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Although we know the boy as Kyouhei and the girl as Mei, their official names have been revealed to be Nate and Rosa (respectively)! Pretty good names in my opinion 😀 Behind the spoiler are two characters who are plot related. As Zowayix noted, these names play on the theme of “resonance” (kyoumei in Japanese) and their names sound like resonate.


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Above is Shadow of the Shadow Triad, originally Dark of the Dark Trinity. We also have Alder’s grandson’s name, Benga, which was Banjirou for the Japanese release. [/spoiler]

Not much time left before the release!

<3 pokejungle

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  • I’m actually ok with these names. I wasn’t a huge fan of the names Hilbert and Hilda for the original Black and White. I was originally gonna go with the Japanese names, but now I may stick with Nate instead of coming up with a new name. lol

  • Zowayix

    You might want to note that the English names do a good job of the original pun on the Japanese names:

    Kyouhei + Mei = Kyoumei (“resonance”)
    Rosa + Nate ~= “Resonate”

  • Claus H. Luíz

    Thanks for the news, PokéJungle!
    However, two corrections should be made:
    1•Dark Trinity is know as Shadow Triad, not Shadow Trinity.
    2•Benga is Alder’s grandson, not son.
    Everything else is perfect.

    • Thanks xD I was updating at work and about to start my shift. So hectic @@;

  • Reuniclus

    I love the protagonists’ new names. Much better than Hilbert and Hilda.

  • aoibunnysketch

    thank god i was expecting kyilbert and meilda.

  • I love their names~Anything is better then Hilda and Hilbert (sorry you two xD) now if the 7th would get here faster >o<

  • ask

    I want to know guys, how can I configure my wiifii for pkmn games? I just tried to enter password or set everything manual, but nothing worked…

    • So when it tests the connection does it work? Is it only when you’re trying to connect to a pokemon thing that it fails?

      • ask

        Yes, I can connect by wiifii to internet by browser or dsi shop ect., but in pkmn game’s I just cannot do anything…

        • Right now the PGL is down for maintenance before Black 2 and White 2 launch, so that might be why.

          • ask

            No no, I had tried even pkmn heart gold and normal pkmn black [for wiifii event] and I stuck : < I've read about different acces settings but I tried that and this didn't work, maybe I need change settings in my router or something…? [I

          • If you’re using WEP encryption for your WiFi network that might be why. I believe PKMN games are incompatible with it. I’d suggest setting your router to use WPA which I think should work, although WPA is less secure than WEP.

  • Hayarotle

    Oh my god, benga… This will be such a mess in my country!

  • The names are better than Hilda and Hilbert. No one has been named that since… I don’t know: 1750? Does anyone think gamefreak should make 10 year old girls have less… developed bodies? It’s frickin’ weird.