Pokémon Go Team Leaders & More Revealed at SDCC!

The official artwork for Pokémon Go’s team leader’s was revealed during Niantic’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con! Introducing Team Valor’s Candela, Team Mystic’s Blanche, and Team Instinct’s Spark! Previously seen only as silhouettes when prompted to choose a team once you reach level 5, they’ll play a bigger role in the game as time goes … Read more


Here on PokéJungle.net we strive to bring you the quickest, most reliable news from the Pokémon World. There’s no denying the Pokémon GO has become a huge hit, with app usage encroaching on Twitter’s daily usage. The American broadcasting network CBS recently broadcast a news report on the success of Pokémon GO and well… Just … Read more

Pokémon GO Soon Resuming Global Rollout

Don’t have Pokémon GO yet? Don’t worry, the smash-hit augmented reality game will be resuming its worldwide launch on iOS and Android very soon according to the Wallstreet Journal (requires subscription). Europe, Asia and more should be getting the game “within days”. This should be welcome news to the many of you still looking on … Read more

Pokémon GO hits Android/iOS in Australia, Japan & MORE!

Pokémon GO, the augmented reality game developed in collaboration with Niantic Labs, has been released on Google Play for Android devices in both Austrlia and Japan. Although users can visit its Google Play page, most countries are currently restricted from downloading it. Below is a preview of the micro-transactions in Australia Dollars (courtesy of Acacia): … Read more

Pokémon GO – How to Coordinate with Local Trainers!

Greeting Pokéjunglers! Pokémon GO’s full release is fast approaching. It is currently due sometime before the end of next month. Many new features have been added for BETA players in recent days, such as the ability to use Pokémon candy (formerly evolution shards) to increase the maximum potential of a given Pokémon, or the ability … Read more

Nintendo Treehouse Live – Pokémon GO Q&A

We’re back again with more live coverage of the Nintendo Treehouse Live broadcast. In the session today there will be a Q&A panel for Pokémon GO (this will be the only part of the broadcast we will cover) and we invite our readers to watch the broadcast and chat with one another below! Live Coverage … Read more