N’s Real Name [UPD]

“Natural Harmonia Gropius”, as revealed by the Japanese GameFreak blog

For those who are curious, click the ‘show’ button for a translation of the blog:

His real name is Natural Harmonia Gropius.

N derives from Natural Number.

N exceeds humans. His IQ is bizarrely high.

He excels at math enough to be called a wizard of mathematics. A total genius.

Quick-witted. He has extreme mood swings.

He can see the past and future of people.

There are rumours that he was born from a pokemon. (Parents are unknown.)

He loves pokemon, keeps distance from humans.

He believes he’s perfect.

His ideology is to always put pokemon first.

Since he’s so unexperienced , he’s been rejected by humans. Therefore, he has a very strong connection to Pokemon.



Definitely a bit weird, especially the whole ‘Pokemon gave birth to him’ part. :s Am I the only one who was thinking about a a Zoroark transforming into a human and uh…you know. 😡

<3 pokejungle

ps- Updating from my phone while riding the train to work. Damn these Saturday shifts ><