B&W EV Training – Pt.3: EV Boosting Items

Our wonderful moderator over at Mt. Moon, Kabutopzilla, has graciously written up a 5 part EV training guide for pokejungle!  Here is the third article in the series which focuses on the six items that can boost EVs you receive while battling wild pokemon.

I’ve been constantly hinting that there are EV “boosters”. Well, there are, and they are extremely useful. The most basic EV booster, the Macho Brace, effectively doubles any EVs you gain from each opponent. However, there are ones that are more tailored for each stat, and they are the Power Items.

Whereas you can receive the Macho Brace from some lonely dude on the road, you have to work for the Power Items. Each can only be obtained from the Battle Subway, with each costing 16 BP. That’s a total of 96 BP earned to get all of them. What the Power Items do is not double EV gain, but rather add 4 EVs to any base EV you would get without boosters. That means you get 5 EVs from whatever yields 1 normally, 6 for those whom yield 2, and 7 for 3-yielders. This substantially quickens the process of EV training.

Here is a list of the Power Items:

  • Power Weight: Trains HP
  • Power Bracer: Trains Attack
  • Power Belt: Trains Defense
  • Power Lens: Trains Special Attack
  • Power Band: Trains Special Defense
  • Power Anklet: Trains Speed

There is just one repercussion for the use of Power Items, and it only exists for as long as your Pokémon holds the item: it lowers Speed. Yes, even the Power Anklet lowers Speed. The Macho Brace does, too. Once you remove the item from your Pokémon, however, its Speed is restored.

The Power Items are also essential for passing down IVs (Individual Values) to offspring through breeding, but that’s for another lesson. Next up is PokéRus and the ‘ol standby medicines: Calcium, Iron, etc.