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Chaabani Montassar

Munchlax Nintendo Network event for SUNMOON

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 Question were  frequently getting about Munchlax, Greninja  for Pokémon Sun & Moon

The Munchlax event is a Nintendo Network event, not a pre-order gift like some stores mention. To receive Munchlax you must

- Select Mystery Gift on the Main Menu
- Select Receive Gift
- Select via Internet and wait till is downloaded
- Go to the Pokémon Center and talk to the Delivery Guy

As usual with event you can change it's nature by Soft Reset, which is to save before receiving Munchlax, then talk to the delivery guy, check Munchlax Nature, it you do not like the nature Press L + R + Select or Start and the game will restart. Keep doing it until the nature you want appears

Geninja will not have the nature Hardy like he did on the demo and you can Soft Reset to get the nature you like

IN THAT CASE ,share your thoughts about the best natures for both Munchlax and Greninja !

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Smitje    64

All the Munchlax itself isn't that special the Z-Crystal that it carries is. That can be used on any Snorlax. 

Thing is you can't get this Z-Crystal in the game apparently, you can't transfer items to the PokéBank so if you want to restart after picking it up you will have to trade it to another game to preserve it. :(  

(Don't have the game yet this is just what I read about it)

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Malco    64

Well, once the event ends in January...

I wonder if we can attach a Z-Crystal and trade it to unlock it in the recipient's game? I haven't tried that...

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