I put absolutely NO FAITH in these and NEITHER SHOULD YOU.  After saying that, will I still be mentioned at forums across the world for providing shitty and unreliable information?  Absolutely.  While we wait I’m sure my readers want to entertain themselves :p  This was actually sent to me by an Italian source who I know nothing about. UPD: As commentors have pointed out the Italian stuff is the SUPPOSED “species”.  I incorrectly believed they were the Italian names.  Oops.  (I studied Spanish and Japanese, sorry guys)

If you saw the list… guess you were lucky.

<3 pokejungle

  • Tackman

    I guess they would be less than 99.999999999% not the names considering some of them are confirmed 😛

    But hey, it gets us something to talk about! 😀

  • shadowcatgc

    Lol I kinda like some of them, and even though there’s no source I thought they may be real or close to it, until…

    “Foongus Fungo 0,2 m 1,0 kg
    Amoonguss Fungo 0,6 m 10,5 kg”

    these names are so fake

    • it’d be cool if they indirectly gave incubus a nod like that. lol

      • Dan

        that would make my life. i LOVE incubus!

  • I bet some of the really bad names ARE the real one 🙂
    I hope the Pignite and Emboar are real though, since that’s what I was predicting.

  • Wisdom

    The thing that makes me think they’re fake is the repetitiveness in some of the lines.

    Like the ‘otts in Oshawott’s line.

    • David


      I’d like to agree with you but I can’t

      • Wisdom

        Hmm, guess I didn’t think that one through.

        Touchè. ;P

  • Zuruggu_Pants

    I don’t believe that these are real……… Well, some of them might be, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of them aren’t. There are too many letters in some of the names. I wouldn’t get your hopes up if I were you.

  • hiya

    I hope they are fake.

  • I call BS on these. Nintendo has been letting us down in the name department as of late, but these are just horrid.

    • pokejungle

      IKR :<

      Hope that 5th gen has better names than the 4th

    • Mr. Anonymous

      Just like how everyone called BS on the starter evolutions when they were first revealed, or the time the BW sprites were leaked?

  • Onatu

    Even though most of those names are atrocious (seriously, what is Desukan’s name even supposed to be? It looks and sounds like a bunch of letters thrown together), I can’t help but like some of them.
    i.e. Klink, Klang, Klinklang

  • vszewczyk

    I kind of like the Snivy line

  • kl;jsdafl;kasjd

    Volcarona sounds nice.

  • mastalouis

    these all sound like scientific names!

    Petilil Radice? Sounds like something out of a science book, not the English-then-Italian name(s) of a Pokemon!

    Some of these are still creative though- I think they are all fake though, like Darumaka is the same in English as in Japanese? Makes no sense!
    I think that the people who created these should confess!

  • V



    • alesdf

      I lold

  • David

    I hate these names except for Durant because it’s my math teachers last name! 😀

  • Imoru Imiti

    Let the rumors roll.

  • tazzmaniac

    How do people come up with some of these names????? Some of these names, such as snivy’s line, are alright, but some of these names are just TERRIBLE (a.k.a. the fungus line)

  • James

    Some of them sound a bit too weird to be true, like Krookodile. However nothing really seemed too much out of place until Emolga. It’s going to be Emonga, same as the japanese. All of the other Pikachu’s have kept their names up until this point, and I believe that Emonga will as well.

  • mrbojingles

    wow i can barely pronounce half of them without getting tongue tied x_x

  • rchesus

    I gotta say, some of these are pretty good. I really like: Purrloin, Litwick, Chandelure, and the Klink, Klang, Klinklang line

    I think these are fake though because Nintendo really aims for easy pronunciation and some of these are pretty impossible to say.

  • Dan

    I don’t know why, but I really like these names. I really like Klink, Samurott, Unfezent, Gurdurr, Dwebble, and Trubble. These really aren’t bad names, but to be honest, I don’t think these are the names Nintendo came up with. I mean, Cofagrigus, seriously? No. It needs Sarcafoghost. Or something like that.

    • Dan

      you stole my name xD

  • Hans

    The thing is, there are no Italian Pokémon names. They have the English names just like with other countries/languages, such as Spanish.

  • harpazo

    This is incredibly strange, considering, in the Italian games, all of the Pokemon have traditionally kept their American given names. It makes no sense to me why they would start giving them Italian names (although the many of the other European countries that have the games in the past have done so). Molto pazzo!

  • Dan

    i like sigilyph, vanilluxe, galvantula, ferrothorn, and i like that the power rangers are based off chess… but that’s about it. good thing these are 99.99999999% fake

  • aha lol the italian names of Zorua and Zoroark are still Zorua and Zoroark 😛 check the official site if you don’t believe:

    • pokejungle

      Yeah, sorry, the Italian names are species.

  • snowyarticuno

    Considering Gigalith is still Gigalith in Italian versions (http://www.pokemonblackwhite.com/it-it/), along with everyone else, going to say no.

    • pokejungle

      Yeah, sorry, the Italian names are species…

  • Sponge

    It’s probably a good thing to note that these italian names conflict with what’s on the official Italian website, all the pokemons names are the english versions. While these ones were changed…

  • Peter

    I don’t know there’s alot of cool names here.
    The wotts make perfect sense.
    They used “Simian” for the monkeys. Clever.
    Roggenrola doesn’t make sense though, it’s Rock and Roll manipulated. Besides it’s can’t use Rollout!
    But Boldore it’s Boulder!
    The moles don’t have the names concerning moles, it’s odd.
    Audino?? What does that have to do with healing?
    But the Timburr line makes sense.
    Honestly I hope 50% are accurate.
    Let’s see how my faves turned out.
    1-Snivy line and Tepig line (Satisfactory)
    2-Darumaka line (I’m ok with it and happy the pre retained his beloved name)
    3-Tirtouga line (Like Tirtouga sounds Piratesish but ‘Abagoura’ becoming Carracosta? Sure Carra is Carapace but where did Costa come from? Not exactly happy with it.)
    4-Solosis line- Okay it’s sciencey but it’s not the right words!! Duosion, why? But the worst of all- Reuniculus! No no no! Solo- One and -sis often used for biological process like synthesis, Duo- two and -sion like fusion, and Reunion and the only existing piece left in Ranculus. Not feelin’ it.
    5-Vanilite line- No change needed I’m happy with it.
    6-Litwick line- Good good very good!! Though Lampent sounds odd.
    7-Cryogonal- Eh I’d use a different shape based word like fractal.
    8-Golett- Uh nah! I’m really not feeling it.
    9-Heatmor- It’s not utilizing anteater really so nah.
    10-Larvesta- It’s pretty cool it get’s Volcarona as the evo it’s really cool.
    So yeah they don’t quite got it.

  • Trainer-c

    The part being confused for the Italian names actually appears to be the species of the Pokémon. For instance Zoroark’s species is Mutevolpe.

    • pokejungle

      Thanks for pointing that out xD

  • Tyrannotaur

    So Ive done some lurking around and I wouldnt debunk these so quickly, on the other hand I wouldnt believe them. Apparently some kid on gamefaqs pokemon black board is saying that wargle and desukans names match up with what is here, he says he saw the feburary issue of nintendo power and it had these names in there. Of course people love to make things up. Then someone on bulbagarden pointed out that the italian names are actually the italian species names. Like how marill is the aqua mouse pokemon, thats what the italian name is. Not the pokemon name. Basically this list is the supposed italian name list with the species name. Check the italian site, it synchs up. This list still seems fishy and i wouldnt call it confirmed yet. We should just wait and see for now.

  • Logan

    I don’t like most of the names, but if it turns out to be true, I’ll get over it.
    I really do like Braviary over Wargle.
    I despise the name Wargle…

  • Uyi

    Ok these are really bad.

  • GDK

    For those saying that italian names don’t correspond.
    It is not the italian names, it is the italian names of the family (like snivy is the grass snake pokemon as his evolution) that is why it is the same for most evolutionary lines and for the legendary names which have no reason to change.
    The pokemon names are the same as american ones.

    But the names still can be fake (almost sure).

  • I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the fact that the last 3 pokemon on the list are missing names. Definitely fake, or the information provider is a retard.

    • GDK

      It may be both.

    • pokejungle

      Nah, actually those are not officially revealed right away. Even in Japan the last three are not “officially” out yet. We just know their names because of extracted ROM data.

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  • GDK

    Why did the list dissapeared?

    • pokejungle

      Why do you think a list would disappear? 😮

      • GDK

        because obvious fake ?
        It is not as it were the case before you removed it.

  • GDK

    The list is still on other sites.
    I won’t give the URL because that would be advertizing them.

    • pokejungle

      Yeah dats rite fool. You betta keep yo mouth shut.

      • Missingno. Master

        Only 2 possible reasons why you’d remove the list;
        1: It’s fake
        2: It’s real and some Nintendo dude made you take the list down.

        Now, if it were option #1, you would’ve said outright that they were fake. Which, if you’ll note, you did not. Leaving only option 2. Now, if a Nintendo ref didn’t want the names revealed, you certainly wouldn’t have said “lulz sorryz guyz, teh names are real but nintendo didnt want me 2 tell u so i takes dem down lol”, or any gramatically correct variation thereof. You never gave an outright reason for removing the list. Which forces me to conclude that these names are the real deal.

        • jack

          I can smell your desperation.

  • naetle-92

    Victini Vittoria 0,4 m 4,0 kg
    Snivy Serperba 0,6 m 8,1 kg
    Servine Serperba 0,8 m 16,0 kg

    vittoria, serperba, are the species of the pokemon

  • PD

    Why did you remove the list? I want to see them… ;_;

    • Missingno. Master

      The list is on some other website. I’d post the link but that might be misconstrued as advertising.

      • PD

        Just post the names instead then?

  • The removal peaks my interest however…

  • Missingno. Master

    What’s going on? I posted the list, and my comment is awaiting moderation.

    • Ruwisc

      Obviously PJ and crew don’t want the list on here… Everybody, it’s simple enough to find if you just google some relevant words. Took me 30 seconds to find it somewhere else.

  • asdf

    please, pokejungle, just say the list is fake. SAY IT and this madness will end. PLEASEE

  • Sponge

    If you saw the list….guess you were lucky.
    If you didn’t…..go here: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=228429&page=33

  • Sponge

    Why doesn’t PJ not want to list? What exactly is it going to do?

    It’s a rumour after all….you’re plainly stating it as such. If the people calling you unreliable can’t see that than they’re clearly mindless buffoons who don’t deserve a moment of your time.

    The list can be found at any pokemon forum I’m sure anyway….

    • Elrond

      The lists have been taken down from most websites. Since no one has conclusively said they ARE fake, it seems that the only reason they would be taken down is that Nintendo doesn’t want them revealed yet. My guess is that Serebii got the names from whatever source, but was asked not to reveal them yet, and now he (or perhaps Nintendo directly) is asking everyone else to keep them under wraps.

  • naetle-92
  • tyrannotaur


    Here we go. So now what do you all think?

  • PD

    All the names were real after all… so… :3