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Jason    1

Heya everyone, I'm Jason! This is probably the first time I've ever managed to snag my name as a username, so this is pretty exciting! I'm 21 and currently an Honours student at the University of Sydney researching diabetes and the regulation of insulin secretion. In between waiting for my experiments to run, you might find me playing Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (I'm a Torchic, my partner's a Piplup). My favourite Pokémon is probably Piplup, or Latios, or Lucario, or Kyogre? I really can't decide!

I'm so excited for Pokémon S&M and to discuss all the news here on PokéJungle! :)

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Luigi0301    6

hey Jason!! thats incredible. good luck in your education and future endeavors. only played explorers of time (i think) and no matter how many times i tried for i think a torchic i decided to stop at squirtle in the end lol i played so long ago i dont remember lol. we need the option to be a togepi in a mystery dungeon game! 

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