Jungle Asks: Are we still hyped for Pokémon GO?

With the slow beta rollouts and previews of the simplistic gameplay, how is the Jungle community feeling about the game that was supposed to bring Pokémon into the real world? Do you still look forward to it or has it just become a ‘meh’ on your radar? Been thinking about this lately and curious as … Read more

Sign-ups Begin for US Pokémon GO Beta

Trainers interested in trying out the augmented virtual reality game Pokémon GO, expected to launch later this year on iOS & Android, can apply to the beta now if they live in the United States. Let us know if you’re throwing your name in the hat! Unfortunately I wasn’t abl to get into the Japanese … Read more

[UPD1] Pokémon GO beta out, new details revealed

The Android version of Pokémon GO is out in the wild and, while it requires an exclusive invite to play, has already revealed some interesting details through its files. Sleuths over at 4chan’s /vp/ board have been combing over the contents of the APK and have made some discoveries. The following are unconfirmed and may not … Read more

Gym feature announced for Pokémon GO

New Pokémon GO details have just been announced. The title is starting beta tests soon in Japan and will launch on iOS and Android later this year. It is being developed by Niantic Inc. Here’s what we can look forward to: In Pokémon GO, players around the globe will explore their surroundings to find and … Read more

First Pokémon GO footage is rough

The first footage of upcoming iOS/Android alternate reality game Pokémon GO has apparently been shown at a SXSW panel and it looks, well, not great. For a game coming out this summer and heading to beta in Japan soon, it seems to have quite a ways to go. The video shows an encounter with Ivysaur … Read more

Pokémon GO heads to Beta, Cancels GDC Panel

Beta sign-ups have begun in Japan, but they are currently region locked and are unavailable to those who live outside the country. Luckily I do live in Japan and have thus already registered in hopes of receiving early access. No word on what exactly the preliminary version will include, but many gamers are eager to see … Read more