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Picture…unrelated. But it did make me chortle outloud so I thought it was worth sharing. 😛

Sorry for the delay on the latest ‘Focus On’, seems all the staffers are having family troubles this week. :l But we promise it’ll be up by the end of the week!So in the mean time, let’s get some discussion going in the comments! Is anybody else finding Pokemon Black and White (Dare I say) boring now? I find the after game extremely, extremely boring. :/ I’ve gotten to the point where I put down the game after 5 minutes of contemplating what to do in the game. Dx After all that pre-release giddy-ness I didn’t even think it was possible for me to resist that much! Anybody else feeling this way? Just curious…smack your opinions in the comment section!

Also since the holidays are coming up, answer these questions in the comments:

  1. What would be the most appropriate Pokemon you could get for Christmas?
  2. If PJN were to give you a Pokemon for Christmas what would you want?

Check back soon for that ‘Focus On: Bug-types’! And remember we have that ‘Focus On’ about Gym Leaders coming up right after the ‘Focus On: Pokemon Types’ are done!

peace and love– ozymandis

  1. What would be the most appropriate Pokemon you could get for Christmas?
    – Desukan! Nothing say’s christmas cheer like the undead. 😀
    If PJN were to give you a Pokemon for Christmas what would you want?
    – Since I already have a Desukan….you can give me a Numel and a Roselia. My dad likes gardening so he’d get on well with a Roselia….and Numel is one of my favourite pokemon.

  2. Pokémon’s after game is always boring if you aren’t into competitive play.
    You catch the legendaries, and if you’re willing to commit yourself to it, you can try to master the Battle Frontier/Subway…

    As of pokémon for Christmas, I’d say Hitomoshi, because it’s… a candle… so it’s kinda Christmassy without being too obvious (like Delibird)

  3. i agree about the post-game stuff… i’ve already done all there is to do without wifi available to the game (for one reason or another) or cheating , so i really don’t know what to make of it now. and i won’t be “catching them all” until the english release. lol

  4. Question #1: I would want to get Glalie since he is a awesome ice type pokemon and one of my favorites. and would be perfect for Christmass seeing as his horns could help with stockings.
    Question #2: I would want a Chimchar since Chimchar and his evolution line were my favorite of the 4th gen, if chimchar doesn’t work then i want Pigma(Pokabu)
    And as for Black and White, i really wouldn’t say its boring seeing as it just came out and remember about the event pokemon that have events we haven’t met with yet, and plus remember that secret location(the tower) some user found, we still need some more info on that 🙂

    1. I do have hope for some of the events, but because there’s only 2 more event Pokemon left, they kinda need to stretch it out for the next year until Pokemon Grey comes out.
      Well probably a little less than a year.

      So I’m thinking most of the events will be random Pokemon with a different ability or a special move or something.
      Kinda like this Kumashun event..except nothing is special about it. DDDx

  5. Well…
    1) a shiny delebird with magic guard, and rapid spin/sky attack/fire spin/present
    2) the event celebi that gets you zorua, or the event shiny beasts that get you zoroark. Or just a celebi <3

  6. if you are out of ideas why don’t you make a focus on about player characters and rival from the main games(fire red/leaf green,ruby/sapphire/emerald,diamond/pearl/platinum,heart gold/soul silver,black/white)
    what do you say?wait answer

      1. i think that would be interesting, also to see how the character styles and stuff have changed

        gen 1 was just guy in red clothing with red cap
        gen 2 in my opinion the coolest looking character…. the awesome yellow/black cap guy
        gen 3 was the guy with the bandana who actually looked kinda cool even though he had a bandana
        gen 4 was…. umm….. oh right nothing very special about that design kinda like a different take one the first one maybeee? with blue clothing instead of red one but still a red hat no?
        gen 5 weirdass hair dude who looks retarded as sprite…. i think his character art is so amazing but the sprite makes his head just look sooo BIG AND FREAKY

        i feel like overall Game Freak isn’t giving any of the players enough personality except your rival in the first game. Also, why not include multiple male and multiple female characters to personalize kinda?
        i mean when you do the high link you get to choose a different sprite, but all the trainer types are such extremes that you feel kinda stupid playing as a character like that. If they included more than one player sprite per sex you could be more individual
        i mean creating your own character would be good but won’t work since the game is sprite-based so why not choose?
        Also, i loved the part in Gold/silver/HeartGold/SoulSilver where you battle red from the first game because he is so badass there and it brings back memories
        i wish they included all characters from former games in the game somewhere as special battles 🙁
        anyway sorry for writing this much 😛

  7. I agree with masterm, focusing on the player characters (even if it’d mainly be design based) would be a good idea. You could always cover new b/w features, like graphics, musicals and music 🙂

  8. That is sooooo, …!(the cstrip)

    Now about the question on boredom…
    I have no idea. I haven’t played the game,yet.

    On holiday season…
    All I can think of is Delibird, or Stantler, or Abomasnow, or Mebukijika-w.
    Gift from PJN? IDK. What if he doesn’t have it?

  9. Since I haven’t played BW yet, I’d have no clue. I’d probably practice RNG. Why not train for VGC’s Ozy, you could go in Japan for your winter break maybe.

    1. Well, I think of a Female, Winter Mebujika
    2. It’d be cool if we got an under appreciated ice type.

  10. I still haven’t gotten passed the 7th gym. Yeah, I’m playing the rom… which is slow. -_-

    The perfect pokemon for christmas would have to be a shiny member of the Dragonite family. 🙂 Shiny Dragonite reminds me of Christmas trees! (Just wanted to pick something a little less obvious)
    Uh, Arceus or the Zorua unlocking Celebii. 🙂

  11. What would I want for a pokemon for christmas? Zorua <3 My favorite pokemon of all time. I love its colors, and it really doesn't seem that dangerous, even though it can be

    If PJN could give me a pokemon for christmas? I would want something like a shiny or regular Burmy or a zorua <3

  12. 1. I think Shimama is most appropriate for Christmas
    2. Imma get Marakachi from you.

    I’LL SHUT UP NOW!!! and watch MAD on Cartoon Network Mondays at 8:45 PM.

    1. I used to watch MADtv with my sister when we’d babysit our two youngest sisters. Fun days…

  13. yay for bug type focus on coming up.
    and a pokemon i would want for christmas by far eevee
    pokemon from PJ any ice type

  14. well,first,im here to say hi,and im not dead(sry for not commenting for a while:( ) now,for me,if i could get a free pokemon of my choice,i would say,first of all,tsutarja with its dream world ability,or a pikachu with its dream world ability,or a timid natured,non-trained victini

    for me, reshiram kinda represents christmas,cause of the flames,but the shiny version of reshiram kinda does more better flames,purple flames(yes, i own a fully trained,modest natured,shiny reshiram)

    and to finish this,i have had one of the greatest days of my life today,why u ask?well,im not kidding around,but the girl of my dreams touched my butt a little while i was in the snack line at school today,and i loved it,iv been waiting almost five years for her,and it was such a good day,i thought i would let you all know(sry if u didnt like reading that,but,was definantly worth sharing) :):):)

    1. You’re not dead? Darn!

      Why are you apologizing for not commenting in awhile? It was great not having you here! pokejungle is better off without your weird comments. And basically you’re saying fire represents Christmas? Well I can see candles symbolizing Christmas, but a giant fire dragon? Not very Christmassy…

      Oh, and another thing, your third paragraph was quite disturbing. First off, you sound like you’re 8 or 9 years old (which you just might be), and your talking about (basically) getting horny from a girl touching your butt? What the heck??? I mean, seriously, that’s just plain weird. I’m guessing you never talk to her, and that’s why you’re so happy and overjoyed she “touched your butt”. Ugh, what you wrote was just all kinds of wrong. And it was definitely not worth sharing…plus no one asked you why your day was so great. So please, please keep your sick little fantasies to yourself.

        1. Sorry, I would have to disagree there, and so would the majority of the people on this website. I’m not being mean, I’m just saying people don’t want to hear about that kinda stuff. I have my opinion and you have yours.

      1. ur a big a-hole….dont be hating on me,and my comments are not weird,ur weird,and by the way im 13 years old, u d*&k

        1. that last comment was for u sunmoonstar guy,not to be mean,what kind of name is that,at least mine is logical,involving my favorite starter

        2. And your a really immature freak. And don’t say ‘not trying to be mean” when you have the full intent of making a “mean” or rude comment to me.

          Sun Moon Stars is both a song I like by the awesome rapper Mos Def and a persona taken by him in the fictional world of Gorillaz, an amazing band that combines all sorts of musical genres, including alternative rock, hip-hop, electronic, reggae, punk, dub, classical, and many more. Yeah, sure, mines not logical at all…tsutarja fan isn’t even the least bit original. It’s plain, boring and involves a pokemon I don’t particularly care for. But I’m not here to argue about usernames.

          And getting a girl? Are you serious bro? I’ve had a few girlfriends, but to me that stuff doesn’t really matter. I’ve got plenty of friends who are girls. The way you wrote that creepy paragraph made you come off as a shy loser who never talks to girls. And she’s not like your girlfriend all of a sudden cuz she touched your butt (ugh my stomach gets queasy every time I think about it), so how is she your girl? Really, though, I could care less. Your just a little ignorant kid, and there’s no use arguing with you.

          1. ………this is the most retarded fight i’ve ever read
            oh and please just note, not all 13 year olds are like this, this is just a bad example

  15. I think Sudowoodo would (wood :)) be a good Christmas Pokemon, because he looks like a tree, and witha litle tinsel, lights and ornaments you have a pretty cool-looking Christmas tree. Delibird and Stantler of course, b/c Delibird is based on Santa, and Stantler is the “reindeer” who pulls Santa’s sleigh (Mebukijika would work too). Metapod, Luvdisc, Voltorb, Combee, Qwilfish and Castform all remind me of different Christmas ornaments, so I guess they could work maybe? Oh, and Mime Jr. looks alot like an elf, so he could work! Also, Bellossom reminds me of mistletoe, so that would work too! Oh man, it seems alot of Pokemon remind me of Christmas 🙂

    P.S. Baltoy reminds me of a dreidel, but he would fit into Hannukah, not Christmas.

  16. 1. metagross, because of a scientific theory on how santa (if he exists) can deliver presents across the world, anyone wants a link here it is http.www.snopes.com/holidays/christmas
    2. mew, this because both gamefreak and the makers of anime wanted to end it back in 1999, with mewtwo strikes back going to be the only movie, so mew can be given out as the originally to be last pokemon ever.

    1. So…how could Metagross be related Christmas…?? And your second part about Mew…yeah…didn’t really understand it :/

  17. I want a new wii game to come out. Also I would want chingling for cristmas and kojondo for my present.

  18. The pre-emptive hype that surrounded the release of B/W got me quite reared up and ready for the game. It came out and I played it as any normal person does. But now that I’ve beat it several times, I’ve lost interest and find myself returning to Soul Silver and Platinum. In time, when it has an official english version, I will buy the game again to play it, and allow me to understand what is going on. But with that comes the silence that occurs once the game is beat.

  19. Smugleaf Fan, A GIRL TOUCHED YOUR BUTTOCKS!!!, if you did pull your pants down when she touched your buttocks, don’t tell me, i do not wanna know. BUT WHY DID YOU ADD THAT RIDICULOUS COMMENT ON HERE!?!?!

  20. also,forgot to say,i found out what my power animal is(for those of u who dont know what a power animal is,its a spirit of a animal the is in everyone,always different,and can give u power to do many things)mine is a cat:) ,wish i had a snake(for tsutarja)or a killer whale,or a coon,but a cat was my 4th favorite,so i love it.and no,this comment is not weird,sunmoonstar or spencer,not trying to be mean,but deal with it

  21. 1.) Chingling!~ ^^
    2.) Either an event Dog or an event Celebi, so that I can get Zorua/Zoroark in White when it’s released in the US, please and thank you. :>


  22. Delibird would have to be the most appropriate.

    If I were to get a poke, it would definitely have to be a Mareep. <3

  23. I think the following are appropriate lol i love all ice types 😀
    1. Delibird
    2. Snover
    3. Sneasel
    4. Snorunt
    5. kumasyun

  24. the Comic is hilarious!

    Pokémon Black/White boring?
    Maybe a little. I beat the storyline and I have nothing to do because I don’t understand Japanese, but I finally managed to get into the Dream World website just a few days ago

  25. Magikarp! Magikarp is appropriate for all (happy) occasions.
    (They’d probably work for the not-so-happy ones too, but I don’t think they’d be as effective)

  26. What would be the most appropriate Pokemon you could get for Christmas?
    -Well, uhm… a Hitomoshi, becaus he is extremely cute, and a candle (wait, candles are part of Christmas, right?)!

    If PJN were to give you a Pokemon for Christmas what would you want?
    I’d love to have my own Mudkip, ’cause i liek Mudkipz.

  27. Hmmm.. I’d like a hitomoshi for Chanukah and a snover for Christmas

    How ’bout some zorua eggs as a gift from pj XD

  28. The comic is so funny. People ask me that question everyday, just not when I’m in the bed.

    1.What would be the most appropriate Pokemon you could get for Christmas?
    Okey the appropriate pokemon that I would get for Chritmas would be a Sakoth. Mainly because I’m a very lazy person yet I have lots of power in reserve.

    2.If PJN were to give you a Pokemon for Christmas what would you want?
    I would like a Dratini it’s so whimsical.

    ps. does anyone agree that the season should have been weekly instead of monthly.

  29. Where did you get the comic strip at? Also for christmass i would like to get darkrai seeing he’s the only pokemon i dont have. P.S. same with celebi but will get him soon since event will be coming, hopefully.

  30. Black and White have been a major disappointment on the gameplay part. Love the new pokémon and the new region, but the story is boring and linear, and there’s nothing to do after beating the game. It has almost 0 replay value.

    I too have gone back to Platinum which in my opinion is a far superior game. I’m really hoping that events will unlock new areas or storylines in the future, although I’m not holding my breath.

    What I do now is play random wifi battle (man those japanese kids are tough!) and sometimes dream world. Although this last one doesn’t really have much to do in it anyway.

    1. Yhea, replay value is something pokemon should work on more. I have a suggestion, but I don’t think it would help much with replay value.

      Anyways I was thinking that It would be cool if the future pokemon games could have two or three save files. Especially since the new games are visually different and I’m assuming that future games will have even more differences. You could have a whole new experience on the other version. However this would be a bad market strategy, because people would just play a file from a friend who bought the other version. Pokemon needs more replay value concerning the adventure aspect of the games!

  31. I think Ditto would be appropriate for Christmas because you could ask it to morph into whatever decoration you wanted. 🙂

    And I would like a Dunsparce from PJ please. 🙂

  32. 1) the most appropriate pokemon i could get for christmas would be… Cyndaquil! well if i was 10 lol and starting my pokemon adventures 😛 but most appropriate would be Delibird, since hes… like Santa & the Stork’s lovechild
    2) PJN giving ME a POKEMON!?!?! omgomgomg id pick… Squirtle. Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, or a piplup will do lol 😀

  33. 1. probably a snorunt would be practicle for the holidays he could make me a snow board out of ice 😀
    2. if you wree to give me a pokemon hm…..krikizan. because they are awsome. (and I liked it before it was cool too)

  34. And now the top 10 Pokemon appropriate for Christmas.

    10: Snorunt
    9: Snover
    8: Furiijo
    7: Bronzor
    6: Kyurem
    5: Munchlax
    4: Azurill
    3: Hatoopoo
    2: Swinub
    and # 1: Kumasyun

  35. What I’d love for Pokemon gifts would be be these three-
    1. Rotom (4th gen only two real weaknesses, 5th- many weaknesses.)
    2. Darumakka (Daruma Mode)
    and 3. Cyndaquil for my Starter.

  36. All pokemon games are boring after you beat the original mission, but that’s when you just erase your data & start over again

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