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My Sun And Moon Gym!

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Hello! Today I'll be doing a video just for fun! Enjoy! :)


Typing: Bug


1: Level 65 Golisopod


Moves:                                        Held Item: Leftovers

1. Swords Dance                         Ability: Emergency Exit

2. First Impression

3. X-Scissor

4. Blizzard




2: Level 67 Araquanid


Moves:                                        Held Item: Life Orb

1. Stockpile                                  Ability: Water Bubble

2. Leech Life

3. Liquidation

4. Frost Breath




3: Level 71 Buzzwole


Moves:                                         Held Item: Buginium Z

1. Toxic                                         Ability: Beast Boost

2. Mega Punch

3. Smack Down

4. Roost


Well, that's enough for me... for now.....

( Don't forget to comment and follow! ) :)

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Wes    115

This is an interesting concept, but I noticed something that may be an error: Buzzwole has a Buginium Z but no Bug moves for it to power up. 

I also love the Araquanid! I've found it very useful in the Battle Tree. 

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GameDevDan    5

I take it by Gym you just mean type-exclusive team? It'd be a bit weird for a gym leader to have a UB :P

For Golisopod I wouldn't have it as a mixed attacker. Max attack, go all out before the opponent can activate emergency exit. As such I'd be more likely to have First Impression, Sucker Punch and Aqua Jet (all for decent priority) then maybe X-Scissor like you have in case the opponent doesn't activate emergency exit and you need a strong Bug-type move. Blizzard is a bit lost on it.

Araquanid I'm not really sure, it seems OK I guess but I don't know if it has the best type coverage.

Like Wes said, Buginium Z isn't boosting anything on Buzzwole and it also has no STAB moves (normal-type Mega Punch and rock-type Smack Down are pretty weak moves for it to have). Fell Stinger would sort out the Buginium Z problem, but it's still quite low power. If you're giving it Toxic and Roost I'd give it a defensive item like Leftovers and then two strong stab moves like Lunge and Dynamic Punch.

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