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Hi again!

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Geronimo    4

Hey there!  I used to be a member of the old Mt Moon Community, with the usernames Snivywott, Level 100 Snivy and Mega Latios.  I hadn't logged in for a while, and when I came back I noticed the old form had been closed down, and this one seems to have taken its place, so I thought I'd make a new account here :)  I really liked Mt Moon because it was a relatively small community - small forums always seem friendlier somehow - and I'm getting a similar vibe from this new forum so I think I'll enjoy it here :D

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Nomyt    50

Welcome back. I think I very briefly set up an account on mt moon days, but wasn't active back then. Little bit more now.

Same here, smaller groups always seem better and friendlier.

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