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Pokejungle Casual Tournament

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I am pleased to announce a casual Pokejungle Tournament (as the name implies). This is a fun tournament to bring some action to Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, to spice things up I surveyed disqus on two rules they'd want to see, and I picked the top 2. 

The battle style is 6v6!!

Most people can agree 6v6 is best way to play. This tournament will be exception! So prepare the whole team!!


Many individuals can agree legendaries are on most team in the competitive scene. To add variety, the tournament bans all legendaries. This includes box art legendaries, Legendary pokemon available to be used in battle tree, EVEN PHIONE! None of them are allowed!


Best way to add variety? Banning everything common. I could not everything common as some OU pokemon are pretty cool, but the top 12 that are seen on every team gotta go!

These include: Mamoswine Marowak Magnezone Metagross Greninja Toxapex Mandibuzz Pinsir Scizor Garchomp Mimikyu Skarmory

You like these rules and want show everyone how good you actually are?? Join in on the fun! Take the following survey, and prove to your family that you can accomplish things!!


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Green    90

I filled the survey out. I will not be available on the 18th, but if you can't change the date then I might be able to get some battles in on the night of the 18th.

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