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Favorite Pokemon!!!!

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Well, I'd just post on the top 10 favorite Pokemon thread... there's a lot of other peoples' lists to read there also if you like. Some of us gave pretty detailed histories about the Pokemon we like.

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I'll give you my top 10 with Alola here now 

10. Flygon 

I'm Flying on The best non-Flying type Fly using Pokémon it's a powerful Green beast and I love its voice in Jirachi wish maker!

9. Suicune 

My Favorite Legendary I always enjoyed it as a kid one of my first cards (Other than the original packs) I have loved it for a long time and will love it long after

8. Mimikyu 

What do you get when you mix Pikachu, My 5 favorite type, my 2 third least favorite type, and something that needs a lot of love that's right you get Mimikyu! I love it

7. Torterra 

My second ever starter yet my First starter that actually got me to beat my first Pokémon game it always will be loved by me.

6. Komala 

ZZZ... Huh mmmm... Give me five more minutes till I tell this is one of the cutest Pokémon I've ever seen that also has a beastly ability 

5. Politoed 

Poli.... Poli... Politoed! It has all I ever need My Favorite color, Type, and it's a balanced Pokémon that's all terrific in my part

4. Porygon2 

Need to Surf the Web through a screen not with this guy Smart, Cute, and Cool perfect for me 

3. Togedemaru 

Pika-Clone lover alert! I love these little guys and it mixs two of my Favorite types, Cute, The strongest one yet, and resilient with steel type!

2. Popplio 

Ahh Alola's Water type Starter is perfect Cute, Powerful, Good background story, everything about it is perfect it also is part my 5 favorite type in final stage and my favorite from beginning I knew from moment 1 it would be mine and it is.

1. Weavile 

Weavile since Lucario and the mystery of Mew movie has been in my head loving it's existence and seeing it's greatness yet a little less than a year ago he instantly became my Favorite Pokémon cause I just had a surge of love towards it.


honorable mentions













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