We’re doing a little… construction here

Some fun changes are taking place over here at PJN which let our commentors do MORE with each other than just discuss back and forth.  I wanted to have a site that allowed a lot more user interaction and everything.  So this is the first step towards that realization!

Banner will get done tomorrow. Few other kinks to work out.  Too tired to go on x_x;  I do HIGHLY recommend you REGISTER if you want to be a part of our site.  Comments will never need a registered account though.  That is one of the key points to my belief in free speech on the internet, no accounts.  Extra features in our new site are worth signing up for though 🙂

Things I’m working on:

  • Comment replies indented
  • Drop-down menus re-enabled
  • If you can’t log in it means you must activate your account by clicking the link that’s sent to your email

<3 pokejungle

ps- First thing I’m doing after I walk up is put up a green theme.  Hmph.