Short Teaser for Lavender Town in Let’s Go!

A short teaser trailer showing Lavender Town has been released for Halloween. It isn’t long, but shows some new footage of Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee. You can watch it below. Ready for a Halloween treat?! Here's some new footage of Lavender Town in Pokémon Let's Go! — PokéJungle IX (@pokejungle) October 30, 2018 … Read more

Meltan Evolution Revealed in New Trailer

Meltan, the new Mythical Pokémon first revealed in a Pokémon GO event, has just had its evolution revealed. When enough Meltan gather together they’re able to evolve into the stronger (and bigger) Melmetal! It retains its Steel-typing, but gains access to a powerful new attack: Melmetal possesses a unique Steel-type physical move called Double Iron … Read more

Master Trainer Feature in Pokémon Let’s Go! Revealed

Hinted at in a few interviews with media outlets, a new feature for Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee has been fully revealed in a new trailer. Battles are limited to that single Pokémon that the trainer is a master of and their Pokémon may have moves to counter enemies that need to be planned … Read more

RUMOR: First Images of Meltan’s Evolution?

WARNING: What you are about to read is not confirmed and has a high probability of being false. We post rumors so that our community can enjoy a spirited discussion of them before the release of official information. Enjoy it for the speculation that it is 🙂 A poster on 4chan claims to have revealed the first images … Read more

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Announces Pokémon Event

The mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (iOS, Android) has announced a new event beginning tomorrow which is Eevee- and/or generally Pokémon-themed. Currently it has been confirmed for Japan, but will likely be released simultaneously for other regions. Players will be tasked with collecting Poké Balls which can be turned in for various furniture rewards. This … Read more

Details About New Pokémon Revealed

A new Pokémon that was first seen in Pokémon GO has finally had its details revealed. It resembles a ditto with a nut fastener on its head. Official information has finally been revealed about what it truly is: the Pokémon Meltan!   We now know that it is a Steel-type Mythical Pokémon which will be able … Read more