B&W EV Training – Pt.3: EV Boosting Items

Our wonderful moderator over at Mt. Moon, Kabutopzilla, has graciously written up a 5 part EV training guide for pokejungle!  Here is the third article in the series which focuses on the six items that can boost EVs you receive while battling wild pokemon.

I’ve been constantly hinting that there are EV “boosters”. Well, there are, and they are extremely useful. The most basic EV booster, the Macho Brace, effectively doubles any EVs you gain from each opponent. However, there are ones that are more tailored for each stat, and they are the Power Items.

Whereas you can receive the Macho Brace from some lonely dude on the road, you have to work for the Power Items. Each can only be obtained from the Battle Subway, with each costing 16 BP. That’s a total of 96 BP earned to get all of them. What the Power Items do is not double EV gain, but rather add 4 EVs to any base EV you would get without boosters. That means you get 5 EVs from whatever yields 1 normally, 6 for those whom yield 2, and 7 for 3-yielders. This substantially quickens the process of EV training.

Here is a list of the Power Items:

  • Power Weight: Trains HP
  • Power Bracer: Trains Attack
  • Power Belt: Trains Defense
  • Power Lens: Trains Special Attack
  • Power Band: Trains Special Defense
  • Power Anklet: Trains Speed

There is just one repercussion for the use of Power Items, and it only exists for as long as your Pokémon holds the item: it lowers Speed. Yes, even the Power Anklet lowers Speed. The Macho Brace does, too. Once you remove the item from your Pokémon, however, its Speed is restored.

The Power Items are also essential for passing down IVs (Individual Values) to offspring through breeding, but that’s for another lesson. Next up is PokéRus and the ‘ol standby medicines: Calcium, Iron, etc.

  1. You put the same intro as the second article did without changing it so that it introduces THIS article. “Here is the second article in the series, where to train your pokemon for EVs in Black and White!” is the second sentence in this article and it shouldn’t be.

    Also, when it says “For instance, if you earned Defense IVs while holding the Power Bracer, you get what you get with no boost.” (it should be EVs), does it mean that if my Pokemon held a Power Bracer and battled a Magikarp, it would recieve 4 Atk EVs and 1 Spd EV, or just 1 Spd Ev because the stats don’t match so the Bracer wouldn’t work?

    Also, POST ZERO!.

    1. If battling a Magikarp (1 Spe EV) whilst holding the Power Bracer, you get 1 Spe EV + 4 Atk EVs. The article isn’t written marvellously well and as such is hard to follow and quite ambiguous. 😐

      1. Your interpretations of the English language are honestly weird, at least different from mine. No offense. Unless you are trying to be picky.

        The user below understood perfectly, and it appears he is just starting to EV train. I assume you have been for a while (as well as first-poster), so assuming you understand the process so well, you have more of a tendency to pick at what is not relevant in a guide that reiterates knowledge already placed inside your head.

        Wait, I see what you mean. I don’t know what the heck was wrong with me, heh. Still, the user below got what I was trying to say immediately, and he is just starting out. So, the guide has to hold some merit, no?

    2. Also, at R S E FR LG: The IV thing (where it should be EVs) is totally my fault, and I take full responsibility for it. My brain must have been slightly wandering at the time.

      However, are you being facetious with most of that comment? I can’t really tell. You’re being too ambiguous (this comment would have worked better if it could fit with second-poster xD).

  2. Say if scraggy had the power (attack) with the pokerus, and defeated a patrat, would scraggy get 10 attack EV’s?

      1. Also, are there any other pokemon that yield sp.a ev’s apart from litwick(and are fairly easy to beat?)

        1. If you have White Version, then Petilil makes a great alternative, however it falls into the same tricky situation the Defense hives are in. Otherwise, Litwick is the easiest Pokémon to beat that yields Sp. Atk EVs and is found in abundance.

        2. Unfortunately, not many.

          I would like to note that both Litwick and Elgyem raise Sp. Attk. (by 1) and that they are the only Pokemon that appear in Celestial Tower, so you could go anywhere there. But, Elgyem may be slightly harder for lower level Pokemon to defeat, but not by too much. Other than that, there’s not many options, because most all of the other Sp. Attkers are easy to beat but have appearance rates of around 30% or they’re not found in the wild, pretty rare, or Legendary.

  3. I look at the other guides but i didn’t understand it, it’s complicated.
    What if i level up my pokemon normally and what if i train it with EV. What’s the difference?

    1. The stats will be substantially higher if you EV train specifically. If you don’t EV train, you’ll find it more difficult to win battles in general, at least in online matches.

        1. @jahu: Hey there!

          @Belmad: Yes you do. You get EVs from every Pokémon you defeat, not just from each trainer. Sole exceptions include Battle Frontier/Subway facilities and competitive multiplayer, because you don’t even get EXP in those battles. 🙂

  4. I’d put in the second article that the 3rd floor in the Litwick tower is the best place to train because of the doctor. Elgyem also gives out a SpA EV.

    I really don’t get why people think EVing is hard. EVing can be done in the matter of an hour by the time this series will be done. It’s really easy.

  5. I’m learning so much from these articles. EVs were so foreign to me, but now I think I could totally EV my Pokemon to perfection.

  6. If i had an Exp.share on a pokerus joltik and battled with my lvl 100 Emboar against a Petilil, does Joltik get 2 sp.attack EV’s?

    1. I was going to ask the same question and no one seems to have an answer for that either 🙁

    2. Yes, that would be correct. The Exp. Share in no way cuts down the EVs you gain. In that regard, it treats the holding Pokémon as though it participated. Further, IF your Emboar was not fully EV trained, your Joltik would STILL get 2 EVs from one Petilil, because the number of EVs a Pokémon yields is given each Pokémon participating, with no divisions. The only possible difference would be if one Pokémon was holding the Macho Brace or a Power Item for that stat, or had the PokéRus, whilst the other participant did not have these advantages, in which case the infected and/or EV-boosting item wielder would receive however many EVs the opponent yields modified by any applicable boosters, and the disadvantageous one would only receive the yield itself.

      In short, every one of your Pokémon that participates in defeating a single other Pokémon (Exp. Share wielders included) will receive AT LEAST the individual opponents’ EV yield (excluding Battle Frontier/Subway), and unlike Exp., EVs will NOT be divided based on how many Pokémon took part, largely because the maximum yield is 3 EVs total, and the game has no clear way to determine whether or not you used boosters (the equations do that for it) in order to make sharing EVs possible.

      So yeah. Have at it, that Joltik will get 2 Sp. Atk EVs (due to PokéRus) from every Petilil that Emboar defeats. However, force Joltik to fight the Petilils on its own and make it hold the Power Lens (trains Sp. Atk), and you’ll instead get 10 EVs per Petilil–if the Joltik is too weak, send it out first holding the Power Lens, then shove in your Lv. 100 beast and have it kill the thing for Joltik. Joltik will still get the extra EVs obtained through applicable boosters along with the base yield.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      1. And your “mentor” pokemon Would gain the regular EVs it would earn without the boost unless they are holding a boosting item

        1. Correct, unless the mentor is already EV trained, which isn’t uncommon. If the mentor had all 510 distributed, it wouldn’t receive anymore because it is maxed. In fact, it is highly recommended that a “mentor”, if one is needed, is of really high level (75+ is usually sufficient) and fully EV trained, knowing at least one move that assures a OHKO against whatever hive you’re facing. If you’re just now starting EV training, the mentor can be not trained in specific stats and still own because in-game opponents (especially wild Pokémon) are particularly easy. 🙂

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