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I'm going to be a bit blunt as a caveman's weapon with this one...

I'm iffy if Gen 7 is worth the phrase it is getting to the point that it might send the wrong message to Gamefreak if we get this game.  The 22 is that this will have all the move tutors that we might need to be competitive or to try to get certain moves onto Pokemon we want.  And I rated this as low as gen 1because of how many steps back it took.  (the fake strong rival {I'd consider the professor that in the smallest of sense because Prince edge lord isn't it.}, the backwardsness of getting EVs thanks to the island of stats {I rather see and work for my stats and not island timer it}, the internet usage of the game {Festival Plaza < PSS}, and of course the story which I question because if anything you're in a lightly alternate universe which makes it either non-cannon or, and this is likely the worst idea, the first game is non-canon and this one is and the new one is canon which is going to f- up continuity and lore for sure because the Pokedex enteries is not helping as far as lore goes.)  I'm from all the way back and gen 1 and I have gotten every Pokemon main game and 3rd at least some point in life.  I have known Pokemon has only released a game in under a year 2 times before this one... which will make 3, and this feels more void than XY, less filling than BW, and slower than DP!  And I even defended my arguments in a personal posting of mine.  I fear this might be a problem if we don't plant a flag somewhere but I worry no one will since two things are happening: 1) the competitive =Censored= that will say that this game is perfect for their competition-loving selves to realize what they are doing and 2) people getting a hyper =Censored= because of the Switch's Pokemon game which we don't have any details on (And I don't see any sign of it being a mainline game like people wanted.) which got many fans missing what's going on here and now.  I feel like I'm the only one that is getting worried about things and everyone is partying.  *deep sigh* I hope that was ok because I REALLY needed to get this off of me before the games are out.

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