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A Question

My Dream YouTube Channel (Will be called SyupendousStufful101)!!! :)  

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  1. 1. Should my parents let me have a YouTube channel? Why?

    • Yes
    • No

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So long as you're 13 or older you can have a youtube account and channel using your google account. It's in their Terms of Service. If you're under 13 then technically you need to use the channel under parental supervision meaning they're aware of it and reviewing content and videos before you put them up. If you're parents are concerned about you having a channel and you're under 13 you can try just doing videos that only use your voice and not your actual face and see if that convinces them to let you have one. Not showing your face will protect a lot of your privacy and should make your parents feel more comfortable. Also if your parents are against you having one you should try and find out why they're against it so you can see if you can find compromise with them by finding solutions to their concerns. I wish you luck.

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