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PJL Gym Leader Wes: Ghost

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Wes    115

I have trained tirelessly with the Ghost type, and I am completely in sync with the dead. Think you can defeat the elegance of the spirit realm? See if you can damage my ethereal Pokémon!


Challengers must battle in Single format, with Normal Rules.

My team is susceptible to change (list will be edited if it does), but the current team I am using is:

  • Sheut (Gengar)
  • Ka (Mimikyu)
  • Kimona (Froslass)
  • Hindy (Drifblim)
  • Malleus (Marowak)
  • Vitamin Cya (Tsareena)

Victors will be permitted to claim the Wisp Badge.



My FC is 2063-0267-5863, and my IGN is Lunick. Please provide your FC and IGN when you request a battle. I am typically available for battle on the weekends, but you may schedule ahead anytime throughout the week. If for whatever reason we have trouble finding a time, I will PM you, and we'll work something out to keep the thread clean. ^_^


Certified Trainers:

  • N/A





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