Happy Halloween~ :3 + Sadness :(

Any plans for tonight?  I think I’ll be handing out candy at my mom’s house with a friend.  All dressed up in costume of course :3  Maybe kick back a few drinks 😉  Just thought we could have a fun HALLOWEEN discussion today!

Otherwise I have the Bug and Grass ‘Focus On’ articles to put up which will finish that 🙁  The staff and I have decided however that we’re going to continue on with that series, but this time take a look at Isshu’s Gym Leaders!  After that, who knows?  Maybe regions?  Suggestions appreciated 😀

In other news: R.I.P Takeshi Shudo. For those who don’t know, he basically created the Anime and the first few movies. Dear Shudo, you’re the reason I woke up early every Saturday morning to watch Pokemon when I was younger. ozy tries to use Resurrection, it’s not very effective… 🙁

<3 pokejungle

ps- Be safe tonight!

  1. maybe focus on team plasma and talk about all the different battles with them. Sorry if thats stupid

  2. Awww, if you do Gym Leaders, I’ll have to stay away for a while. I’m avoiding spoilers. 🙁

  3. Maybe telling us where to find each pokemon and how rare it is to find it? Or does serebii do that? Oh and post new sugimori as soon as its available!

          1. I think Ami may want details such as:

            ~ Address
            ~ Phone Number
            ~ Star Sign
            ~ What you had for breakfast this morning
            ~ What colour underwear you own

          2. @Sponge

            -Singapore (that’s as close as you’re gonna get. :P)
            -Uhh..I actually don’t know it yet. xD;;;
            -Um…taiyaki, leftover pizza, some rice and Ko Ko Krunch. 😀
            -Depends on the day, today it was Calvin and Klein, grey-ish blue with white trim. 🙂 Tomorrow I’m feeling like wearing my tye-dye ones. 😀

  4. Hmm. ^^; Well, you could do Focus on: The Anime. 😛 But that’d most likely be bash city until Best Wishes, so maybe not. The different regions would be cool. Or ALL the Gym Leaders, starting with Brock.

    LOL, we got trick or treaters yesterday. Darn overly religious people can’t even CELEBRATE on a Sunday. (Hazard of where I live, I guess. :/ )

  5. I really enjoyed the Focus On type series. I wouldn’t be opposed to Gym Leader Focus On, aslong as it doesn’t reveal too much plotwise. Then again, how about a focus on each regional villian team (Snagem and Cipher/Ranger games included). Ofcourse this would reveal Plasma plot things to people who may not want to see it.
    Thats all that I can think of for now, maybe a Focus On which details things like EV’s and IV’s and how to get them and train Pokemon for them, aswell as breeding for moves and abilities. I know such guides exist already on other sites, but I think Pokejungle has a large audience now which will be made up of some first time Pokemon website visitors. Im sure it will be easier to understand coming from you guys.

    1. For know, we’re going to focus on Gen V. 🙂
      But we might go back and focus on the ranger games and such. 😀
      But that being said, PJ is doing a review on Guardian Signs. xP

    1. W’ere doing the elite four as well. 8D
      That just kinda naturally ties in with the Gym Leaders. 🙂

  6. Well, I’m going as mudkip of course 😀
    And it might take some work, but I’d say the next series should be Focus On: Battle Strategies, for the new pokes of course.
    Ex. Offensive: (the dragon horn guy)
    Defensive/ Stall: (the ghost jellyfish)
    But the point would be to try to categorize guys like Maggyo, the Electric Eel, and the Fire Pig, among others, that people quite honestly don’t know what to do with! Lol

    1. If you guys go this route, Daigo has to do this since he’s a) the best writer, and most importantly b) the only one who knows anything about competitive battling on the staff.

      1. I’m not seeing how the whole competitive aspect to Pokemon would really tie in with routes though. O.o

        1. o0;

          You okay, Ozy? By route, I meant like…if you guys decide to do articles on competitive aspects. Ha.

          1. Ohhhh my badd. ^^;
            I was thinking like “This is how you get through the Route” type of thing. xD;;;;
            Pay no attention to the idiot behind the curtain. 😛

        1. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t understand what different roles on a team are, let alone know what IV’s, EV’s, Hidden Power variations, etc are.

          1. Why would you be surprised if you already think heaps of people don’t know what they are?

  7. you could do focus on pokemon that are based on things. ex: pikachu is based on a mouse so that would go on the mammal focus on:)

    ps. im gonna be a pregnant man:P

  8. could you edit all the focus on posts to show moving sprites please? that would be awesome and maybe do a focus on series on towns/ locations throughout isshu that would be cool…

    1. I’ve edited majority of the past ones so they have animated sprites, but we still don’t have all the animated sprites for each pokemon. 🙁

  9. do cities and towns!!!!!!! i will kill myself if yu dont do it!!! (well not really. i love myself:))

  10. focus on cities! especially the ones after the elite four cause i can’t find anything on the internet about them.

    1. Dudeeee I know whatcha mean, it took me forever to realize that to get to the top left town I hadda take the subway. ><

  11. If you do gym leaders you need to understand the American Culture references they each represent.

    For Example: The Cowboy Business Man represents that the American Business world is tough and unforgiving like the Wild West was.

    1. I wasn’t aware that they ALL represent American culture. O.o

      So what would the flying-type gym leader be? xD;;

        1. Nah, that’s the australians. xP
          Last time I checked American flight attendants are always old hags. xD;;;

      1. He wasn’t fired. It was a situation where Boarbeque didn’t feel PJN was quite right for him and there was a split.

        1. Oh gotcha I was just kinda confused cuz awhile back it seemed like he just disappeared from pj completely. And then he started badmouthing you guys on his youtube account, so yeah..I was just curious 🙂

  12. I spend the wknd w my friends and my niece (from them), and gave out candy at their place while they took little 1 yr old munchkin around the block to trick or treat for a bit, it was nice.

    Can’t wait to do that when I have kids of my own 🙂

      1. You’ll prolly get the parenting bug eventually, good thing about being gay is no unplanned pregnancies LOL, so one can focus on school and plan out having a child via surrogate or adopting when ready emotionally, financially etc 🙂

          1. Thats a very good first option too, that way you get used to the responsabilities and such of parenthood 🙂

      2. Whats the situation with you and your bf? Not meaning to pry.. .but you live in different states right? Or not…?

        1. My bf and I were dating here in the US, but he finished college and went back to Japan (since he’s Japanese… he’s also 24) and I will be leaving for Japan in December to start school at an American University in Tokyo in January. So we’re in a long distance stage right now, but only for one more month 😀

          1. I hope the Prop 8 thing makes it through the courts quick as well as the DOMA clause that allows the Fed to ignore same-sex married bi-national couples (if and when you guys are ready) when it comes to immigration issues.

            Best of luck to you guys 🙂

  13. I think it would be cool if you do comparisons with gym leaders of all the regions. Like you could compare the water gym leaders, including Corn with Hiyappu, and then the Grass type gym leaders, including Dent, and so on.

  14. well, if your gonna do more focus ons, for gen v. maybe you could do like focus on the routes, and the wild pokemon found there. like talking about the best places to train for different parts of the game. also you could do focus on move types, which would be way bigger than the pokemon sections. focus on trainers could be good too. like both character, and random trainers.

  15. in this week how many focus On u can post
    as next monday my exams r gonna start so i cant check them out

  16. I’d really like to see a Gym Leader Focus On. I wanna know what people think about Arti! ><"

    1. I made jokes about Arti’s gym constantly. Then I fought him and saw the Butterfly on his crotch.

      I understood Arti’s gym after that.

  17. you guys should do the gym leaders……. it would be pretty cool, but for now i want to dance somewhere but in the dark……

  18. Idk if its possible to do, but as was said before, you could try and classify pokemon by animal or function (like rattata bidoof and the crazy-eyed chipmunk together)
    But inchronological order
    Then you could write about how the designs evolved over generations

  19. RIP Takeshi Shudo. I never thought Brock leaving the anime series was a sort of foreshadow of him passing away…

    1. It wasn’t. They’d made the episode up before he died.. he died like 5 days ago.. loloolololool.

      1. He didn’t, he didn’t. ^^;
        Yuji Ueda played Brock in the Japanese anime. 😀

        What MAG means is that Brock leaving just kinda foreshadowed his death because he somewhat created Brock and his whole personality. 🙂

    1. I keep forgetting to say this, but I really like your username because it sounds similar to “ozy”. 😀

      1. haha, thanks. I actually use this (sometimes with stuff after it) almost everwhere I go on the net. So when I saw your name I also thought similar 😀

    1. He was only in his sixties, about my dad’s age.
      There’s no “set age” at which people die, you know. Tragedy can strike at any time. 🙁

  20. the reason i have added anti-ozymandis is because i am the opposite to ozy, from music choices to tv show choices, it is completely opposite.
    ps. i think that every staff should be given a focus on category to complete, because the focus on types is mostly ozy, besides johnny and nl should be given seperate categories as they haven’t had a major positive impact on us yet.
    pps. so no more brock, which means no more eric stuart, who does urban country on the side.
    ppps. during halloween, many pseudo science shows appear, angering science shows

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