Catch! Zoroark!

httpv:// Video that went with the screenshots SPP posted yesterday.  The still images were pretty low res so I didn’t bother posting ’em, but this video is decent quality and shows the pokeball capture.  So yeah :3 (Thanks for the heads up steph!) <3 pokejungle ps- Oha Suta aired and showed how you capture Zoroa. … Read more

NOA Rumor 3 + tidbits (FALSE)

This is rumor territory and should NOT under ANY circumstances be counted as fact until it is PROVEN. Please enjoy it for what it is.  Below are some more tidbits that the “NOA contact” has sent me, but remember that NOTHING has been proven about what he has said thus far.  Here goes: Mijumaru has … Read more

It’s not much, but it’s something

So there’s the VERY TINY rendition of the brown pokemon’s official art.  What is more interesting though are those black/white styled headphones :p  I believe it’s just saying that if you pre-order you can enter to win a pair or one of the DS Card Cases.  This confirms the information I posted several days ago … Read more

Midnight wrap-up

Alright… so technically for me it’s only 11, but don’t call me on that.  Rumor guy (good nickname or what?) has given me a few new things to chew on BUT I will not be posting them until at least something that he has said thus far can be confirmed.  [*read “ps”] However given the … Read more

NOA Rumor, con’t (FALSE)

Nezumimi (ネズミミ) and Namakusu (ナマクス) according to source For better or for worse, I think many of us had our interest piqued by the rumors I posted earlier today that were revealed to me by someone claiming to work for Nintendo of America.  Through a back and forth discussion with me, he shed light on … Read more


I was contacted this morning by a person (going by MO) claiming to have some inside credentials (from NOA) into the games, so I’ll post some information that he sent me, but this should not be considered anything but a rumor until I get some proof.  You know me though… I do love rumors :3 … Read more