Mystery Egg Download Event Detailed

You all may remember the Japanese even that allowed players to download a “Mystery Egg” which would hatch into one of three pokemon: Ash’s Pidove, Cilan’s Pansage, or Iris’s Axew.  In America the event will be held at Toys ‘R Us on April 27th to correspond with a new TCG expansion releasing.

Anyone else think these 3 pokemon are NOT worth the gas it’d take to go to Toys ‘r Us?  :p

<3 pokejungle

  1. Second! Definatly not worth it! We dont have a car so I would have to walk and there aren’t any ToysRus near me! Also, I wanna make the best pokemon team ever, to do so, I need the answer to this question: How high can a pokemon’s HP get? (need an exact number)

      1. Also, in my opinions, a blissey witha characteristics of: Loves to eat, Often Dozes off, Often scatters things, Scatters things often or Like to relax. For a nature, as blissye is a sp.d wall and it is a main sp.a, the best nature for it would either be: Modest( up sp.a, down A) or Calm( up sp.d. down A)
        Hope this helps =)

        1. Don’t go by characteristics alone, just check IV’s. And scatters things often is for attack, which you don’t care about.

          And sometimes, you’ll want defence, otherwise it gets OHKO’ed by a Physical fighting attack.

          1. Thanks everyone! But Blissly was not in my team. The pokemon I need the answer for are: Torterra, Emboar, Swampert, Elektross, Zekrom, Tyranitar.

        2. well fair enough MAG19856 these are their HP stats (btw these are at lvl 100)
          Torterra: 300 – 394
          Emboar: 330 – 424
          Swampert: 310 – 404
          Eelektross: 280 – 374
          Zekrom: 310 – 404
          Tyranitar: 310 – 404
          Hope THIS helps! 😉

    1. A Blissey has a Base Stat of 255, with 31 IV’s and 252 EV she has a whopping 714 HP.

  2. Honestly, I’m more interested in the blister packs they say they’ll have for the event. XD

  3. Lucky for me a Toys-r-us is a block away from where I work so Its no trouble for me to pick one up. Hopefully I dont get stuck with Pidove-Id be happy for the Axew or Pansage. Remember these pokemon will have a maxed out IV(at least thats how the Japanese event worked) when they hatch so there a little better than usual. Sure there not worth traveling long distances to, but if you happen to be near a toys r us they are worth it.

    1. The nearest Toy’s “R” Us is about 1 and half hours from my house ;_;… but there are plenty of Gamestops ^^
      So not worth it >_>

    2. Did you say maxed IV´s? O.o
      Yes please!! No more over-breeding!! Totally worth it!! 😀
      (Atleast for Axew…)

  4. I always pass by a Toys ‘R’ Us. I don’t think it’s worht getting out of your way though. Unless you really want a Pidove, Axew, or Pansage. Im only going to go so I can buy some 3DS games 🙂

  5. All I’d have to do is take the train to Manhattan. With all these fare hikes, though, SO not worth it. I have 2/3 of those anyway lol

    Should have been Wi-Fi universally.

  6. As I live in the UK… In my opinion it’s sooo not worth it.
    I hope that they do what they did with the three beast her… do it over wi-fi… i guess I would go to Toysrus but only coz I live like 15 mins away and I can take the bus… Which is free for me… rather get the scraggy one… 😉
    Can;t wait for DW 2morrow… gunna be mental!!!

  7. Lol this is so shit. Imagine if there was no anime and they instead made an egg event with actually interesting pokes with useful moves they wouldnt get otherwise.

  8. Sorry, but in my opinion, a free (excluding gas of course) 31 IV in a stat is worth it. In gen V, if you breed that pokemon (male or female) with the power item of the corresponding stat, then that IV automatically gets passed down to the baby. And pidove has 31 in speed, axew has 31 in attack, and pansage has 31 in something else that could be useful, but not as useful as the other two. Meh.

    1. It’s so easy to get high IV’s though. Just catch loads of Dittos, and you can pass IV’s to anything.

  9. Eh. IMO the Axew is the only one that would be worth it and I got the Japanese equivalent over the GTS already. It’s a level 100 fully EV-trained Haxorus, btw, and it is awesome.

    That said, trying to get another of said Axew wouldn’t be a bad idea…

  10. Well I wouldn’t travel all across the world to America for an Arceus… yeah I’m not heading there for a Pidove.

    What’s the farthest someone has travelled to get to an event? Has anyone ever went to another country?

    1. The farthest I’ve gone for an event would be about 10 minutes from my house to the Gamestop next to our grocery store that we go to all the time. xp

    2. I’ve only ever stayed within my county in England. But I did buy expensive(ish) train tickets to get Celebi from the opposite side of the county (and go shopping too lol)

  11. I tucked in my Archeops~. The flash file froze when i returned to my house after catching a pokemon…orz . That wasted thirty minutes of my hour, and then it froze on the ‘your time is up’ screen orz.

  12. Yeah, it finally processed my Pokemon through. I didn’t even use an hour, I pretty much stopped when I got my female Moody Bidoof. I could have taken Female Cloud Nine Lickitung, but Bidoof is way better. It’ll take me ages to get to the next area though.

  13. now that this is up, does anyone know how to transfer the eeveelutions to the DS? ._.

    1. I think, whn u hook up ur game with the site, the eeveelution will be in the friend board???? (just a guess)

  14. ok,i tucked in my serperior,but i cant enter the dream world. every time it says something about registration data,and it tells me to wait 5 minuets. i tryed it last night and it didnt work. i tryed this morning,didnt work. if anyone knows how to fix this,please let me know soon.i really want to use the dream world.

  15. i need help. i tucked in my serperior,but i cant access the dream world. it keeps saying something about registration and waiting 5 minuets. i need to know how to fix this. i tryed to go to the dream world last night,but its the same thing. please help me if you can.

  16. I’ll go since I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to TRU anyway (I’m a big transformers fan too). But I’ll probably just get two eggs, hatch them and never use them, Unless they are shiny or something which I don’t even think they can be.

  17. Their only one good pokemon in the group cilan’s pansage but make it an cilan’s simisage

  18. Their only one good pokemon in the group cilan’s pansage but make it an cilan’s simisage

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