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Pokemon Casual Tournament Update!! 2.0

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The tournament sign-ups are over! There are 10 contestants If your name is on the list please fill-out the survey below:

StarStorm, *The Impatient Matenou*, SpectralSeraph, Green, The PinSir, Armageddon16, bannana316, Ithsme, The Retro Kurusu (Last Kurusu), MenacingCascoon

The tournament is confirmed to be double elimination and in game 
Battles for first round must be done from February 26, 2017- March 4, 2017 (if this is not ok there is a question in the survey to delay)!!
Prepare your teams!!!!


One last only for people who joined!

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Wes    115

Will you organize more tournaments in the future? I would've loved to participate, but the timing was very inconvenient for me. I'd love to join in in the future. ^_^

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