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Top 10 Cards of Sun and Moon: Burning Shadows I'm Most Looking For

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Due to 1: The quick response to my latest post and 2: because all the cards for the upcoming Pokémon TCG set, Sun and Moon: Burning Shadows, i'm giving the ten cards of the new set that I want the most!


NOTE: This list is entirely opinion based and should not make anyone offended or triggered. Also, most of this list is comprised of cards that I like the artwork of, not competitive viability, so, no rants in the comments, PLEASE!, Lastly, all cards are in Japanese and the link to the translations will be here:http://www.pokebeach.com/2017/06/all-sm3-did-you-see-the-fighting-rainbow-light-consuming-darkness-translations





I'd like to give a mention to The Pokémon Tool card, Muscle Dumbbells, for it's viability in the competitive field.



#10: Bouffalant

2 reasons why:

1- Because I love the YouTube channel Ragnarobb, who's channel mascot is Bouffalant.

2- The name of it's first attack is Afrohead. I just can't ignore that fact.


#9: Diancie

I like this card 'cause the artwork on it makes Diancie look tough and always ready to fight!


#8: Darkrai

This artwork looks so eerie and makes Darkrai look like it's plotting a evil scheme! LOL


#7: Lucario

This artwork makes the Lucario depicted look like it is about to use Aura Storm, it's final smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


#6: Araquanid

This Araquanid is a definite and utter improvement to the Araquanid card from Sun and Moon.


#5: Alolan Muk GX

Alolan Muk deserved this the entire time, and it's GX attack not even requiring ANY Energy is downright BROKEN!


#4: Secret Rare Noivern GX

Just like Stufful, Noivern is MY BOI!!! This absolutely stunning Noivern GX Secret Rare makes this card all the more wanted!


#3: Necrozma GX

This card has Amazing ARTWORK and really does this Pokémon well!


#2: Marshadow GX

I just love Marshadow and the fact they gave it a card as cool as THIS, then it's a win for Marshadow and a win for me!!!


#1: Stufful

I don't even have to explain this.






So those are the Top 10 cards I'm most looking forward to in Sun and Moon: Burning Shadows!

Please tell me the cards YOU are most looking forward to in the comments below!

Well, that's enough for me... for now..... :)








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