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Casual Pokejungle Tourney, Start!

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Happy days!! The Casual Pokejungle Tourney has started!!

Everyone has until March 4, 2017, to complete their Round 1 matches. Unfortunately my Friend Code forum didn't receive enough replies, so everyone will have to manually ask the person they will battle for their Friend Code.

http://challonge.com/CasualSm - Here is the bracket

Please note you CANNOT switch pokemon on your team between rounds. If I discover you have done this you will be disqualified! If you break any of the 3 original rules (use of banned pokemon stated here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mOXt0A-Wpp6xxR3UOxdIzPNx6AhXYaPz99VhIxf8KgU/edit  ) you will be disqualified!

Please save each battle you do!

Battle your heart out and try to have fun!!!! :D

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