UPD: Site will *not* go down for a bit

UPD: Actually I will not be changing domain companies.  Got a good deal with GoDaddy.  Frankly, for domains I usually recommend 1and1 for domains [that link is an affiliate link, stating that for journalistic transparency] because of their prices and I’ve never had a problem with them.  Can’t speak about their hosting though, never tried it.  GoDaddy is really overpriced AND charges extra for other features.  Ridiculous.  </bitchingandmoaning>

  • Autumn Tournament continues!  Get in there and battle!  I’m doing super badly 🙁 I’m using my favorites, so no surprise that I’m not competing with OU teams.  Only Electross is EV trained 😡 Here’s my breakdown:
  • Electross
  • Leavanny
  • Archeops
  • Musharna
  • Darmanitan
  • Excadrill
  • New code for Japanese Rumble Blast games to be released on the 28th for Fire Boost Emboar 🙂
  • New Musical song for US Black/White games, code: NPMUSICAL
  • <3 pokejungle

    ps- Seems like this is now the most random post ever. Let’s discuss… THE FRIENDLY AUTUMN TOURNAMENT in the comments!

    1. At least you’ve participated in a battle, I haven’t even tried to battle yet… will do it soon… (trying to work out a v.good team to use) =P

    2. I’m not doing so well either… Out of 5 battles, I’ve won 2. I have EV trained Hydreigon, Serperior, and Scrafty, and I also have Zebstrika to use Thunder Wave because I don’t have my beloved Crobat to use Confuse Ray or Hypnosis. D:

    3. I’ve been having trouble even connecting, and if I do get on I’m left at the searching for battle for 5-10 minutes before I give up and leave. My little brother on the other hand has played a couple matches. He technically would be 3 and 1, but 2 of the people he’s beaten have disconnected before accepting the loss.

    4. im doing well so far. my team of excadrill, bravairy, liligant, samurott, darmanitan, and garvantula has got me 2 wins…but my 2nd win, the person got mad and turned of their game so i dont know if it was recorded. but other than that i like this tourney.

    5. Haha, my game can’t hook up to the internet. I have absolutely nothing to do with this Autumn Tournament. But if I were competing, I’d have to use my normal team; that is to say, I’d have to use the only team I’ve got well-trained, none of which are EV trained (because I don’t really… do that) consisting of Emboar, Swoobat, Seismitoad, Sawsbuck, Galvantula, and Haxorus. S-so I’d probably fail pretty quickly.

    6. as much work as i put into my choices for teams and as much as i enjoy working on them, some asshole with overused dragons and whatnot always sweeps my team. people who do that make me think they’re better suited to be on team galactic or team rocket since they only use them for straight-forward power and no real tactics or preferences to speak of. i would’ve entered had i thought that it wouldn’t be swarmed with those types.

      1. Yeah. I’m really hating Amoonguss w/ spore. My archeops w/ dragon claw has actually been pretty good for hydreigons and haxoruses…

    7. I’m not doing well either I won 1 out of 6. My only EV trained is Hydreigon because I was never a competitive battler so I just learned how to EV train over the summer (I was using Hydreigon as a test). And then there are the people where half they’re teams are legendary’s. I mean seriously if you are going to use legendary’s use one per battle not make ya whole team legendary’s with one normal pokemon. That’s what really irked me the most about this.

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