Happy Halloween~ :3 + Sadness :(

Any plans for tonight?  I think I’ll be handing out candy at my mom’s house with a friend.  All dressed up in costume of course :3  Maybe kick back a few drinks 😉  Just thought we could have a fun HALLOWEEN discussion today!

Otherwise I have the Bug and Grass ‘Focus On’ articles to put up which will finish that 🙁  The staff and I have decided however that we’re going to continue on with that series, but this time take a look at Isshu’s Gym Leaders!  After that, who knows?  Maybe regions?  Suggestions appreciated 😀

In other news: R.I.P Takeshi Shudo. For those who don’t know, he basically created the Anime and the first few movies. Dear Shudo, you’re the reason I woke up early every Saturday morning to watch Pokemon when I was younger. ozy tries to use Resurrection, it’s not very effective… 🙁

<3 pokejungle

ps- Be safe tonight!