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Mr. Samurott


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Hi everone!! 

My name is mr.Samurott. I've been a pokejungle fan since 2013, when pokemon XY released. It was cool to talk sbout the news of pokmeon xy. Now that we're getting a new pokemon, I looking forward to to start talking in pokemonjungle. Really miss those time. 

Hope to all the new pokejungle fans to enjoy all our comments and post snd to start participating.

best regard.


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Green    90
On 9/25/2016 at 8:39 PM, PokemonMaster_Wes said:

I'm also a long time fan of this site and serebii.net. I should have created an account here years ago. 

THIS site has only existed for a few months. THE MAIN SITE and MOUNT MOON COMMUNITY were the originals. But welcome to both of you.

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Nomyt    50

Hello to Mr Samurott, as I missed this post the first time around, we hope you come back soon.

And hello @Daisy22, welcome to the boards, please stay a while. I'm from the UK too. :) Sadly we don't post download links to any pokemon game, apart from the official Nintendo website. ;) Pirating games is as bad as being a Member of Team Rocket.

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