PGL & Dream World: Short FAQ

I know many of you are having trouble with the Dream World right now, here are a few questions I’ve been seeing and a few more I added in.  Hopefully soon all the issues will be resolved and the server load will calm down so you can all enjoy access 😀  Here are 5 questions that a lot of people seem to be asking.  Find them in the spoiler~

[spoiler]Fennel tells me to wait 5 minutes for the registration to process, but I’ve been waiting forever!

Right now, this seems to be a common issue.  This is caused by server stress because of all the people trying to upload their game sync files and access them via the Dream World.  Unfortunately there’s no fix to this, so just refresh the page periodically to see if you can access it yet.  If it were me, I might try logging out and back in again, but I don’t know if it’d help.

The game says “Game Sync has run out of power […]”, what happened?

I believe the cause of this glitch is that the game thinks you’ve already put a pokemon to sleep for the day.  In the intro to the Dream World online site, Fennel says that due to the power that Game Sync takes, it can only be accessed so often (a fictional reason for Nintendo to limit access to the Dream World & its host of berries and pokemon).  There is nothing you can do but sigh angrily and wait until tomorrow, sorry 🙁

It’s the next day, but it says I have to wait X number of hours until I can play in the Dream World!

Unfortunately, the Dream World can only be accessed every 24 hours… thus the timer doesn’t reset per day, you have to wait until you left the Dream World the previous day.  Kind of sucks 🙁

How do I download the Eeveelution I won?

If you got an eeveelution from this game (hurry, go play it before time runs out!): Just sit tight for the moment.  Nintendo is not yet allowing us to download them yet so we’ll just wait until they officially announce it.

I want new furniture for my house, but I don’t have many berries

There is a house in Nacrene City that has a furniture designer in it.  If you fly to the PokéCenter (or walk :p) you need to go right to the third house.  First has door open, second has door closed, then there’s a road THEN there’s the house with the designer.  She’ll give you one new piece of furniture each day :3[/spoiler]

<3 pokejungle

ps- What have you caught in the Dream World?!

  1. I’ve had a run away oddish so far, and yesterday got a Hustle Nidoran M 🙂
    when are natures set for dream world mon?

  2. I have 2 PGL Accounts… 1 for white and one for black(which i will get soon- using fennels munna for now)
    I chose not to register both black and white on one PGL account coz then I would nly get one eeveelution…. i got Espeon for white and Vaporeon for black…
    so far white account-> RRules have got bellsprout and rattata(with iron tail =P)
    Black account-> Lucario001 and have got a lotad and ponyta =)…

        1. i know but the other day i was on the GTS just surfin & lookin @ leggies 4 some random reason… i had not idea wot made me go onto lapras lvl 91-100 and their was a shiny lapras and they wanted any level tepig… i traded my hatched tepig…. u never know what people would do pokejungle 😉

          1. yeh i know Daedardus but a pokemon is a pokemon to me… unless it’s clearly hacked like a shiny:reshiram,zekrom and victini…-_-

  3. I found half of the pokes in the first accessible area, bt only Bidoof and Surskit were female, so I chose Bidoof which has the ability Moody, giving it random stat ups xD

    1. Good choice. I have a Moody Bidoof and it kicks ass. Whereas Masquerain’s Dream World ability is… Unnerve. Eh.

      1. Why wouldn’t you keep a Rain Dish Surskit?
        Eviolite gives it 64 Def and 104 SpD.
        Plus it’s the only water/bug type.
        Timid (Focus Sash?) Hydro Pump, Struggle Bug/Signal Beam, Agility, Baton Pass.

        I’m half kidding because it’s still pretty terrible.

  4. Dream world is for little kiddies. I only play because I need some DW-pokemon.
    The real deal is the GBU. Finally every oppponent in ranked battles is a hefty challenge ^^

    1. yeah the mini games are crap and boring, but besides that I think it’s an interesting way of obtaining new abilities this whole dream world business xD

  5. I’m really anticipated about the Dream World/Global Link, but unfortunately it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to make a an account on… please help!

  6. No. It just never lets me log in. It keeps refreahing the screen or going to an access denied page on the pokemon website.

    1. Do you have the latest browser/flash updates? Try clearing your cache and cookies, maybe that will help too

    2. I’m having THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. 🙁
      I don’t know what I did to deserve this. ;___;
      I even went as far as creating several new accounts and seeing if that would work. :/

  7. What’s everyone rating and W/L streak?
    Mine is 1545+, played 5 battles of which I won 4. The fifth was an a****** who disconnect after I beat him with ease.

  8. Can’t do much on the DW besides the demo version. Not that I don’t have a game, I have black, but it won’t let me connect to my black game because the Game Synch ID is “already in use, please use a different ID”. This comes from the site losing my original account, making re-register, but keeping my GSID on file so I can no longer use my Black Game to go to the DW.

    1. I have that same problem! It’s so frustrating!! I had to make the accounts all over again and then it said that my game sync id was in use!! Is there anything I can do to be able to use the id? Or will I have to get a new game?

      1. My advice would be to go to the support link at the bottom. Then contact Nintendo describing your problem and perhaps they can de-activate your original account that had your Game Sync ID so that you can re-use it.

    1. There are only three logical reasons: 1) A hacker 2) A virus or 3) A virus. Try setting your computer’s date one day ahead, it worked for me!

  9. I got the “Game sync has run out of power”. It’s been two days. ;A; I’m trying to put in a question and see what answer they give me.
    Training my new Drilbur will have to keep me busy until all these bugs are solved. ‘OTL

      1. Go to the Pokemon Global Link page and go to the very bottom. It’ll have a link/button that says “How do I participate?” Click that and it will take you to the Pokemon Support Center. Then sign in and hit Ask a Question. Then you can complain to them. :p

        1. Oh it’s “How to Participate” I guess it doesn’t matter, but I felt like fixing it. :I

  10. I caught a Farfetch’d with Defiant.

    Am I the only one unable to figure out how to water plants? x_X

    1. At first I didn’t get it either. You can’t water them as soon as you plant them, and can only water them once when they are dry. Just click on the dry patch/dry growing plant and it will water them once (:

  11. I am so mad right now! It has been at least one day and myy DS says Game Sync still needs to recharge! Everytime I try to log on, does that make it 24 hours after THAT?!

    1. This happened to me and was getting on my nerves, then I realized that changing between my DSi and 3DS reset the count so you had to wait 24 hours from then… Is anybody here doing that? It could be the problem.

  12. Wow, that game might actually be worth it if it didn’t freeze up every 8 secs. I think I’ll just use an Action Replay, thanks.

    1. Heh me too but I keep checking DW to see which abilities are legit so far.

      At the moment that doesn’t include Shadow Tag Litwick, Drought Vulpix, Iron Fist Timburr, anything with Prankster/Pickpocket abilities, or starter Pokemon.

      Am I right in thinking a Swift Swim Poliwhirl will evolve into a Drizzle Politoed?
      (Sheer force Bagon > Overcoat Shelgon > Moxie Salamence, etc.)

      1. Vulpix is technically available. It was available in Japanese (Just really rare) and will be available in English in about a month. I don’t think anyone can get up enough points for it before then.

  13. Well, I got a silly moody bidoof, and not much else. My berry supply is running very low and all the guys I find want to play the game that uses a berry (and then you have to sacrifice a berry to actually get a pokemon “wish”?!) This shouldn’t be an issue for long… but still.
    And I’m going to try that free furniture house place

    1. if run low on berries, when it gets to 1 placeleft until the tree, return home then go back to the dream island and search for items/pokemon, repeat it until you get however many you want =P

  14. So I talked to the woman in the furniture place, but how do I get the actual furniture in my dream world?

  15. I am extremelly curious right now, so here is my question (I am so gonna regret this): is ANYONE gonna watch the premere of Pokemon Genesis? Anyone at all?

      1. If you are joking, ha ha very funny (sarcasim)! If you are serious, its the pokemon animae me and my sister are working on, and it will NOT look crudy! It will look official!

  16. update on the eeveeluion thing on the website!!!
    ->ends 5th May!
    ->Promotion to transfer them coming soon!

  17. This isn’t really related to anything, but there are several things pointing towads the “Wii HD”this E3, but releasing in 2012.
    1. Developers are already planning launch titles:
    2.Every nintendo console launches every 5 years, and the last console was released… 4 years ago:
    3.The E3 twitter account:

    1. We know that it’s coming but you should keep in mind not all rumors turn out to be true. The most obvious things are HD graphics and E3 2011 reveal. I do hope the controller is cheap if it has a touch-HD screen.

      1. It’s also supposed to have dual analog sticks. Screw being cheap. -_- In other news, I got $110 dollars today, so I’m buying portal 2. Woot!

        1. Lucky you. My gaming pc is getting old and acting strange and there have been some other problem so my pc gaming is on an all-time low.
          I’m now saving money and I’m going to work during the summer break. But I think I’m going to wait when the Ivy bridge series come out, so I have some time.

  18. yesterday,i got a nidoran(now a nidoking),its modest natured,and kicks butt. hope everyone gets to try the DW.

        1. Don’t mind it P4E. It was just a joke with a reference to a famous internet meme.

        1. That’s just my opinion,
          “I think” it’s just lame
          “I think” she’s just repeatig herself
          “I think” people those who don’t hear the resemblanceare just deaf.

  19. I was hoping with the release of the EU dream world they would release more areas.. but nope, and they didn’t fix the bugs! I am disappooint

  20. Hey PJ… in your opinion, do you think that the DW will ever drop the time limit? Like, if they had regional servers to help with the stress on the site, or something…

  21. Pokemon company got back to me, here is what they said:

    We are aware that the Game Sync “Out of Energy” message persisting beyond the expected 24 hour wait time is being experienced by a large number of users at this time.

    Please note that changing your system clock, or switching DS hardware can lead to this, and other Game Sync errors that we cannot provide assistance with.

    We have escalated a large number of Out of Energy issues to the PGL development team for investigation. As we receive updates, we will update the FAQ article found on our Support Site.

    To receive automatic updates to this issue, we recommend subscribing to the article by logging in, and clicking the subscribe link on the right hand side of the article.

    Thank you for your patience,

    Pokemon Support Team

    Can you believe it? The one thing I do to make it so I can play, makes it so I CANT!!!!

    1. One thing you do so you can play meaning manipulating your time in hopes of doing the DW multiple times in a day? :/ Of course they’d close a loophole like that.

    2. I found out that if you put your game into another ds system that resets the time. So you have to keep it in the same ds you got the game ID from. I’m pretty sure that was my problem since i kept putting it in my 3ds to play, then waiting and putting it back in my ds lite to try and game sync. So if you were switching it in different ds systems then keep it in the one you originally set it up with. And your suppose to then wait 48 hours for it to sync back up with the ds. Well I’m gonna just keep it in my ds lite and wait and hopefully this will solve it.

      1. actually its 24 hours you have to wait i was able to get on after getting my 3DS yesterday

        1. Ah. Well I was finally able to get on it today though. My problem was not saving before turning off the ds and waiting. *face palm*

  22. It wont let me sign in i keep entering my username and password but it keep going back to enter your username and need help and fast cuz im trying to get my espeon b4 tomorrow

  23. Ugh, it was all working fine, and now it redirects me to the page for registering for the Global Link, whether I’m logged in or not.

  24. Whooo! Finally got a DS and Wi-FI!!!!!!!!
    I found a Kangaskhan 😀 😀

    Any idea why the furniture lady isnt giving me furniture? Do I have to wake my pokemon up for that?

  25. ay guys just asking would anyone wanna a mienshao for a female oshawott( or any of it evolutions)

  26. I’ve caught a few:
    The first was a male Tangela, then I caught a female Farfetch’d, a female Lickitung, a male Stantler and a male Oddish.

  27. I haven’t even been able to get into dream world at all because every time i try to use game sync it says it’s out of energy and needs to recharge, but i’ve never even been able to tuck in a pokemon, so how could it need to recharge if i’ve never even used it before? Does anyone know how to fix this?

    1. Usually it happens for one of two reasons:
      1) You keep changing the time on your DS’s clock
      2) You use the game with multiple DS’s.

      Both of these will cause game Sync to be out of energy. Hope that helped!

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