Check out all this cool Japanese Pokémon Center merchandise

Today I was able to make a trip out to the Tokyo Pokémon Center because it was the last day to grab the Gengar and Scizor downloads. They weren’t particularly special, but they are two great Pokémon and come with good natures. Picked up some merch while I was there too and made a quick video … Read more

Are You Playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game?

A rarely mentioned topic on our site is the TCG-side of Pokémon, but I think it’s more than worth talking about occasionally. Pokémon recently announced details about the English release of the X&Y TCG expansion which will be coming on February 5, 2014. Fairy-type has been added to the cards, as well as a new Mega Pokémon mechanic. Personally, … Read more

First 3 Dragon-type Cards Revealed (TCG)

In another rare TCG post we’re here to show off the first three dragon-type cards! Thought it’d be an interesting distraction from the unbearable anticipation of our Japanese Pokemon Center Shaymin giveaway. Not sure what your TCG experiences were like concerning Pokémon, but I know I have some fond memories. Care to share yours in … Read more

The rare and elusive TCG post

Normally I don’t cover TCG news, so this is a special treat. I just wanted to post the first image of the Dragon-type energy symbol! And, if you didn’t know, Dragon-type is being added to the game :p This marks a major change in the card game which last added new types in the Gen … Read more

Hands on with “How to Play DS” (TCG)

Recently, I got my hands on the new “How to Play” DS game which comes with a starter set of TCG goods in Japan. Perhaps some of you have been wondering what it was like and whether it was a dry “tutorial” or more of an actual game. Basically I got to play through the … Read more

Pokemon TCG DS Game, Not Exactly What I Wanted

Long news titles for the win, amirite? Originally I skipped this news because the ‘game’ is simply a glorified tutorial and really does not come close to anything that a Pokemon TCG handheld game should do. Especially when some of us have been waiting for a true multi-player sequel to the Gameboy games that were … Read more