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The Last Kurusu

Pokemon Glitch: A new Region to explore!

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Well I should say I have scraped my last region tbh, but have worked on a new one Welcome to the Scalen region (based on Ireland) and its many Pokemon 



-Mozmur -> Sproutmur -> Sprigrape 

Grass -> Grass -> Grass/Fighting


-Illumallo -> Armalux -> Heatgollo 

Fire -> Fire -> Fire/Fairy 


-Lizeed -> Currilisk-> Bazavolt 

Water -> Water -> Water/Electric

Native Pokemon 

-Dubeck -> ??? -> Mockreech (based on Black birds and Mocking Birds) Normal/Flying> both after are Dark/Flying *Dubeck are primarily Male

-Ibliss -> ??? -> ??? (Based on Ibis's and Flamingos) Normal/Flying> Both after Fairy/Flying *Ibliss are primarily Female

-Voliume -> Volodious (based on Meadow Voles) Fully Normal 

-Malzil -> Titanialis-> Chromroach (based on Silverfish and Cockroaches) Bug> Both after Bug/Steel

-Graagy -> Rockabaash (based on Counting Sheep) Normal> Normal/Rock 

-Quirm -> Massethrm (based on Mongolian Death Worms) Fully Poison/Ground

-??? -> ??? -> ??? (Based on Clown Beetles then Beetle Pupa the Tiger Beetles) Bug> Bug> Bug/???

-Snobalee -> Fleery -> Blizzony (based on Snowballs) Ice> Ice> Ice/Psychic

-Kiricle (based on the Kirin) Dragon/Fairy

-Floatter -> ??? -> ??? (Based on Giant River otters and icebergs) Fully Water/Ice

-Foalsus -> Pegasty (based on Pegasus) Fully ???/Flying 

-??? -> ??? (Based on Pigs then Flying Pigs) Ground -> Ground/Flying

-Briclaw -> ??? (based on Brine shrimp) Fully Water type

-Steallerd -> Smokerry (based on Steamers and Ferry's) Fully Fire/Flying 

-Bralf -> Brak (based on Wildebeest) full Grass

-??? -> ??? (Based on an Artic Petrel) full Ice/Flying

-Celestling -> Carriken (based on Star fruit plants) Grass> Grass/???

-??? (Based on Marlins and alt. Form is a Blobfish) Water

-??? -> ??? Or ??? (Based on Dolphin Fish) Water> Water/Fighting or Water/Psychic

-Boxaboa (based on a Jerboa) Electric/Fighting 

-Lunacoon-> Stellaroon (based on Racoons) full on Dark

-??? -> ??? (based on Bombshells) Steel> Steel/Dark

-??? (based on Elephant Seals) Water/???

-Dualnid -> Quadrach -> Octanid (based on common spiders) fully Bug

-??? -> ??? (based on Paper Talismans) fully Ghost/Normal

-Doliave-> Dolscle (based on Sand dollars and Mussels) Ground> Ground/Fighting


The Main Legendary is 

Glichrus (A virus) Dark/Poison


Regional Forms 

-Pineco -> Forretress- Ground/Bug (based on Peanuts)

-Rhyhorn -> Rhydon -> Rhyperior- Rock/Electric (based on Brontotherium)

-Sawk and Throh- Fighting/Dark (based on Oni)

-Lickitung -> Lickylicky- Poison (based on Gila Monsters)


And more to come!

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