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Jewelwriter Moonstar

Beyond Level 1 Presents: Generation 7-2 (USUM)

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Disclaimer:  Beyond Level 1 is a review of a game starting from the checkpoint of defeating the first boss of a game.  After all tutorial levels and battles shouldn’t be counted in how a game is to give you what you deserve for a game but it is where the real battle begins as they can either fail you or help you get deeper into a game.  Take this in mind though.  This is just this reviewer’s opinion and may not fall in line with the line of how you rate the game.  After all, everyone has an opinion.  Thank you.

Salutations one and all! I am the mage of games, Jewelwriter Eli Moonstar!

Alola one and all.  I’m going to say this now…. generation 7 is offically WORST than gen 1 as far as construction and I’ll be hated for it but right now I have had enough of this and it was to the point I’m not even posting on some places with how it is so gitty and stupidly blind with love for the generation is going to be a placed in places that I know that it is going to at least be looked at with open eyes in how despite the Pokemon has been in our lives for over 20 years, and hopefully this is just a bump when considering the series because if this goes into the 8th gen…which will likely be on the new handheld and not on the Switch…well, we’ll get to that bridge eventually.  BUT for now… let’s rock and roll!  OH!  ALMOST forgot.  Since I did a review for Sun and moon Ultra is going to be the one pointed forward like this ( =} ) meaning if it did better or worst in the rarity section…it will be shown.

(Control) -Silver =} Silver
You basically control all of your char with the circle pad and use the directions for quick access to the Pokerides (AKA HM WARRIORS) when not using the funny to the concept “WHY” button.  Using the ‘pause’ button pulls up mostly the same minute but turns the “WHY button” into the “SAVE” button which freed up space for…picture making which isn’t too bad ([even if contrived…but not pushed into the face unlike HM Hangten, one of the few things that poked me on the matter.)  Speaking of the pictures… you can edit pictures with your mon or yourself to roll with how the camera has a spacial awareness that seemingly enlarged when aiming for a direction other than Norse Eden Wess Sowl.  Only times you use the touch screen is to trigger a few things: petting and helping your Pokemon in Refresh, Tapping the Pesterdex, commands, and basically customize your controls to a point…a small point.

(Story) -Silver/Gold =} Bronze/Silver
This is MORE streamed than an arrow and a worst looking one at that.  You get your Pokemon sooner but it mostly plays the same as you can grind a level before stomping over Hau who is also in a sense your final battle like in gen 1 (and I am starting to hate the gen 1 pandering… will get to that in a bit!)  Some of the story forces you into the mini-game or take a picture thing but at least the Rotom Pokedex is there…to pester the moon out of you (More on this in content.) but in a sense the story kind of lost more of the feeling of being YOUR story instead.  With the URS (ultra recon squad) being new to the place does give you chuckles it’s when battling them that makes you facepalm at how weak that they are… and the build-up to how Lusamine is kind of lighter on insanity but still pulls more BS out of her rear in saying that she is loving her children only when they are listening to adults.  I honestly was hoping she was under more mind control of sorts..being poisoned to an altered mindstate thanks to UB-01 Niholego…but nope.  This shows she’s as bad a parent as Ghetsis.  And he’s one of the top villains in Pokemon history.  And sure Necrozma is a villain in the story (though unintentional with how the story says it was going by instinctive purposes.) to lead off into..oddly the easiest legendary battle I’ve had.  Yea…I’m going to say it my under-leveled Zoroark with bad physical stats defensively and an 11 level difference…downed a legendary that took away the light of Alola.  KIND of anticlimactic and makes me wonder how advanced is their tech if they didn’t do a basic base study of the being that they are trying to contain.  All of it soon detouring into where the last trial and grand trial in which the captain of fairies leads into a memory lane trip that was more of an annoyance than anything big overall and also the least challenging (which is in a way the trials of the captains in a nutshell)…and after that the story flows as normal until you get to the RR episode and it all began with a hack into the matrix to clear out the trash on the internet (doesn’t help the Plaza which I will cover next up) and then got to save the president from Giovanni…which I don’t see why to bring him back in a story unless fanservice…and did injustice to the story arcs of the villains as far as battle teams are (SERIOUSLY…I would have had MORE to worry about if I couldn’t use my Primarina to quench Maxie’s thirsty battle needs.  The only one that was honestly difficult within Team Rainbow Rocket is surprisingly Lysander thanks to Xerneas followed by someone I mentioned earlier, Ghetsis.) but then again it gave me something to grin of…the Colress in the story of Sun/Moon/USun/UMoon is different and clearly wanted to socket to Ghetsis.  Bravo.  Now if only Giovanni could have been left out.  Seriously…I wasn’t feeling dangered when most of his crew was physical.  And then to give all gen 1 fans a boner…he seems to have a dimensional transporter which makes him all the more likely to do STUPID…someone lock his @$$ up already and total his entire team! Least I did have that job.

(Content) -Metal =} Bronze
If anything saved this it wasn’t ultra-space (Worst kind of gimmick) or the photo club, but the surfing which allows you to snag BP like your robbing a bank.  Festival Plaza is as pathic as ever and Rotom…will you stop speaking every time I jump in and out of a menu or to a different area?  Also store up those roto powers if you want to at least not get items so fast and save your $ on clothing, potions, and TMs.  It’s easier to find Totem stickers (though some are quite out there.) but otherwise, you are just basically the tormenting battle tree, the fun but challenging Battle Royal, and other stuff is still here.

(Flow) -Silver =} Silver
If you take into the fact the game plays the same minus sprinkles that are just for trying to cover up what was already done, it’s clear the flow was done already set in stone and minus an annoying set of the URS not being much of an issue it’s at the end game that you’d get something but you’ll have to endure reckoning and editing to do it and the pace has been helped a bit in some places but it gets canned in others which kind of nulls it all.

(Bosses) - Bronze/Silver =} Bronze
The totems were still getting moped up by my favorite of the starters…which is sadly something a bit of a downer.  Gumshoos, Mimikyu, Togedemaru and a bit of the Ribombee were safe from most of my battles, Hau…still the friendly foe and we still got no real rival (WHICH GLADIOS isn’t.. and the only super spike was when you were against a level 60… though my team was in the 50s by then which kind of mutes this, especially when a Zoroark disguised as a Primarina kicked tail and that was a LATE addition to evolve and grow it from a single digit leveled Zoura.  And then the rest of the show was mostly taken out by Mudsdale, Primarina, Zoroark, and Raichu for the big 4 and Hau.  In a way this is one time the main of the game wasn’t worth it.

(Overall) - Bronze
This is going to be something that bugs me for ages to come but I will still defend my thoughts because I’m at least aware that not everyone is perfect but if we ignore the flaws for visuals and colors and 3d power…then that is a sign that it is clear you aren’t into the game at all for ART is highly opinionated, content is not as much.  BUT I’ll let you talk about it before.  And with how people are wanting gen 8 so fast is telling me I'm the one in the right.  But comment on this bit of media and let me know what you think.

And thank you for being whom you are. *takes a bow as the curtain closes.*

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