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My Sun And Moon Gym Vol. 2!

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Hello! Today I'll be doing a second Sun And Moon gym! So, let's get started! :)


Typing: Dragon


1: Level 65 Kommo-o


Moves:                                             Held Item: Draco Plate

1: Clanging Scales                           Ability: Bulletproof

2: Iron Defense

3: Flamethrower

4: Protect




2: Level 67 Silvally


Moves:                                             Held Item: Dragon Memory

1: Heal Block                                    Ability: RKS System

2: Multi Attack

3: Draco Meteor

4: Thunder Wave




3: Level 71 Guzzlord


Moves:                                             Held Item: Dragonium Z

1: Stockpile                                       Ability: Beast Boost

2: Stomping Tantrum

3: Dragon Tail

4: Gastro Acid


Well, that's enough for me... for now.....

(Don't forget to comment and follow!) :)




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GameDevDan    5

Pretty cool.

I'd give Kommo-o a fighting move instead of Flamethrower, just so that it has double STAB (super effective coverage must be similar with either move)

I wouldn't make Silvally's only two attacking moves the same type, especially as Dragon is only super-effective against itself. Most Gym Leader's Pokemon have moves that counter super-effective types. So, for example, you could give Silvally Iron Head to counter those pesky Fairy and Ice types.

Mostly I find Gastro Acid to be a bit useless unless you're using it on your own Pokemon in a double battle or something. I'd give Guzzlord a dark type move for extra STAB and replace Stomping Tantrum with Poison Jab to hit Fairy types.

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