“___ whited out!” – SpectralSeraph, 2019

The Ace trainer stepped into the dark mansion, equipped with a red visor to help them see better in the dark. It’d been a while since he last battled, and he was itching to get some training done. He’d done enough wandering into dangerous places that this house didn’t scare him at all. In fact, he was rather prepared!

“The area seems rather old… Abandoned houses like these tend to have Ghost type Pokemon.” The Ace trainer adjusted his visor, turning to his partner Krookodile with a smug grin. “I mean, your a Dark type, so this will probably be a great place to train! No digging though, you’ll bring the whole place down on us.” His partner nodded in understanding, suddenly perking up and entering a battle stance. On cue, a Cofagrigus moseyed into view. 

“See? A ghost type already! Crunch this fodder out of our path Krookodile!” 

On that command, it rushed forward at its coffin-shaped foe and crunched down, only to instantly jolt back.

“It used Iron Defense, huh? Well, follow that up with a Brutal-” 

Before any command could be given, the Cofagrigus let loose some tape and pulled Krookodile close. With a sinister laugh, it released a swarm of insectoid creatures from within that swarmed its foe’s entire body. 

“Infestation?! What do I even…?”

Krookodile had been thrown into a panic, thrashing about aimlessly as the bugs slowly chipped away at it strength. It needed to get out of Cofagrigus’s grasp somehow. It would probably be impossible to break free….

But it WOULD be possible to knock it back! 
“Use Dragon Tail, now!!”

In response to the demand, Krookodile snapped out of its panic and violently swung its tail. Its foe was flung backwards and seemed to stumble a bit, startled, but not much else. It began to wave its arms about in a strange, methodical fashion. 
“What’s it even doing?” Krookodile was just as unsure as its trainer. Their question was soon answered as a strange glow began to encompass the arena. Cofagrigus dropped onto its back and propped itself up with its hands in a spider-like fashion before crawling towards Krookodile at terrifying speeds. 

A trick room had been set up. 
“It’s coming towards us?” scoffed the oblivious Ace. “Crunch it while its moving!!” 
Krookodile moved towards its foe, much slower than before, and attempted to bite at it with little success. Cofagrigus weaved and dodged every attack, nailing it with quick Shadow Balls to wear its foe out. The Ace had begun to panic. Krookodile would not be able to hold out much longer and he left his other Pokemon at home.

“Brutal Swing! Use it now!!!”

Krookodile attempted to use brutal swing, but was nailed in the face with a shadow ball before it could do so. It was a critical hit!


It immediately flew into a violent Outrage, biting and clawing in every which way. Its anger point ability had activated. Any command that was given would be entirely lost. Realizing that this was a losing battle, the Ace fumbled through his bag for the Pokeball to return Krookodile. By the time he found it, Krookodile had confused itself in its rage and had taken a hard tumble onto the ground. 


The sweat from his palms made it slip to the ground, closing the window on any chance of getting out of this loss. The Cofagrigus returned to a standing position in front of the fallen Krookodile, striking it with a burst of shadowy energy. Hex. This was enough to knock out its poor foe. After, it turned its eyes towards the Ace and slowly began crawling towards him. Paralyzed with fear, it approached him and slowly began to open… 

Before suddenly shutting itself with a loud SLAM! And just like that, the trainer had been knocked out too. Cofagrigus let out a prideful laugh, looking down on the foolish trainer and Pokemon duo that thought they could beat it. It noticed a slight sparkle in the Ace’s backpack and decided to see what it was. PokeDollars. With a smirk, it pilfered every piece of currency it could find from within the bag and crawled away into the dark depths of the house.

Cofagrigus gained 1024 Exp!