Focus On: BW2 CoroCoro Leaks

Hello guys, PokéJungle translator Kriffix here with some breakdowns of the CoroCoro leaks. Hit up the spoiler for the full article. Let’s begin!


Map differences. (Ozy will post an image soon to make it easier to understand, for now though I have just uploaded the maps separately down below).

1-The construction going through the desert connecting Castellia City to Nimbasa City is complete. There seems to be buildings with a very large one towards Nimbasa.

2-The Large white mountain to the right of the Extralink now has an area carved into its peak.

3-The moat around the Entralink has dissapeared and the Entree is either gone or very small. The bridges connecting to it in the center are now also gone.

4-Challengers cave is missing

5-The Cold storage seems to have been replaced with a large building, and the area to its left and upper left seems to resemble large holes.

6-The Unity tower is now visible on the map

7-The Lighthouse to the right of Driftveil city is now gone. It was useless and did nothing originally but perhaps now it is possible to surf the area it blocked?

Questions we must ask ourselves

1-The New Gym Leaders.
Two have been revealed and the existence of more is hinted in its wording. Do they replace the existing Gym leaders or do they reside in a new area of Unova (e.g off to the left of the map etc) or are they dotted in the newly built physically visible areas.  Up until now each time a gym leader has replaced another they have retained the gym’s original type, perhaps suggesting that these are all new gyms and badges.

With the lack of a professor we cannot help but wonder who will give the protagonist their starter Pokémon. Akuroma, the mysterious wandering researcher may well fill in this gap!
His name does not appear to be from any tree or plant as has been seen with previous professors, suggesting he is indeed perhaps just a researcher. If his name had this in common it would suggest almost 100% that he would give us our starters. His name may come from  “アクロマッティク”meaning ‘colourless’, containing neither black or white.

3-Hiougi City
In terms of cannon has it technically always been there in spirit or only just built over the last two years? Since the Protagonist and Rival are acquaintances from infancy it suggests it has been there a long time. Either that or they knew each other from  somewhere else before coincidentally both moving.

4-Significance of the Blue and Red building
CoroCoro states that;
“にぎやかな雰囲気の建物。青と赤のオブジェは何を意味している”?”A building with lively atmosphere. What is the significance of the Blue and Red object?” Is it a reference to Black Kyurem and White Kyurem’s second types (and cover secondary colours) or is it something more? Those determined that Hoenn will be in this game must be having a field day!

5-Where are the characters from two years ago now?
Has Cheren really become a Gym Leader? Have all the old Gym leaders REALLY disappeared to make room for the news ones? Will the protagonists of BW1 be a secret epic trainer at the end of the game? (ala red in Gold/Silver?) Perhaps a league Champion?

Though it is most likely, there has been no confirmation nor mention of the old Unova Starters returning. The picture of them in the corner of the scans is about a free pre-order gift and can be ignored.
Will we be experiencing a kind of Pokémon Yellow alternate starter/s?


So, what do you guys think?
Anything I missed that you want to add, just post  a comment and I’ll slap it up!