates them completely. Also, the Shadow Triad thing seems to be becoming more evident.

    Drayden is probably focusing on being the mayor seeing as Opelucid is near the ice and he probably handed over the responsibility to Iris full time. Clay runs a mine and he and Elesa were respected in their towns and were probably the most important gym leaders in the game so they probably stay. Only problem is that Clay’s gym would be 3rd now instead of 5th.

    Burgh could also be depressed if the ice really did freeze his hometown (Nacrene City) and Pinwheel Forest (since he likes bug types) and could have quit and picked up being an artist full time to express himself or something. They’re just my 2 cents anyway.

  20. I’m a bit sad they haven’t changed the sprites, especially the back ones, so they aren’t pixelated

  21. Maybe the Gym leaders couldn’t focus on doing 2 jobs at once and let other people become leaders.Question: did they ever say what happened to N’s castle? Did it just disappear without anyone noticing? Maybe it disappeared to the place the new starting town came from…

  22. Okay, one thing which I think you’ve missed (and strangely I haven’t seen it metioned on serebii or bulbapedia or anywhere else)
    There seems to be a road or clearing on the far far west of the map, where it used to be general inaccessible forest stuff, going near Mistralton, possibly up to Anvill town.

    Just visited the official site and there is now a trailer for the game up! It shows gameplay footage and such, and also reveals that trainer’s battle sprites are animated! There’s also high quality pics of the frozen Unova map, as well as the new characters! 😀

      1. Videos of battles between B/W Kyurem and a Serperior. Displays the use of Freeze Bolt and Freeze Flare. The HP bar has been redesigned.

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