PGL & Dream World: Short FAQ

I know many of you are having trouble with the Dream World right now, here are a few questions I’ve been seeing and a few more I added in.  Hopefully soon all the issues will be resolved and the server load will calm down so you can all enjoy access 😀  Here are 5 questions that a lot of people seem to be asking.  Find them in the spoiler~

[spoiler]Fennel tells me to wait 5 minutes for the registration to process, but I’ve been waiting forever!

Right now, this seems to be a common issue.  This is caused by server stress because of all the people trying to upload their game sync files and access them via the Dream World.  Unfortunately there’s no fix to this, so just refresh the page periodically to see if you can access it yet.  If it were me, I might try logging out and back in again, but I don’t know if it’d help.

The game says “Game Sync has run out of power […]”, what happened?

I believe the cause of this glitch is that the game thinks you’ve already put a pokemon to sleep for the day.  In the intro to the Dream World online site, Fennel says that due to the power that Game Sync takes, it can only be accessed so often (a fictional reason for Nintendo to limit access to the Dream World & its host of berries and pokemon).  There is nothing you can do but sigh angrily and wait until tomorrow, sorry 🙁

It’s the next day, but it says I have to wait X number of hours until I can play in the Dream World!

Unfortunately, the Dream World can only be accessed every 24 hours… thus the timer doesn’t reset per day, you have to wait until you left the Dream World the previous day.  Kind of sucks 🙁

How do I download the Eeveelution I won?

If you got an eeveelution from this game (hurry, go play it before time runs out!): Just sit tight for the moment.  Nintendo is not yet allowing us to download them yet so we’ll just wait until they officially announce it.

I want new furniture for my house, but I don’t have many berries

There is a house in Nacrene City that has a furniture designer in it.  If you fly to the PokéCenter (or walk :p) you need to go right to the third house.  First has door open, second has door closed, then there’s a road THEN there’s the house with the designer.  She’ll give you one new piece of furniture each day :3[/spoiler]

<3 pokejungle

ps- What have you caught in the Dream World?!