Halloween Story – SceptileScythe

Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. Absol live in steep mountainous regions, and rarely venture down into areas inhabited by humans, but should an Absol be seen by humans, it is said that catastrophe is soon to follow.

The cold, frostbite-inducing wind seeped into the cave in which a lone Absol lived. Aysha shivered, despite her thick fur protecting her. The Absol had no means of staying warm, and heading out of the cave was suicide, not only because of the cold, but also because of the danger she could sense. Her horn quivered. There it was again, the oh-so-infamous feeling of disaster. However, this won’t be worth warning the humans about. The feeling was directed towards herself.

She knew she was in danger, but unlike her usual premonitions, she didn’t know much other than that. 

The cold wind blew again, so Aysha decided to head further inside. She had only recently found this shelter, and the cave seemed to be pretty deep.

She got up with a sigh and with her padded paws, and silently made her way inside the cave. Little did she know, her disaster was making his way up the cliff, as silently as her footsteps. 

It was a man. His deep-set eyes were blood-shot and his hands were shaking, not from inebriation, but from rage. This man had a deep grudge, and a scar in his heart deeper than the one running across his face. The only indication that he was a trainer was the pokeball clipped to his belt. As he climbed up the cave to where Aysha was staying, all he growled was: 

“All you filthy……filthy…….whi…..demons…” 

He said the same thing, over and over and over again, repeating it like a hymn a monk would hum at a temple. Unsurprisingly, he quickly reached the entrance of the cave, and as soon as he did, he roared, a sound so mighty, small Pokémon from a league away scurried away in fright. 

Aysha was not a small Pokémon by any means, but her fur stood on end. There was no mistaking it. That came from the entrance! She was morbidly curious, but she did not want to take any chances. Absol by nature were non-confrontational Pokémon that didn’t like fighting, and the stench! The stench was downright frightening! It smelled like man, but it also had a bit of Pokémon on it, and also the nasty smell of blood. No, she had to stay away at all costs. 

The man with the scar had other plans all together. He lumbered into Aysha’s cave with large steps, covering an enormous amount of ground at an alarming rate. 

“You filthy mongrels took my family!” he screamed. 

“My wife! My…..son” The scarred man’s tears mixed with the dirt in the cave, evidently the cause of the colour of his eyes, but not hindering his speed in the slightest.

His pokeball began to shake. The man caressed it. 

“Calm, my child, your time will come” he growled softly.

He took a deep breath, and exhaled. His tears stopped flowing, and he grinned manically.

Aysha could hear the man’s screams nearby. She didn’t know who upset the man so much, but it certainly wasn’t her. This was the first time she had picked up his scent. She certainly would have remembered a scent as unique as his, or as dangerous as his. She quickened her pace into the further reaches of the cave. She could feel a sharp incline in the cave. Was it looping around? If it looped all the way around, then she might be in trouble.

A solid rock wall appeared. It didn’t loop all the way around, but it was a dead-end. However, now she had some time to think of a way to escape.

Suddenly, she heard a faint voice. It was the scarred man from the other side of the wall. He was loudly muttering to himself.

“Abs…ol…killed my family…..so….I return…..favor!”

The wall started rumbling. Aysha jumped up, startled. The cave wall suddenly crashed, and staring right at her was the scarred man, swinging his cleaver, grinning evilly. 

“Little beast….” He said, with an insane look in his eye.

“Happy Halloween!” and down swung the cleaver.